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Chapter 464: Ya Wang Wants Revenge

Chapter 464: Ya Wang Wants Revenge
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"Sister Xia, follow me. I will get it back for you." Qingfeng got up and grabbed Wanqiu Xia’s hand as he headed out.

He was also helping Ice Snow Corporation by helping Wanqiu Xia.

Wanqiu Xia’s hand was very soft and comfortable.

Qingfeng was enjoying holding onto her hand but Wanqiu Xia blushed heavily and her heart raced.

Her relationship with Qingfeng was ambiguous. Qingfeng had kissed her and has even been her boyfriend. The two had feelings for each other. However, still they should not display their affections in the office.

"Qingfeng let me go. It wouldn’t be good if someone saw us," Wanqiu Xia said shyly in a low voice.

Qingfeng smiled but did not let go. He did not care about what others thought, he just did whatever he wanted.

Coincidentally, they met Yong Huang soon after they left the office.

"You, you guys…" Yong Huang said in surprise when he saw Qingfeng and Wanqiu Xia.

He had just came to the Sales Department. He naturally knew of the pretty Wanqiu Xia but he was surprised to see them holding hands. After all, Qingfeng was only an ordinary employee.

One had to admit that Yong Huang was extremely uninformed as if he lived under a rock. He did not have a clue about Qingfeng’s identity.

"Retard, what are you looking at? Have you never seen a beauty?" Qingfeng said coldly as he glanced at Yong Huang.

Yong Huang was about to throw a fit but he could only suppress his anger since Wanqiu Xia was present.

He was not a fool. It was clear that Wanqiu Xia and Qingfeng had a special relationship.

Qingfeng disregarded Yong Huang and left Ice Snow Corporation with Wanqiu Xia.

"Fellow, wait for it. I will find my grandfather tonight. Very soon, I will kick you out of Ice Snow Corporation," Yong Huang muttered to himself darkly.

"Qingfeng, you shouldn’t have spoken to Yong Huang like that. His identity is not simple," Wanqiu Xia said to Qingfeng after they left Ice Snow Corporation.

Qingfeng twisted his lips and said with a smile, "Not simple? Isn’t his grandfather just a founding member?"

"Oh? Why did you call him a retard if you know that his grandfather is a founding member of the company?"

"Because he’s an eye sore."

"…" Wanqiu Xia looked at Qingfeng speechlessly. Why insulted him just because he’s an eye sore? Are you going to hit him if he pisses you off?

Qingfeng walked to the car park and drove a common car towards Ye Corporation.

The car belonged to Wanqiu Xia. It was an economical choice that many Huaxia citizens loved. Waqiu Xia spent 200 thousand dollars and bought a white automatic car with the highest specifications. It was a pleasure to drive.

Women loved white and red. Qingfeng felt slightly awkward when he drove the white car. Truthfully, he preferred a red car.

Qingfeng drove speedily towards Ye Corporation. 30 minutes later, the two arrived at Ye Corporation.

Ye Corporation was located in the midle of downtown. It was a large corporation and had a building with 18 floors. The company was involved in many fields such as pharmaceutics, real estate and tourism.

Ye Corporation belonged to the Ye Family. Ye Family had replaced Chen Family and became one of the four big families of ES City so they were clearly very powerful.

Qingfeng and Wanqiu Xia arrived outside of the building but they were stopped by the security of the company.

The security guard was muscularly built. A person who could become the security guard at such a large company had to be strong. Most of the security guards were retired soldiers. This muscular man was a retired special operations member.

"Stop, this is the Ye Corporation. Strangers are not allowed to enter," The tall security guard blocked their path with his hand.

His palm was coarse and had many calluses. It was clear that it was the result of long-term exercise.

Qingfeng said, "I am here to see your CEO."

"Our CEO is very busy. Not anyone can see him."

"I am an employee of Ice Snow Corporation. I am here to collect the penalty. You can call and inform your CEO."

"The CEO said that he will not see anyone from Ice Snow Corporation. No one from Ice Snow Corporation can enter," The tall security guard said as he shook his head.

Qingfeng furrowed his brows when he heard the security guard’s words. A flash of displeasure appeared in his eyes.

It was clear to him that the CEO of Ye Corporation did not want to pay the penalty. He even informed the security guard to stop anyone from Ice Snow Corporation from entering the company.

"Qingfeng, they won’t let us in. What should we do?" Wanqiu Xia said as she frowned as well.

"Don’t worry. Why should we not enter just because they say so? I am determined to enter today," Qingfeng said as he walked forward.

The tall security guard’s expression changed when he saw Qingfeng disregarding his warning. He curled his hand into a fist and waved it towards Qingfeng. He was determined to teach this fellow a lesson.


Qingfeng grabbed the security guard’s fist in a flash. He pushed the security guard to the ground. The security guard landed on his butt.

The tall security guard could tell that Qingfeng was very strong so he quickly contacted the other security guards. Then, he waved his fist towards Qingfeng. Unfortunately, these security guards were not a match for Qingfeng. Qingfeng defeated them in a few strikes.

Qingfeng looked at the security guards on the ground with disdain. He held onto Wanqiu Xia’s hand and walked towards the CEO’s office.

At the moment, at the CEO’s office.

A young man was sitting in the office chair. He stared at the beauty across of him heatedly.

The young man was called Bin Ye. He was the young master of Ye Family and the CEO of Ye Corporation.

A beauty sat across from Bin Ye. She had a seductive face and she wore a bright lipstick. She wore a low-cut purple dress which displayed her cleavage.

Clearly, this beauty was trying to seduce Bin Ye. Or else, she would not be so dressed up.

"Ya Wang, I really have feelings for you. I have already pursued you for so long. Please become my girlfriend," Bin Ye said heatedly with adoration.

"I will become your girlfriend if you promise to help me do one thing." Ya Wang said with a seductive smile. She was beautiful.

"I will do anything for you to become my girlfriend," Bin Ye said excitedly. His face had become red from excitement.

"I want Qingfeng to die. If you promise to kill him, I will become your girlfriend," Ya Wang said with hatred as she clenched her teeth.