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Chapter 449: Yanran Zhao“s Gratitude

Chapter 449: Yanran Zhao's Gratitude
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When she heard that someone believed in her, Yanran Zhao turned around and saw Qingfeng walking towards her.

Yanran Zhao’s expression was conflicted. She naturally recognized the young man as he had just kissed her. This made her angry and sad. But she did not expect that he would be the only who would believe her during her most difficult times

After she looked around and saw that no one believed in her, Yanran Zhao suddenly felt that Qingfeng was a pretty good person.

A person would only remember those who treated them well during their most difficult times. Trust was the most genuine relationship between people.

Yanran Zhao looked at Qingfeng gratefully. Qingfeng had chosen to believe in her during her most difficult times; he had chosen to trust her.

"Who are you, fellow? Why do you believe in her?" The middle-aged man asked coldly.

He had already obtained the moral high ground and led the crowd to believe his story. He had accused Yanran Zhao of killing his wife after grabbing the wrong IV medication. He was almost successful in obtaining a big amount of compensation.

He did not expect the young man to jump out and say that he believed in Yanran Zhao at this crucial moment.

"My name is Qingfeng. My wife is staying at this hospital. Nurse Yanran Zhao is very responsible, I believe in her," Qingfeng said as he pointed at Yanran Zhao.

Yanran Zhao flushed deeply when she heard Qingfeng’s praise. She was slightly embarrassed. Afterall, the middle-aged man had just accused her of being irresponsible. In the blink of an eye, Qingfeng had started to praise her for being responsible.

"Qingfeng Li, she grabbed the wrong IV medication and killed my wife. This is the truth. You cannot dispute it. I will not let her go if she doesn't pay up today. Brothers, smash this nurse table," The middle-aged man said to the dozen people behind him.

The middle-aged man had considered that someone might try to stop him. Thus, he brought a dozen people to the hospital with him. With the people behind him, as long as he caused big commotion, he would receive a sum of compensation from the hospital.

"Stop." Suddenly, a loud voice was heard. Then, the Director of the Hospital, Xu Zhao, and a doctor ran quickly towards them.

Xu Zhao was informed that a patient in the VIP ward had died because her daughter, Yanran Zhao, had grabbed the wrong IV medication. He heard that someone had led a dozen people to the hospital so he quickly rushed over to the nurse station.

He wiped off the sweat from his forehead. Thankfully, he had made it in time. If not, his daughter’s nurse station would be smashed.

"I am the Director of the hospital. This is the hospital. What are you guys doing?" Xu Zhao said loudly.

Truthfully, Xu Zhao had witnessed many similar situations. The relatives of the patients would cause a commotion in the hospital to receive compensation.

Of course, there was a big problem in medical care. The conflict between doctors and patients was very deep. As the saying goes, one can’t clap with one hand. The conflict was because of both patients and doctors.

But Xu Zhao believed that the commotion today was definitely due to the patient. He knew that his daughter was very responsible. Before she administered the IV medications to the patient, she would double check the medication. There was no way she would grab the wrong medication.

The middle-aged man’s expression changed. He did not expect that the Director of the Hospital would be here. But that makes things even better, he was here to demand compensation.

"Hmph, Director Zhao, my wife is dead. How are you guys going to compensate me?" the middle-aged man said darkly in a loud voice.

Xu Zhao furrowed his brows and said, "I am very sorry that your wife passed away. But why do you think the nurse grabbed the wrong IV medication?"

The middle-aged man’s expression changed instantly as he did not know how to answer the question. Suddenly, he said in a loud voice, "Anyways, it was nurse Yanran Zhao who grabbed the wrong IV medication. My wife would not have died if it was not for her."

"You need to have proof; you cannot just speculate. "Xu Zhao said lightly.

A flash of coldness appeared in the middle-aged man’s eyes. He said loudly, "You refuse to compensate me? If you refuse to pay up, I will smash this station. Brothers, smash this station for me."

The middle-aged man said with a wave of his hand. The dozen people behind him started to smash the things in the nurse station at the man’s orders.

Xu Zhao and Yanran Zhao’s expression changed. They never expected the middle-aged man to be so bold to smash the station when the Director of the Hospital was present. What an outlaw!

"You can’t smash the things here!" Xu Zhao said as he tried to stop their actions.

This was his hospital. He had invested a lot into this hospital. Furthermore, these things were all bought with money. His heart would ache if the things were smashed.

"Go away, old fellow," The middle-aged man said as he pushed Xu Zhao to the ground.

"Father, are you okay?" Yanran Zhao asked with concern as she quickly helped Xu Zhao up.

"Daughter, I am okay. These people are a bunch of bastards," Xu Zhao said angrily.

Unfortunately, he was weak in fighting. He could treat people but he had no experience in combat.

"You killed my wife. I will give you a slap in the face today," The middle-aged man suddenly appeared before Yanran Zhao and tried to slap her across the face.

Yanran Zhao’s expression turned fearful. This middle-aged man was such a bastard. He was about to hit a woman. His palm was extremely quick and was about to land on her face.

"Oh no, I am going to be slapped," thought Yanran Zhao with fear.

However, the hand did not land on her. The middle-aged man’s hand was grabbed by a young man.

"He saved me again," Yanran Zhao thought as she looked at Qingfeng with gratitude.

She suddenly felt that Qingfeng was such a good man. He not only believed in her, he also saved her.

"It would be nice if he was my boyfriend. I will think of my first kiss as a repayment for his help," thought Yanran Zhao in her heart.

One had to admit that women were all emotional. They could hate a man’s guts at one moment and at the next second, they could fall in love with the man. As the saying goes, a woman’s heart was as deep as an ocean. It was impossible to figure out.

"Young man, let go of my hand," The middle-aged man said viciously.

Fuck, this young man was causing trouble for him again. His hand was about to land on Yanran Zhao’s face but the young man suddenly grabbed his hand.

"Why should I let go?" Qingfeng asked with a light smile. A flash of coldness appeared in his eyes.

He was extremely displeased with this middle-aged man. How could a man hit a woman?

"Young man, I am warning you. If you don't let go, I will beat you up," The middle-aged man threatened Qingfeng viciously.


Qingfeng gave him a slap across the face when he heard his threats.