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Chapter 457: Xue Lin Recovered

Chapter 457: Xue Lin Recovered
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Qingfeng was washing Xue Lin’s feet in her room in the hospital. He had no clue about the Heroes List at the moment.

He had to have the signature of the CEO, since it couldn’t be replaced by anyone else.

Besides, Xue Lin was feeling much better, to the point where she even could walk and do everything else by herself.

In Qingfeng’s opinion, even if work was important, one's health was way more important. One would only focus on and become efficient on work once they have a good health.

Qingfeng has also suggested her staying in the hospital for several more days, but Xue Lin insisted leaving with a strong urge.

Wihout any choice, Qingfeng decided to follow her will and went to process the hospital discharge for her.

Doctor Xu Zhao took charge of the discharge and finished it really quickly. They stayed for 7 days and the total cost was 200,000 Yuan.

You may wonder how could they charged him 200,000 Yuan for staying 7 days while it usually only charges around ten thousand in general?

When Qingfeng was about to pay, Dr. Zhao insisted letting him keep his money.

"Dr. Zhao, why aren’t you letting me pay?" Qingfeng frowned as he asked.

He felt confused and had no idea why this guy didn’t let me pay for the hospital bill.

"You don’t need to pay for the bill, it’s on me."

"It’s on you? Why, Dr. Zhao?"

"Qingfeng, I thank you on the behalf of the hospital. If it wasn’t you saved the woman in the VIP before, we would lose our reputation and pay a huge fine," Xu Zhao said with gratitude.

He knew Qingfeng has not only saved his hospital and himself, but also saved his daughter, Yanran’s life. Therefore, he wouldn’t allow himself to accept any money from Qingfeng. How could one accept money from a life saver?

Qingfeng didn’t insist to pay after seeing Xu Zhao being so confirmed. He put his credit card into his pocket and gave him a faint smile.

The discharge was processed quickly after the companion of Xu Zhao. The staff who processed the discharge were all shock when they saw the principal accompanying a young man.

Everybody knew Xu Zhao in the First People Hospital. He was a good principal that always followed rules and wouldn’t give exemption to anyone. Even when his uncle came there, he still needed to line up for register and check out by himself.

But now, he broke his rule and was check out with a young man respectively like he was being with a prime minister.

All the staff and nurses were so shock and confused. They knew this young man must be a special guest. Think about it, would someone who is accompanied by the hospital principal just a regular client?

Qingfeng has done the discharge process pretty quickly and left with Xue Lin. Shi Lin and Xiaoyun Mu were picking them up at the entrance.

Since their housekeeper was dead and they haven’t found another one yet, Xiaoyun would need to stay in the house for a few days and take care of Xue Lin. After all, Xue Lin wouldn’t be able to cook and clean the house since she just recovered.

There were four people in total, his wife, Xue Lin, the rest of the two were his mother-in-law and father –in-law, the one who drove would then definitely be Qingfeng. He wouldn’t let his wife drive, nor letting his mother-in-law and father-in-law drive.

Qingfeng turned on the ignition, stepped on the gas, span the steering wheel and drove towards the villa.

He drive in a low and steady speed so that it wouldn’t bump and bother Xue Lin.

They have arrived at the villa half an hour later.

It was already past 6 p.m. when they got home. It would be inappropriate of Qingfeng just let his mother-in-law and father-in-law leave. They would stay here for dinner.

As usual, Qingfeng would be in charge of the cooking.

However, when he went into the kitchen, he realized there was no food at all. Rice, vegetables and meat were all gone.

"Mom and dad, please wait a second, I’m going to get some grocery." Qingfeng said to both seniors with a smile and left the villa.

He walked towards the Walmart near by the villa. Walmart is a large chain supermarket with a wide range of goods. Many people went there for grocery shopping.

Qingfeng entered the supermarket and decided to get some prepared food first. He got some roasted chicken and duck that only needed to be microwaved before eating which made it more convenient.

After, he got a huge bag of rice and some vegetables. He also got some salt, soy sauce, and some other spices since he ran out of them.

When Qingfeng finished his trip and was walking to outside, he suddenly paused at the entrance because he saw a beautiful girl standing at the front.