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Chapter 448: The Beautiful Nurse Cried

Chapter 448: The Beautiful Nurse Cried
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"Wuwuwu, bastard, you bullied me. My first kiss is gone." Yanran Zhao’s face was filled with tears. She was devastated.

She was very upset that her first kiss was taken by the man in front of her. Furthermore, she was forced.

If Qingfeng was her boyfriend, she would not be so upset. But he was not her boyfriend.

Qingfeng looked at the pretty nurse in his arms. She was weeping tears of sorrow. Her eyes and cheeks were filled with tears. She was like a frightened rabbit. This made him feel rather awkward.

"What’s wrong with me? I am so rash whenever I see a beauty. This can’t continue. If this continues, I will become a beast," thought Qingfeng in his heart.

It was very dangerous just now. Thankfully, Yanran Zhao cried. Her tears fell on Qingfeng’s face and cleared his head. Or else, he would have committed a sin and raped Yanran Zhao in the nurse room.

Qingfeng felt that something must have gone wrong with his body. But he was not certain as to what was wrong. He knew nothing about what was done by the Saintess.

"Nurse, where is the nurse?" Suddenly, a man yelled in a loud voice. A loud commotion could be heard from outside of the room.

Yanran Zhao glared at Qingfeng before walking out of the nurse room. She was the only nurse on duty today so she was really busy. Furthermore, she had wasted a lot of time in the nurse room just now.

At the nurse station, a middle-aged man in a suit was causing a scene and slamming his hand on the table. There were a dozen people behind him.

The middle-aged man was short, fat and slightly bald. It was apparent that he had weak kidney function from overexertion in sexual activities.

"I am the nurse here. Why are you looking for me?" Yanran Zhao said as she walked towards the middle-aged man.

What a pretty nurse! A perverted look appeared in the bald middle-aged man’s eyes when he saw Yanran Zhao.

But the look quickly disappeared when he recalled his plans today. He quickly took on a fierce demeanor.

"Nurse, you administered the wrong sh*t for my wife just now. My wife has died. You need to compensate me," The middle-aged man said loudly.

There was no sorrow in his voice, only shamelessness.

"Your hospital killed someone, pay up."

"Yes, pay up. You administered the wrong medicine. You are the murderer."

"Yes, pay up, pay up."

The dozen people behind the middle-aged man said loudly. Their faces were filled with anger but devoid of any sorrow.

What? Someone died?

Yanran Zhao’s expression instantly changed. The two most feared things at a hospital were a patient’s death and medical dispute.

Yanran Zhao was faced with both things at this moment. Why was she so unlucky?

Typically, only rich people could live in the VIP room. It was apparent from the attire of the middle-aged man that he was well-off. Now that his wife had passed away, he was not one to let matters go lightly. He had brought a bunch of people to the hospital to cause a commotion.

"You should find the hospital and the attending doctor. Why are you looking for me?" Yanran Zhao said loudly with anger.

She was extremely unhappy with this bunch of people. The doctors were the ones who treated the patients. You should find the doctor now that something happened. Why are you finding trouble with a nurse?

The middle-aged man smiled coldly and said, "The medicine the doctor prescribed was correct. But you grabbed the wrong medication and gave my wife the wrong injection. She died because of you; naturally, I have to find you."

Grabbed the wrong medicine?

Yanran Zhao’s expression changed. How was this possible? She recognized the middle-aged man in front of her. He had accompanied his wife who was admitted to the hospital this morning. His wife was severely ill and the doctor prescribed some medicine for injection. She had double-checked the medication twice before bringing it over. How could she have made a mistake? Why did the man insist that she had taken the wrong medication?

Yanran Zhao furrowed her brows and said, "Don’t falsely accuse me! I remember clearly that the medication I brought over was the one that the doctor prescribed. There is nothing wrong with it."

"Nurse, you are saying we are falsely accusing you?"

"Yes, you are falsely accusing me."

"Nurse, I will not let you go if you don't pay up today," The middle-aged man said with a cold smile.

The middle-aged man grabbed a teacup on the nurse table and threw it to the ground. In an instant, the teacup broke into a million pieces.

Some of the broken pieces landed by Yanran Zhao’s feet and gave her a fright.

"This is the hospital. What do you guys want?" Yanran Zhao said loudly. Her face was ghastly pale.

She never expected the middle-aged man to throw the teacup on the ground in front of her.

She had just bought the teacup; she really liked the teacup and had only used it once. She did not expect it to be broken by the middle-aged man. His actions made her furious.

Of course, the teacup was a small matter. More importantly, this was the nurse station. There were many patient wards located around the nurse station. The loud sound from the commotion quickly woke up the patients in the wards.

The patients walked out from the from the wards and were surprised to see a crowd of people gathered around the nurse station.

The patients who lived in the wards were all people with significant status. Of course, the wards were expensive. But these people were willing to spend the money to live in the wards because of the trust they had towards the Number One People’s Hospital.

But everyone became furious when they learned that the middle-aged man’s wife had died because Yanran Zhao had administered the wrong medication.

"How could this nurse give the wrong medication? She killed the person."

"Yeah, this is the VIP ward. I spent a lot of money to live here. How could they let someone like this be a nurse here?"

"Yes, the hospital is too irresponsible. I will file a complaint."

The surrounding patients discussed animatedly as they pointed and stared at Yanran Zhao.

Yanran Zhao became ghastly pale when she heard the words of the surrounding people. She was so angry that she was close to tears. She did not bring the wrong medication to the middle-aged man’s wife. How could he frame her?

Not only that, the surrounding patients had believed the words of the middle-aged man and accused her of killing the patient.

Yanran Zhao was very upset. She looked at the surrounding crowd and hoped that someone would stand up for her. Unfortunately, no one in the crowd believed her.

"Hmph, you brought over the wrong medication and killed my wife. No one will believe you," the middle-aged man said coldly.

He had purposely threw the teacup to the crowd to startle and attract the crowd. His motive was very simple; he wanted to cause a commotion so that he could extort money.

"I believe in Nurse Yanran Zhao." Suddenly, Qingfeng’s voice was heard.

Qingfeng had watched the happenings. He had interacted with Yanran Zhao for a few times. The first time was during the Charity Banquet where she tried to help Ruyan Liu. The second time was when Xue Lin was admitted into the hospital after she was poisoned. Yanran Zhao had also come to the ward to help out.

He knew that Yanran Zhao was a responsible and diligent nurse. Others might not believe her but Qingfeng did.