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Chapter 462: Xue Lin“s Worries

Chapter 462: Xue Lin's Worries
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Getting no response from Xue Lin, Yong Huang repeated, "CEO, I just suggested firing Qingfeng Li, do you agree with that?"

"I don’t agree." Xue Lin frowned, didn’t seem care about what he said.

Yong Huang turned astonished after hearing Xue Lin’s answer. He didn’t know what was going on, as he was the grandson of the founder of the corporation. There was no reason for Xue Lin not agree with his suggestion to fire a normal employee.

"Yong Huang, you may leave now, I have too much files on my hands now, and please don’t bring up firing Qingfeng Li again." Xue Lin waved her hands indicating that she had to work and it was time for Yong Huang to leave.

Yong Huang’s face downcast, he wasn’t content with the result, "President, I really hope you could fire Qingfeng Li, because he insulted others, and in my opinion, someone like him doesn’t have a decent characteristic and shouldn’t be work here."

Qingfeng Li just got to the door of the office, and heard Yong Huang was complaining about him and wanted Xue Lin to fire him, which was absolutely annoying.

Damn, what an idiot. He did go to Xue Lin to make his complaint and tried to fire Qingfeng Li.


Qingfeng Li pushed open the office door without any hesitation, said with an annoyed look, "you idiot, who did you say that had a terrible characteristic?"

Yong Huang’s face turned terrified seeing Qingfeng Li came in. Yong Huang didn’t expect Qingfeng Li would come in without knocking at the door as if it was his home.

In terms of Xue Lin, it confused her when she heard Qingfeng Li called someone idiot, she didn’t know whom was he referring to, as there were only three people in the office, except for Qingfeng Li and her, Yong Huang was the only one left. Was that what Qingfeng Li meant?

"I was just talking about you that had a terrible characteristic. Look at you, you didn’t even knock at the door before you entered and the first thing you did was to insult me. Wasn’t that rude?" Yong Huang got excited as it seemed he just caught Qingfeng Li red handed.

He actually wanted to show off a bit in front of the CEO, to reveal the ugliness of Qingfeng Li so that he could be fired.

However, what surprised Yong Huang was that Qingfeng Li didn’t give a damn about what he said. Qingfeng Li casually walked into the office, grabbed a chair and sat down, which looked extremely arrogant.

The look on Yong Huang’s face started getting cloudy l. He was the grandson of an executive board member of the corporation, and he didn’t get a chance to sit down in the CEO’s office yet. However, who was this guy that dared to sit down immediately after coming to the office.

What shocked Yong Huang even more was the attitude Xue Lin had. She just replied with a smile to Qingfeng Li’s behavior.

"You can leave now, Yong Huang." Xue Lin waved her hands and asked him to leave again.

Anger flickered in Yong Huang’s eyes, he said, "President…"

However, he was interrupted by Xue Lin even before he got the chance to finish talking, she said in a cold voice, "Yong Huang, I have been telling you to leave for several times, did you hear me?"

This time Xue Lin’s tone was very strong, or it could be told that she was getting mad. Xue Lin was annoyed hearing Yong Huang complaining about Qingfeng Li over and over again, therefore she couldn’t keep her attitude nice to him.

Seeing Xue Lin getting angry, Yong Huang shrugged his Young Master, took a cold glance at Qingfeng Li then left the CEO office.

Qingfeng Li smiled after Yong Huang left, he said, "hehe, I know my wife always treats me so nicely, you won’t kick me out of the corporation."

Xue Lin couldn’t respond to Qingfeng Li’s joke with any sweet smile, instead, she gave a bitter smile and said, "you called him retarded, I’m afraid that he won’t leave you alone."

It gave Xue Lin toothache thinking of how Qingfeng Li swore at Yong Huang. Not to mention Yong Huang, anyone wouldn’t feel comfortable if he was called the same thing.

"Is Young Huang a big shot? Anything to worry about?"

"I am not scared of him, I’m just worried that his grandfather, Tianxiang Huang will give me a hard time."

"Tianxiang Huang, the founder of the board of directors? By the way, can you explain the board of directors to me?" Qingfeng Li twisted his eyebrows and asked.

He felt there was some hidden trouble in the corporation, which came from those founders of the corporation.

Xue Lin smiled bitterly, said, "you know thy Ice Snow Corporation was established by my grandfather, and there were three other people were in the shareholder meeting at that time. They were Tianxiag Huang, Dequan Yu and Zongjie Zhou. My grandfather possessed forty percent of shares, and the rest of the board of directors owned twenty percent each.

"Do you mean that the three shareholders will take away sixty percent of corporation profits every year?"

"Correct, every year they take away a big amount of money, but they aren’t satisfied with that now."

"Not satisfied, what does that mean?"

"Very simple, they want more shares now." Xue Lin explained, in her voice there was discontent.

Yes, the three other founders provided money when grandfather first established Ice Snow Corporation, but they had twenty percent shares each, which enabled them to take a couple million Yuan every year. However, they were still not happy with that and intended to take more.

Qingfeng Li’s frowned, asked, "what will they do if they can’t get more shares?"

"They will probably unite to dismiss my position as the CEO, most likely lead by Tianxiang Huang."

"Dear, you are the CEO of the corporation, owning forty percent of shares, how will they be able to dismiss you?"

"Don’t you remember that they have sixty percent of shares in total, which is more than what I have, apparently they are able to."

She was too naive before, assuming things would be fine as long as she could expand the scale of the corporation, make enough profits and spread among the founders. But now, those people were way greedier and couldn’t be satisfied with what they got.

It also made sense that the development of Ice Snow Corporation rocketed in the past few months, didn’t only had business with the Liu Corporation and Phoenix Corporation, but also brought enormous profits by signing a few contracts that worth over hundreds of millions of Yuan.

It was said that tall trees caught more wind and big crowd attracted more thieves. Having more money didn’t guarantee anything better. The board of directors aimed at the corporation when it started making more profits.

"Those old bastards, they never contribute much, but now they want more shares. How about me end them?" Qingfeng Li’s face turned dark, and said raging inside.

His voice was murderous, as if he would go end up those old men’s lives the next second.

Xue Lin rolled her eyes, and said helplessly, "stop saying you are going to kill them. I know there are despicable, but they don’t deserve to die. After All, they founded this corporation with my grandfather, so they are my elders."

Qingfeng Li giggled after hearing Xue Lin’s words, and realized what he said wasn’t proper,

If they were his enemies, then it only made sense to kill them. However, those founders were just like bugs to the corporation, the greedy ones, they couldn’t be called enemies yet.

"Em, I’m getting more and more murderous nowadays, which can’t be anything good. I have to be cautious from now on." Qingfeng Li mumbled to himself.