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Chapter 452: Coming Back From the Dead

Chapter 452: Coming Back From the Dead
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Everyone was stunned when they saw that the middle-aged woman had opened her eyes.

Resurrection from death? Was she resurrected from death?

They have heard of doctors bringing the dead back to life. But everyone thought it was a legend, after all, no one had ever witnessed a resurrection.

They did not expect to witness the act today. A dead person was resurrected right under their eyes.

The young man’s medical skills were so strong. At this moment, everyone looked at Qingfeng with awe and surprise in their eyes.

The young man’s medical skills were so powerful. He could probably treat any diseases they had. They had been skeptical of his skills just now and the surrounding people were all regretted doubting Qingfeng’s skills just now. They should not have listened to the middle-aged man’s words.

Qingfeng did not have the time to care about their thoughts. He asked the middle-aged woman on the bed, "Do you feel better now?"

The middle-aged woman said with a nod, "Thank you for saving me."

She became aware from the discussions from the surrounding people that the young man had saved her. If it was not for the young man, she would be dead. She had to thank him for saving her life.

Qingfeng waved her hand and said, "Don’t worry about it. It is my job to help people. How did you die? Was it because of the wrong IV medication?"

Qingfeng was very suspicious as to the reason that the woman died.

The middle-aged woman shook her Young Master as she pointed at the middle-aged man and said furiously, "I didn't die because of the IV medication. I was choked to death by him."

What? Choked to death by the middle-aged man?

The surrounding people were all in disbelief. The middle-aged man was the husband of the woman on the bed. How could he choke her to death?

How vicious must a man be to choke his wife to death? Not only that, he accused the hospital nurse of administering the wrong IV medication. This man was truly vicious.

At this moment, everyone was shocked by the actions of the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man’s expression changed when he saw that the middle-aged woman had awoken. He never expected that Qingfeng would be able to save the woman. He was certain that he had choked the woman to death.


The middle-aged man turned around to flee. At that moment, Qingfeng moved and blocked his path. He asked coldly, "Where are you going?"

"Move away," The middle-aged man said angrily. He tried to push Qingfeng aside so that he could flee.


Qingfeng kicked the middle-aged man to the ground. He was pissed at the inhumane behavior of the middle-aged man. Thus, he did not hold back his force and broke all the bones in the middle-aged man’s leg. The middle-aged man moaned on the ground in agony.

"He is your husband. Why did he want to kill you?" Qingfeng asked the woman on the bed.

The eyes of the woman were filled with hatred. She said, "He lost more than 10 million Yuan from gambling. If he does not repay his debt, he will be killed. For his life, he choked me so that he could obtain compensation from the hospital to repay the debt."

The surrounding people were instantly enlightened. Those who indulged in gambling did not care about anyone. When they accumulated a debt, they would find all kinds of ways to obtain the money. Some would try to steal it; others would plan a robbery. But this man actually thought of killing his wife so that he could exploit money from the hospital.

One had to admit that the middle-aged man’s actions were truly vicious. He was willing to even kill his wife.

The woman said angrily, "I was blind. How could I marry you? Not only do you have a mistress, you also spent all my money on gambling. You even tried to kill me to repay your debts."

The middle-aged woman spoke in a loud voice. Everyone nearby learned from her words that the middle-aged man was a gambling bastard who had a mistress and tried to kill his wife.

"F*ck, I almost believed this bastard and unjustly accused Nurse Yanran Zhao."

"Yeah, I was in the wrong too. Thankfully, Qingfeng managed to save the middle-aged woman. If not, we would all be tricked by the man."

"Let’s beat up this bastard. How dare he trick us?"

The surrounding people waved their fists towards the middle-aged man. They were furious that the bastard did such an inhumane thing. They also felt guilty that they were almost tricked by them.


The middle-aged man moaned painfully as fists and kicks landed on his body. There were bruises on his face and he was covered in blood.

Xu Zhao quickly stopped the actions of the surrounding people when he saw that the man on the verge of death.

This was the hospital. It would be a blow to the hospital’s reputation if someone was beaten to death. The beating was already a punishment for the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man’s actions were a crime. Xu Zhao called the police. Soon, a few police officers brought the middle-aged man away. He would face the punishment of the law.

A good deed will always be rewarded, a bad deed will be punished eventually. The middle-aged man would have to suffer consequences for his actions – he would be imprisoned.

Clap clap clap…

The surrounding people applauded for Qingfeng’s actions. Qingfeng had conquered them with his medical skills and personal charm.

A good person would always be respected.

Qingfeng smiled faintly and left the ward. He still had to grab the IV medication for Xue Lin. The middle-aged man had already held up his time.

At the nurse station, Yanran Zhao looked at Qingfeng with gratitude in her eyes.

"Big brother Li, thank you. I would have been screwed If it was not for you," Yanran Zhao said. Her face had turned red.

"No worries, you have helped me a lot as well. We are friends, it is my duty to help you," Qingfeng said with a smile.


For some reason, Yanran Zhao was happy to hear his words.


Just as Qingfeng was about to leave, Yanran Zhao suddenly kissed him on the cheek.

What? The pretty nurse kissed me?

Qingfeng touched his cheek and thought in his heart, "Is she in love with me? Why would she kiss me?"

Truthfully, Yanran Zhao’s heart was beating furiously. She was extremely shy.

Qingfeng had done her a huge favor. He had saved the reputation of Yanran Zhao and the hospital. Yanran Zhao did not know how to repay Qingfeng so she gave him a kiss to express her thanks.