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Chapter 470: Wedding In One Month

Chapter 470: Wedding In One Month
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When Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin got home, Xiaoyun Mu had already cleaned the living room, and washed the vegetables, waiting for them to come back to start cooking.

Needless to say, the mother-in-law Xiaoyun had helped them to alleviate a lot of pressure. At least they don’t need to worry about housework and cooking anymore completely.

Qingfeng wanted to help in the kitchen, but Xiaoyun refused. Xiaoyun said that both of them had a long day at work and must be very tired, so they should take a good rest.

Xiaoyun Mu cooked really fast. Just within a short while, four dishes were finished. Because it was dinner time, and Xiaoyun had more time available now than in the morning, so Xiaoyun made two additional soups - one was a pork soup, and the other one was seaweed egg soup.

Qingfeng, Xue and Xiaoyun were sitting at the table to have dinner. The scene was very warm, Qingfeng likes this sense of feeling of being home.

"Xiaoxue, Qingfeng, when do you plan to hold another wedding?" Xiaoyun took a spinach, smiled and asked.

She mostly cared about was the wedding of two people. The last wedding was canceled due to Xue’s car accident. This was not only pathetic for Qingfeng, but also for Xue.

As Xue Lin's mother, Xiaoyun Mu really hoped that her daughter could marry Qingfeng happily. No wedding means an incomplete life for all women after all.

After heard what Xiaoyun said, Xue Lin's was blushed. She looked apparently a bit shy, and then looked at Qingfeng, tried to think about his opinions.

Qingfeng pondered for a moment, answered Xiaoyun with a smile on his face, " One month later, after Xiaoxue has fully recovered from her body, we will host another wedding."

Speaking of the truth, Qingfeng honestly wants to hold the wedding earlier, and he even wanted to hold the wedding tomorrow, but obviously that was not possible. Xue just got back from hospital for only one day, and her body was still relatively weak. Without a month's rest and nurturing, she just simply can’t fully recover from the accident, that’s why Qingfeng said they will hold the wedding after one month.

Xiaoyun was impressed, she nodded and looked at Qingfeng gratefully. She also knew that the son-in-law was doing good for her daughter. With such a good and considerate son-in-law, she was very satisfied.

From Xiaoyun’s perspective, as long as Xue Lin can find a good husband who can treat her well, understand each other, love and care about her, that would be the best result. Qingfeng obviously very much in line with this standard.

After a short while, everyone finished their dinner. With no doubt, xiaoyun has wiped the table and washed the dishes. Even if Qingfeng wanted to help with the housework, Xiaoyun wouldn’t allow it. It made Qingfeng feel embarrassed.

When other people's mother-in-law come to visit the son-in-law, they all came to enjoy, be served and cared by the son-in-law. As a contrast, his mother-in-law came to their place to help them do the housework, which made Qingfeng feel embarrassed but also felt warmth, and this was the power of family love.

Now it was half past eight pm, and it was still too early to sleep. A few people turned on the TV and began watching TV. The TV play was called "Three Life Peach Blossom", the most recent and popular drama. Many television channels were playing this show and the ratings were high.

Qingfeng doesn`t really like these love drama shows, and he did not like to watch. However, since Xue had a long day at work, and needed the TV show to relax, Qingfeng decided to watch it with her together.

After watching the TV series, the three of them each went back to bedroom to sleep. Obviously, Xiaoyun was sleep by herself, and Qingfeng and Xue Lin slept together.

Although Qingfeng and Xue slept in the same bed, but only just slept next to the body, up to the point of where they held hands, and they haven’t had sex yet.

Because Qingfeng had promised Xue, they only have sex on the night after the wedding being held. Xue was a conservative and traditional woman, and Qingfeng respected for her decision.

Nowadays in the society, there was almost a few woman can be as conservative and traditional like Xue. Most of the women started to date with boyfriend at an early stage, and had sex with their boyfriends before getting married.


The next day, Qingfeng and Xue are got up early because today both of them were busy with things to do.

Qingfeng had to go to Ye’s Group today morning to ask for five million penalty fine, and Xue had to go to work earlier to deal with Tianxiang Huang and other board of directors for a difficult meeting.

Xiaoyun knew that both of them were busy in the morning, so she got up at five in the morning to prepare for breakfast. When they got up, the breakfast was ready.

Qingfeng and Xue finished their breakfast quickly, greeted Xiaoyun, then left the house in a hurry.

Ye‘s Enterprise Group and Ice Snow Corporation were in two different directions, so Qingfeng and Xue Lin did not take the same car, and left separately. Qingfeng took a taxi to Ye’s Enterprise Group, Xue drove the BMW to Ice Snow Corporation.

Shortly afterwards, Qingfeng has arrived at Ye's Group.

When he arrived at Ye’s Group, a large truck was stopped at the gate of the building, which was filled with health-care medicines. The value of these health-care medicines was about 5 million Yuan, all of which were repaid as liquidated damage fine.

At this point, Bin Ye has been waiting at the door for Qingfeng Li with a smile on his face, but that smile looked fake.

Indeed, the smile was fake. Qingfeng felt Bin Ye 's smile gave him a little chills. Anyway, it looked uncomfortable.

"Qingfeng, this truck of health care products was to repay your company for the liquidated damages fine, I will ask the driver send it to you personally." Bin Ye said with a smile.

Qingfeng nodded and answered lightly: "Sure, thank you."

"Qingfeng, wait for a moment."

"What’s up?"

"This health care product was for your personal use. It’s worth 100,000 Yuan, just a small gift." Bin Ye took out a box of health products from the side and said.

This box of health care products’ packaging was beautiful, it was wrapped in a cardboard box with a labeled of 'pure natural antler tiger whip' (TL: tiger dick) nutrient solution, it can help men reach prime state.

Antler, tiger whip?

Qingfeng felt awkward and his lips twitched. He did not expect that Bin Ye would give him this kind of health care products. This was a kidney health related product, and obviously it’s good for the body but more importantly, make your penis stronger and long-lasting.

If this box of health products was really made of purely natural materials, it was really worth one hundred thousand yuan, after all, the ingredients were all natural wild, and therefore the effect should be better. This was also considered as a good gift.

Qingfeng Li took this box of gift with a smile, then got on the truck. He pulled a car of medical health products toward the Ice Snow Corporation.

Xue Lin told Qingfeng Li and asked him to send the medical health products to the employees of Ice Snow Corporation as a reward for all employees.

After Qingfeng Li left, Bin Ye said in a hidden corner: Ya Wang, come out, I have been in accordance with your instructions, gave the toxic medical and health products to Qingfeng Li.

Ya Wang walked out from the corner, with a pretty face that has a sense of sharpness and cold and then said: "Well done, this time Qingfeng Li will die."

She put poison in that health care products, and as long as Qingfeng Li drinks one, he would certainly go to Hell.