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Chapter 450: Who Said She“s Dead?

Chapter 450: Who Said She's Dead?
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Qingfeng’s slap was loud and clear. The middle-aged man was stunned. He did not expect that the young man would dare to hit him. Did the young man not see the dozen people behind him?

"Young man, you dare to hit me…you are looking for your death," The middle-aged man said viciously as he held onto his face.


Qingfeng slapped the middle-aged man’s face again when he heard the insults. His force was even stronger this time. Instantly, one of the man’s tooth fell out and his face swelled up like a bun.

Qingfeng has been displeased with the middle-aged man for a long time. You said that your wife had passed away. Well, you could resolve the matter with the hospital. Why were you bullying a woman?

Since he was displeased with the middle-aged man, Qingfeng did not hold back when he hit the middle-aged man man. The middle-aged man got a strong beating.

"Brothers, go and beat him up," The middle-aged man said darkly to the people behind him.

He knew that he could not win against the young man. However, he had a dozen people behind him. He did not believe that a dozen people would lose to the young man.


"Do you want to die?" Qingfeng asked as he grabbed onto the middle-aged man’s neck.

Qingfeng emitted a strong killing intent which was only seen on those who had murdered thousands of people.

The middle-aged man’s face became ghastly pale and he trembled in fear when he heard Qingfeng’s words and felt this strong killer intent. He almost peed in his pants.

He only wanted to exploit the hospital. He never expected to meet a vicious man like Qingfeng who could kill him in the blink of an eye. This was beyond his imagination.

The dozen people behind him also became fearful. Qingfeng’s strong killing intent made them very scared. They have never seen such a strong killer intent.

"Your nurse here grabbed the wrong IV medication and killed my wife. Are you going to kill me as well?" The middle-aged man said fearfully.

Yanran Zhao quickly said, "You can’t kill him or the reputation of the hospital would be ruined. I will be screwed too."

Yanran Zhao looked at Qingfeng nervously with pleading in her eyes.

Qingfeng furrowed his brows. He knew that Yanran Zhao was speaking the truth. This middle-aged man was a bastard who falsely incriminated the hospital. However, if he died before everyone, Yanran Zhao would never be cleared of the accusations. Everyone would believe that she had grabbed the wrong IV medication and killed the man’s wife.

"Let me ask you, when did your wife pass away?" Qingfeng asked the middle-aged man.

"She just passed away, not too long ago," The middle-aged man replied.

Not too long ago?

Qingfeng furrowed his brow as he found a loophole in the middle-aged man’s words. The middle-aged man should be grieving if his wife had just passed away. He should be weeping tears and inform his family of his wife’s passing.

But the middle-aged man was not grieving or informing his family of his wife’s passing. Instead, he gathered a dozen people to help him get his money from the hospital. There was something fishy going on here.

"Come, lead me to your wife," Qingfeng said.

A flash of panic appeared in the middle-aged man’s eyes. He said, "She already died, what is there to see?"

Qingfeng saw the panic in his eyes. He said lightly, "Don’t you want compensation? We need to see how your wife died first. If it was truly our responsibility, we naturally would compensate you with a large sum of money."

A flash of happiness appeared in the middle-aged man’s eyes when he heard Qingfeng’s words. He quickly said, "Good, good, good…I will bring you guys over right now."

The middle-aged man’s voice was filled with happiness. He seemed happy to hear about the money. It seemed like his wife’s life or death did not matter compared to the compensation.

The middle-aged man led Qingfeng, Xu Zhao and Yanran Zhao to VIP ward number 8.

Of course, other than the three of them, they were followed by a few doctors and the patients in the surrounding wards.

The doctors were here to see how the middle-aged man’s wife died. The patients were here to see who was responsible for the death. If nurse Yanran Zhao was to blame, they wouldn’t dare to live in the hospital anymore. If the middle-aged man was responsible for the death, they could continue to live in the hospital.

Everyone was concerned about their interests. The middle-aged man was concerned about exploiting money from the hospital. Yanran Zhao was concerned about her reputation while the surrounding patients were concerned about their lives and wellbeing.

As for Qingfeng, he was concerned about how he could help this beautiful nurse.

Inside VIP ward number 8

A middle-aged woman laid on the bed. Her face was ghastly pale and devoid of any signs of life. Her body had turned cold. It was pitiful that no one was weeping tears by her side.

She had passed away but she was not surrounded by any family. No one shed any tears for her either. How pitiful was that?

"Look, this is my wife. She died because Yanran Zhao grabbed the wrong IV medication. After I gave her the IV infusion, she died," The middle-aged man said as he pointed to his wife.

When they heard his words, the surrounding doctors walked to the woman’s side and touched her pulse. They could feel that her heart had stopped beating.

"Yes, she is dead," The doctors all confirmed her death.

"See? I didn’t lie. It is all because of Nurse Yanran Zhao that my wife died. If you don’t give me money, I will sue Yanran Zhao and send her to jail," The middle-aged man said viciously as he looked at Yanran ferociously.

He was mad after his beating from Qingfeng. He became confident again after the doctors confirmed that his wife was dead so he started to threaten Yanran Zhao agin.

Sue me? Send me to jail?

Yanran Zhao immediately turned ghastly pale. She was scared by the middle-aged man’s words. If he chose to sue her and send her to jail, she would be screwed.

A woman’s reputation would be ruined if she went to jail. Her life would be over.

The middle-aged man sensed Yanran Zhao’s fear and said loudly, "If you don't want me to sue you, you need to give me 10 million Yuan."

10 million Yuan? Why don't you rob the bank?

Anger appeared in Yanran Zhao’s eyes. Not only Yanran Zhao was angry, Director Xu and the doctors were also furious.

It was clear that the middle-aged man was here to exploit the hospital when he demanded ten million Yuan.

Yanran Zhao was furious. However, the woman’s body was on the bed. Even though she was mad, there was nothing she could do. Did she have to give him 10 million Yuan? She did not have that much money.

But if she did not pay him the money, the middle-aged man would send her to jail.

"Who said that she’s dead?" Qingfeng suddenly said while pointing to the woman on the bed.