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Chapter 461: The Grandson of a Veteran Executive at the Company

Chapter 461: The Grandson of a Veteran Executive at the Company
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What the hell, this is my desk, why should I move to somewhere else? It really pissed off Qingfeng Li as someone took his desk even though he had just been away for over a week. What a reckless man.

"I mean, is you mind fucked, did you just have your brain eaten?" Qingfeng Li confronted to Yong Huang, despite couldn’t be hidden in his voice.

"Having my brain eaten, what is that supposed to mean?" Yong Huang asked, feeling frustrated. He didn’t understand why taking up the desk had anything to do with his brain got eaten.

Qingfeng Li shrugged, he could tell this young man was just a dumbass. He had to explain to the young man since he had no idea what was going on.

"I meant you are retarded because your brain was eaten, was gone. Isn’t that retarded of you telling me to move somewhere else while I have my desk here?" Qingfeng Li gave him a cold and despicable smile.

In Qingfeng Li’s opinion, he would be bring down to be retarded if he talked to this young man who couldn’t even understand what "having someone’s brain eaten" meant.


People in the sales department couldn’t help laughing when they heard Qingfeng Li’s explanation for retard. They all looked at Yong Huang with sarcasm. The way Qingfeng Li mocked was remarkable, as Yong Huang so far had no idea he was being mockedPeople in the office didn’t get along with Yong Huang, since he got the job through some special relations. He had been holding his head high and looking down on others ever since he got the job. What made the men in the sales department even more annoyed was that he was trying to hit on Xiaoyue Zhang.

Although people were annoyed, they couldn’t show their opinions because of Yong Huang’s special relations. All they could do was holding their anger. Luckily, Qingfeng Li came back and dared to humiliate Yong Huang, which released lots anger in people’s hearts.

What, you called me retarded?

Yong Huang finally had some reactions hearing people’s mocking. He was pissed that someone called him a retard.

"Dude, do you know who I am? I need you to apologize to me right now." Yong Huang got up and said ragingly.

"Of course I know who you are, you are a retard. Apologize? I never apologize to retard."Qingfeng Li waved his hand and said with despise. He didn’t take Yong Huang seriously at all.

Yong Huang’s face turned ghastly pale, Qingfeng Li’s attitude made him even more annoyed, he said in a cold voice, "let me tell you, I’m the grandson of Tianxiang Huang, the founder of this corporation. If you dare to swear at me, be careful, because I will report that to the corporation and fire you."


Hearing Yong Huang’s threats, Qingfeng Li burst into laughter while others in the sales department remained silent. He was amused by Yong Huang, realizing how many dumbass he had encountered this year.

Did Yong Huang just say that he was going to fire Qingfeng Li? Did he really think that he owned the corporation? What a shame.

"Wanna bring a report against me? Go ahead and get away from my desk." Qingfeng Li sneered and answered coldly.

A domineering force came out of Qingfeng Li as he was talking, which was so intense that it scared Yong Huang’s face out of shape and terrified him a step back.

"You just wait dude, I’m going to report to the CEO now." Yong Huang gave a cold smile, left the sales department and Young Mastered to the CEO’s office.

What a dumbass. Qingfeng Li shrugged and sat down on his seat. However, all the Yong Huang’s belongs annoyed him somehow.

Whoosh whoosh woosh…

Qingfeng Li picked up Yong Huang’s stuff and threw them all the way to the garbage bin. Seeing a clean desk made him feel awesome again.

Xiaoyue Zhang got speechless after seeing what Qingfeng Li just did. She already knew that he was aggressive, he kicked Bo Wang out of the office in the same way. However, it didn’t seem proper to throw all his stuff in the garbage bin. Yong Huang would probably be mad again seeing his stuff were in the garbage bin.

"Sister Xiaoyue, is that retard’s grandfather someone influential?" Qingfeng Li asked.

He knew if someone dared to be so reckless in the corporation, then his background was complicated for sure, otherwise how could he have the guts to do so.

"Brother Li, who is the retard?" Xiaoyue Zhang blinked and asked.

"Yong Huang is the retard. I just said that, did you forget already?" Qingfeng Li looked at Xiaoyue Zhang in shock and answered with a smile.

Xiaoyue Zhang looked at Qingfeng Li but had nothing else to say. She didn’t understand why Qingfeng Li was still swearing at Yong Huang while he had been gone already.

"The retard’s grandfather, ooops, Yong Huang’s grandfather, Tianxiang Huang was privileged in the corporation. He is a veteran-level member on the executive board and is someone very influential." Xiaoyue Zhang said after thinking for a while.

Qingfeng Li frowned, he understood someone was definitely incredible if Xiaoyue admitted it.

"Sister Xiaoyue, can you explain the founder of the board of directors to me, like how senior that position is. What level is that compared with the CEO?" Qingfeng Li asked.

As a matter of fact, Qingfeng Li didn’t know much about the Ice Snow Corporation. The only thing he was aware of was that Xue Lin was the CEO. He had no clue on the founder of the board of directors.

"Brother Li, the founder couldn’t really be compared with the CEO, his influence was at about the same level of the CEO, as they owned many shares of the corporations which gave them the power to make decisions."

"Decision-making power? What decision-making power?"

"Brother Li, let me say in this way. The veterans of the board of directors had a large percentage of the corporation shares. If they want to unite, they will have enough power to fire the CEO Xue Lin."

What, to fire Xue Lin?

Qingfeng Li was totally shocked this time. He couldn’t understand what the hell was the board of directors and how could it have the power even to fire the CEO.

What the hell, the corporation was under Xue Lin’s name. It would be hilarious if the board of directors fired Xue Lin because of him.

To be honest, the cases of board of directors fired CEOs were quite common, talking about Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple in United States, he established the company. However, he was fire by the board of directors when he was young.

Not to mention in China, there were news about some CEOs and founders were kicked out by the board of directors. Anyone who watched news knew about that.

"Wait, I have to go to the CEO’s office, I can’t cause trouble for Xue Lin."

Qingfeng Li got up and walked toward the CEO’s office.

In the CEO’s office meanwhile.

"CEO, Qingfeng Li didn’t pay respect to colleague, he insulted me. Please fire him." Yong Huang made his complaint while standing in the office facing Xue Lin.

He was making a complaint against Qingfeng Li.

Xue Lin frowned and felt speechless, she started wondering what was wrong with Yong Huang. Why did he come to her to complain about her husband and ask her to fire him.

All of a sudden, Xue Lin realized that Yong Huang just came to the corporation recently and didn’t know her relationship with her, otherwise he wouldn’t come here to make his complaint.

It gave Xue Lin Young Masterache thinking of Yong Huang. If it was anyone else coming to report Qingfeng Li, she would probably tell him to go away or even fire him. However, she couldn’t fire Yong Huang, as his grandfather was Tianxiang Huang.