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Chapter 455: The Four Famous Martial Art Families of Huaxia

Chapter 455: The Four Famous Martial Art Families of Huaxia
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"Come on, let me wash your feet." Qingfeng said with a smile.

After his words, he picked up Xue’s feet, took off her socks, put them in the basin and started to wash them.

He had to say that Xue had a pair of beautiful feet. Her toes were as white as snow and the arch of her foot was as clear as jade and as smooth as water. It seemed almost as if they were made from superior jade without the slightest defect.

Qingfeng held this pair of feet as if he was holding a pile of snow white lotus roots; ge just wanted to nip one. But his mother-in-law was sitting right beside him, so he could only think instead of doing it.

A beautiful woman was a beautiful woman, even her feet were so attractive. Qingfeng felt very comfortable when he held and touched Xue’s petite feet.

Human’s feet were called the second heart of the human body. There were a lot of important acupuncture points in it. Massaging these acupuncture points could help human body and its inner organs recuperate. That was the reason why so many people went to footbath spa centers for foot soaking and massaging. It could relieve weariness and have a positive effect on their health.

The Quanyong Acupoint was the most important acupuncture point in the sole of the foot, located one third of the length from the heel to the seam of the second and third toes. Qingfeng found Xue’s Quanyong acupoints and started to massage them. The function of the Quanyong acupoint was very big as it could help cure and relieve the syndrome of Neurasthenia, insomnia, dizziness, irritability, fatigue and weakness and so on.

Xue’s pretty face became bright red, she felt a bit shy. It was her first time to have somebody wash her feet and it was even a man, so she felt somehow embarrassed. However not after long the embarrassment in her heart vanished, she only felt comfortable. Qingfeng not only washed her feet, he also massaged them. The sole massage to the acupoint made her whole body comfortable and even made her physical exhaustion disappear a lot.

Xiaoyun’s face was full of envy when she saw how her daughter and son-in-law loved each other. Shi was never so nice to her. Let alone washing her feet, he didn’t even wash her hair.


Guan City, Huaxia

Guan City was one of the ten big famous cities in Huaxia. There were many famous cities in Huaxi named after historical famous characters. Guan City, as one of these, was named after the fighter, Guanyu.

At that time, in a villa located in the town center of Guan City, a young man was holding a long glaive and brandished it in the open area in the forecourt. This man was pretty young, around his early 20s. He was not very handsome as he was the type of rough man with a beard, looking very manly.

The long glaive in his hand was even more special. It was more than two meters long, even more than his height. The long glaive and its edge were made of refined iron, sending out the dense cold light. Its shape was very special, very similar to the historical Green Dragon Crescent Blade. It was modelled after that blade.

This long glaive was at least 50-60 Kilograms heavy, so it would be very heavy for common people to lift. But the young man actually swung it without any effort, as if he didn’t feel any weight.


The young man brandished the long glaive in the air so fast creating tempests. Whenever the blade went, the air was lacerated, and humming sounds were made. There was no doubt, if a human body touched the glaive right now, the human body would be cut in half easily.

"Yang, you have mastered the Guan’s Glaive skills, you can finish your apprenticeship and graduate now." A middle-aged man approached the youth from behind, smiling with a touch of satisfaction in his eyes.

This middle-aged man was tall and his dark colored face had a full beard, looking even rougher.

The "Yang" in his words was his son, Yang Guan, who was extremely talented in learning and practicing martial arts. He took his son so seriously that he even taught his son himself.

"Father, you said that I can finish my apprenticeship?" the young man said with a pleasantly surprised face.

He started to practice martial arts from when he was three years old. He had started from the horse-stance, then staggered pilling, hitting sandbags and practicing the glaive technique. He had been practicing for twenty years.

During these years, the young man asked his father countless times when he could graduate. His father never gave him the answer. Unexpectedly today his father told him he could finish his apprenticeship, which made him very happy.

"Yang, I have made you practice martial arts for 20 years and waited for this moment since the Heroes List is opening. Now that the Heroes List is opening, you should go for this opportunity." The middle-aged man said proudly in high spirit with both eyes shining.

The Heroes List opened? A hint of happiness flashed through Yang Guan’s eyes. Of course, he knew the Heroes List. It was a ranking list of people who practiced martial arts in Huaxia according to their strength and skills.

It was well known that one does not look for the second place in either writing or fighting competitions. No matter if it was literature or fighting, people had to compete for the best.

In ancient times, there were two ways for the emperor to select and screen the talented person from the whole country. The first one was from the scholar’s test. If a person could pass the writing test, he would become a civil officer. The second method was the martial art test, if a person could pass, he would become a military officer. According to their skills, he would be assigned to corresponding duties from the body guards to generals.

If a person studied literature, he would want to work to be the foremost person in the liberal art field. If a person studied the military and martial arts, he would for sure strived to become the champion in this field.

During Huaxia’s several thousand years of history, there were many famous military officers and commanders, they learned and practiced their skills since childhood and became very capable and powerful.

These people had very high reputation during their times, they were able to rally many soldiers with one call and were responsible for the safety of the emperor and the country. Some of these people were Guan Yu, Xiang Yu…

The Guan family was one of the four big martial arts families in Huaxia. They focused on practicing their skills and seldom left their places. They usually only showed up when the Heroes List opened.

The Heroes List was the ranking list for all the people practicing martial arts in Huaxia, everyone wanted to be listed on it and became the big hero.

It was said that the first ten people on the list had the opportunity to obtain a forbidden area passing token, which allowed entrance to the Earth four big forbidden areas.

As a martial arts family, the Guan’s family got the news very quickly. They already knew that the Kunlun Mountain forbidden area would be open in half a year. By that time the powerful people in the world would show up over there. There were innumerable powerful people in the world, but only the first 100 can enter the area. In the past, all of the top ten people on the Heroes List could enter the forbidden area; Guan’s family had to compete for the entry.

Baji village, Huaxia

In Baji village, the last names for all the villagers were Wu. It was only a village, but it had several hundred years of history, even longer than the history of some cities.

The Baji village was situated inside the Baji Mountain, there were only several hundred people living here, but everybody practiced martial arts and was extremely powerful.

During these years, some people had acquired their skills and left the mountain. They gained big names in the outside world and also acquired massive wealth.

They were the martial art masters, some rich and powerful people hired them as bodyguards, their salaries were several millions a year, or even over ten millions a year.

There were also some people who had the martial art skills and smart brains, they used their wealth and resources to start the bodyguard company or other business, they became very successful.

After those people from Baji village became rich, they wanted to invite other villagers to join them. But nobody was willing to leave, especially those old people loved to live here, because the environment here was suitable for martial arts practice.

At the same time, on top of the Baji Mountain, there was a beautiful young girl in black clothing was holding her fist tightly in the martial art squat pose. She was practicing an extremely powerful form of Chinese boxing.