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Chapter 451: I Can Save Her

Chapter 451: I Can Save Her
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Who said that she was dead?

Qingfeng spoke in a loud voice so everyone heard his words. Everyone looked at Qingfeng with astonishment in their eyes.

Was this fellow crazy? Or was he blind? It was clear to everyone that the woman on the bed was clearly dead. How could he say that she was not dead?

"Bastard, my wife is clearly dead. Why did you say that she is alive?" The middle-aged man said loudly.

No one, including the doctors, opposed to the middle-aged man’s words. The doctors had examined the woman and determined that she did not have a pulse.

Since she did not have a pulse, she must be dead. This was the established fact in medicine. How could the man say that the woman was not dead?

The surrounding doctors and people were all suspicious of Qingfeng’s words. It was clear to everyone that the middle-aged woman was dead. Was everyone blind?

"I said that she is not dead so she is alive," Qingfeng said proudly with a light simle.

He used his eye of medicine to inspect the woman and discovered that she still had a flicker of hope. She was not truly dead yet.

Ordinary people might think that a person was dead when their heart stopped beating. However, a person was truly dead when they no longer had a pulse and no breath of life.

A person was not truly dead if they still had a breath of life. One was not truly dead if they still had a flicker of life within them.

For example, some people had already died and might even be in their coffin. However, they could suddenly wake up and be resurrected. This was because they were not truly dead. They still had a flicker of life within them. They were just in a pseudo-dead state.

Qingfeng smiled lightly as he walked towards the middle-aged woman. He reached out to touch her pulse.

The middle-aged man’s expression changed when he saw Qingfeng’s actions. He said furiously, "Stop! My wife is already dead. Do you still want to disturb her body?"

"Let me repeat myself. She is not dead. I can save her," Qingfeng said lightly with confidence.

If this woman had passed away for a day or more than 12 hours, no matter how strong Qingfeng’s medical skills were, he would not be able to save her. However, she had just passed away. There was still flicker of life within her body, there was still hope that he could save her.

Yes, there was hope that he could save her. No one other than Qingfeng could accomplish this.

Furthermore, Qingfeng discovered that there bruise marks on the woman’s neck that would not be easily discovered if one did not look closely.

He knew that there may be bruise marks if a patient was administered an IV. However, the IV needle would not be poked on one’s neck.

The bruise necks on the woman’s necks seemed to be from someone choking her.

Qingfeng had already started to suspect the reason for the woman’s death. He was also suspicious about the middle-aged man. A normal man would be devastated if his wife passed away. However, the middle-aged man did not weep a single tear. He was only concerned with exploiting money; his actions were very odd.

"Fellow, do not disturb my wife’s body," The middle-aged man said loudly as he blocked Qingfeng’s way.

The surrounding people looked at Qingfeng with confusion in their eyes. They also thought that it was disrespectful for him to touch the corpse of a dead person. The person has already died but you still touched their body. This was a form of disrespect.

Qingfeng confirmed his suspicions when he saw the man’s actions. A normal person would be happy to hear that his wife could be saved. They would be willing to give it a try no matter what.

But the middle-aged man tried to stop him from saving his wife. His words seemed righteous and upright. However, the woman was not dead yet. If she was dead, Qingfeng would not have touched her.

"You refuse to let me save your wife. Is it because you are feeling guilty?" Qingfeng said with a cold smile.


A flash of panic crossed the middle-aged man’s face. He said, "Why would I be guilty? What did I do?"

"Really? Then why would you stop me from saving your wife?

"My wife is dead. I don't want you to disturb her body."

"I already said that she was still alive. How about this? If I am unable to save her, I will give you 10 million Yuan. It will be the compensation for me touching her body," Qingfeng said with a light smile.

He already knew that the middle-aged man wanted money. There was no way the man would refuse his proposal.

As expected, the middle-aged man’s eyes lit up in happiness when he heard the 10 million Yuan.

The middle-aged man could tell that his wife was dead. However, the young man insisted that his wife was still alive. The middle-aged man thought that his words were pure bullshit.

Even if Qingfeng was able to save his wife, how could he resurrect a dead person?

Furthermore, the young man promised that he would give him 10 million Yuan if he was unsuccessful. The middle-aged man was naturally happy to hear his words.

"Alright, I agree for you to save her. But you must remember her words. If you cant save her, you need to give me 10 million Yuan," The man said excitedly.

His tone was filled with excitement. He did not seem like his wife had just died. Instead, he seemed like he has won the lottery.

Qingfeng nodded and said, "Rest assured, if I am unable to save her, I will give you 10 million Yuan as compensation."

Yanran Zhao looked at Qingfeng with gratitude. She knew that Qingfeng was trying to help her.

Qingfeng walked to the bedside and reached out his right hand. He placed his fingers on the woman’s wrist. He was taking the woman’s pulse to see if there was still a pulse?

As expected, she still had a pulse?

A flash of happiness crossed his face. He discovered that the woman’s pulse was still beating. This discovery made him happy. As long as the woman still had a pulse, she still had a flicker of life in her body. There was still hope she could be saved.

Qingfeng took out his nine silver needles and pierced it in 9 special pressure points. The needles vibrated gently when they were placed into the pressure points. Her skin also started to tremble.

This was called the nine god fate needles. Qingfeng rare used this technique; he would only use it when he was saving somebody.

30 minutes later, Qingfeng wiped the sweat from his forehead and removed the nine needles from the woman’s body.

Amongst the looks of astonishment from the surrounding people, the woman gradually opened her eyes.