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Chapter 460: Good to Be At Work

Chapter 460: Good to Be At Work
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The next day, the rising sun and warm air indicated it was another good day.

This was Qingfeng Li’s favourite weather, a beautiful weather set a nice mood. He hated cloudy day, which really irritated him.

He woke up early to make breakfast. It was known that he barely made breakfast in the Wolf Continent. Alice held the responsibility of preparing meals for the Wolf Fang Clan.

However, not making meals often didn’t mean he wasn’t able to. As a child, he prepared meals for his master when he was living with him, and already built his cooking skills.

However, when he walked to the kitchen he found out that his mother-in-law was up and making breakfast already, and the meal was almost done.

It was so nice to have a mother-in-law. It was either him or Xue Lin making breakfast, but now Xiaoyun Mu took care of it.

Since breakfast was taken care of, Qingfeng Li hoped Xue Lin could sleep in, but Xue Lin insisted to get up. As soon as they finished brushing and washing, breakfast was ready for them.

The breakfast was quite generous, millet porridge with Chinese yam and Goji berries, three steamed buns, and four dishes including two vegetables and two kinds of meats, which were well-sorted and full of nutritions.

Millets helped with digestion, the sweet taste of Chinese yam was good for nourishing without too much grease, Goji berries relieved dizziness, tinnitus and weakness. The mix of all these food together was perfect for patient who just got out of hospital. Moreover, it was even good for normal people to stay healthier.

There was no doubt that Xiaoyun Mu did a really good job taking care of people. All the porridge and dishes were the best for Xue Lin.

Qingfeng Li took a bite, it taste very delicious. It showed that his mother-in-law cooked a lot at home, as she handled the timing and heating perfectly.

"Mother-in-law, your food tastes really good." Qingfeng Li praised with a smile.

"Qingfeng, if you like it I will make more for you later." Xiaoyun Mu said and smiled, she was very delightful with her son-in-law.

Qingfeng Li mumbled and nodded his Young Master, some part in his heart was melting.

This was the feeling of having a family, with the elder generations and wife. His parents went missing when he was eight years old, therefore he never experienced care and warmth from his family.

Breakfast was finished not long after, Xue Lin changed to a set of professional wear, put on high heels and was ready to leave.

"What are you doing?" Qingfeng Li asked.

"I’m going to work now." Xue Lin replied and showed him a sweet bright smile.

"No, you just got out of hospital, you aren’t ready to go back to work yet."

"Can you just let me go? There are so many documents piled up in the corporation waiting for me to review and sign."

"You aren’t fully recovered yet, you need some more rest at home."

"Just let me go, I can always work less hard. Don’t you know medical skills? You can give me a massage when I get tired." Xue Lin said with a smiley face.

Although she had a smile on her face, she was quite stubborn about her decision. Qingfeng Li knee that it was hard to persuade Xue Lin once she made her decision, thus, he gave in but only if she let him to drive.

Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin walked out of the villa and drove to the corporation in the BMW.

People were all shocked when they saw both of them showed up in the corporation. They knew their CEO had a car accident, but didn’t expect that she could come back in such a short time, which was incredibly surprising.

The CEO was indeed dedicated to her job. Everyone was staring at Xue Lin with great respect. The CEO played a critical role in the development of the company, it was up to the CEO if she wanted to lead the company to a better place.

They punched in, Qingfeng Li walked Xue Lin to her office. He went back to the sales department after making sure Xue Lin was able to work.

Sales department.

Looking at the office, colleagues, tables, chairs, computer and all the things he was familiar with, Qingfeng Li felt some strange emotion coming up.

It was fabulous to come back to work.

To some people, going to work could be a torture, but to Qingfeng Li, it was such a pleasure.

He hated the killings and fighting, and all he wanted was a peaceful life. The purpose of coming back from the Wolf Continent was to live his life peacefully.

He had quite a deep attachment with the sales department, as this was the first department he work at when he came to the Eastern Sea City. He met many friends here, such as Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang.

It seemed he left for a long time to him even though he had just been away for over a week.

"Brother Li, you are back for work." Seeing Qingfeng Li walked in the sales department, Xiaoyue Zhang blinked her eyes and said with great excitement.

Xiaoyue Zhang hadn’t had a chance to see Qingfeng Li during this time, therefore she missed him a lot. The excitement in her eyes when she saw him back was never able to be hidden.

"Haven’t seen you for a while, sister Xiaoyue, did you miss me?" Qingfeng Li said with a big smile.

He had a great impression for this innocent girl, she was very nice.

"Don’t flirt with me brother Li." Xiaoyue Zhang pouted and mumbled, however, there was joyce in her tone. It felt like they went back to the time when he first came to the corporation and always called her sister Xiaoyue.

Having a short conversation with Xiaoyue Zhang, Qingfeng Li walked towards his office desk. However, as he got close to his desk, he noticed that there was a young man sitting there already.

"Please move out of the way, this is my desk." Qingfeng Li asked the young man politely.

Qingfeng Li was polite while the young man wasn’t l. He lifted his head, took a glance a Qingfeng Li, and then kept looking at the files without answering Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li frowned, feeling annoyed as the young man ignored him while taking up his desk.


Qingfeng Li reached out his right hand and smacked at the desk directly, he said, "this is my desk, please get out of the way."

The sudden noise from the desk shocked the young man as he was reading the files, he even dropped the files in his hands.

"Who are you dude, who said this is your desk?" the young man sneered and said arrogantly.

The young man was very arrogant that even Qingfeng Li got speechless. He was wondering who the hell was this dumbass, how dare he had the guts to act so recklessly.

To be honest, Qingfeng Li had never seen this young man before, he probably came to the corporation recently.

"Yong Huang, I told you this is Qingfeng Li’s desk and you can’t sit here." Xiaoyue Zhang came and talked to the young man after hearing the argument.

"Xiaoyue, I noticed this desk had been empty for over a week, that’s why I sat here." Yong Huang put a smile on his face seeing Xiaoyue Zhang, which was entirely different from the look he gave to Qingfeng Li.

Xiaoyue Zhang frowned, said in a cold voice, "don’t call me Xiaoyue, I don’t know you much. You should call me group leader Zhang. Plus, you should leave this desk now since Qingfeng Li is back."

Yong Huang twisted. Apparently it upset him when Xiaoyue Zhang asked him to leave.

"Group leader Zhang! I like this desk, so can you ask Qingfeng Li to take another desk?" Yong Huang frowned and replied.