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Chapter 472: Restructuring Company

Chapter 472: Restructuring Company
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"Dequan Yu, Zongjie Zhou, I propose to fire Xue Lin. Do the both of you agree?" Tianxiang Huang smiled and asked while watching the other two partners at the board meeting.

One week ago, a few people had already agreed under the table that when the board meeting was held, if Xue Ling agreed to give more shares to them, it would be alright, but if Xue didn’t agree with that, she would be voted out of the company.

Dequan Yu and Zongjie Zhou looked at each other, and both of them were afraid to gaze at Tianxiang Huang. They felt guilty because Qingfeng Li knew about their secrets and had used them to leverage for their negotiation. If they agreed to Tianxiang Huang’s proposal, Qingfeng Li might get angry and expose their secret video to the public and then they would get totally destroyed.

After seeing the two partners turn speechless, Huang Tianxiang thought that they had forgotten the agreement and then said, "Quan Yu, Zongjie Zhou, you promised me that we would expel Xue Lin out of the company."

"Oh, you do not have to push them, neither of them will listen to you." Suddenly, a cold voice came.

Tianxiang Huang face suddenly changed. He turned around and saw a handsome young man come in arrogantly.

"Who are you? This is the board meeting of the Ice Snow Corporation, no one is allowed to enter except the board members." Tianxiang Huang said in a cold voice with a sense of displeasure.

Tianxiang Huang had not met Qingfeng Li before, so he did not know him. He felt that this young man was too arrogant, and treated the partners of the company disrespectfully with no manners.

Qingfeng Li smiled lightly and said, "Excuse me, let me introduce myself, my name is Qingfeng Li, Xue Lin 's husband. You want to kick Xue Lin out of the company ... take a guess at why I might have came in?"

What, Xue Lin’s husband?

Tianxiang Huang frowned, suddenly remembered that someone told him before, Xue Lin 's husband is called Qingfeng Li and is a pretty handsome guy.

"Even if you are Xue Lin's husband, this is the board meeting! Get out!" Tianxiang Huang changed his face, and pointed to the door, indicating that he wanted Qingfeng Li to leave.


Qingfeng Li didn’t listen and took a chair to sit down casually. He said, "I have a proposal to expel the Partner Tianxiang Huang. Alright, who is in agreement abd who is opposing?"

Who is in favor of the proposal, and who is opposed?

Several people inside the conference room all became dumbfounded at the sudden turn of events.

Although the people were a bit dissatisfied with the arrogance of Qingfeng Li, Deyuan Yu quickly raised his hands and said, "I agree with Qingfeng Li’s proposal to dismiss Tianxiang Huang as a Partner."

After seeing Dequan Yu agreed with the proposal, Zongjie Zhou also quickly raised his hand and said, "I also agree with the proposal of Qingfeng Li to dismiss Tianxiang Huang’s role as the Partner.

There was nothing they can do because Qingfeng Li knew about their secrets, they can’t do anything but listen to the words of Qingfeng Li. If he says to fire someone, then they will fire that guy.

After seeing the other two partners actually agreed to fire him, standing on the opposite side of them, Tianxiang Huang scowled his face and look extremely angry.

"Dequan Yu, Zongjie Zhou, we are good friends and we had an agreement to expel Xue Lin! You actually betrayed me..." Tianxiang Huang said furiously.

He was too mad to talk normally, and his whole body was slightly trembling.

"Tianxiang Huang, Xue Lin has been good enough to us, we don’t need to do anything, and we have been paid twenty percent dividend annually, this is tens of millions, and you actually have to get rid of Xue, we will not agree with you." Dequan Yu and Zongjie Zhou said with an expression of justice and righteousness.

After hearing these two old man's words, Qingfeng Li almost laughed out, he knows more than anyone else of what went through their minds. Neither of them is a good man, however, they are calling for justice and righteousness. Xue Lin was deeply impressed.

"Mr. Yu and Mr. Zhou, you are all good people." Xue Lin said to the two, and that made the two feel so happy. Look, even President Lin said that we are good people.

"I also agree with Qingfeng Li's proposal to dismiss Tianxiang Huang’s executive Role." Xue Lin said emotionlessly.

Tianxiang Huang just attempted to dismiss Xue Lin, now there was such a good opportunity to get rid of Huang, Xue Lin definitely wanted to revenge and dismiss Tianxiang Huang.

Tianxiang Huang was done. There are four board members, three of them voted to expel me. I am finished! Tianxiang Huang looked pale.

His eyes flashed a flicker in desperation.

"Mr. Huang, sign it. "Qingfeng Li took out a company's document and said.

This document explained the reasons for the expulsion of Tianxiang Huang, to retrieve his shares. Afterwards, even the company makes money, there would be no dividend or bonus distribute to him. This is called picking a rock to smash his own feet.

Tianxiang Huang knew that his good time has gone, and the only thing left to do is to sign the document. After he signed, he stood up. He felt a dizziness in his head and fell forward.

Qingfeng Li quickly extended his right arm, held Tianxiang Huang firmly, and whispered to Huang’s ear, "Mr. Huang, if it wasn’t because of Dequan Yu and Zongjie Zhou, you would not be dismissed. Are you happy that they are taking all your shares?"

Qingfeng Li 's voice was very light, only he and Huang heard it. After Tianxiang Huang heard what Qingfeng Li said, he felt his words made sense. He got expelled from the company, and the most hated person was not Xue Lin, it was Dequan Yu and Zongjie Zhou. If not because of these two guys betraying him, and going against themselves, he would not have been expelled.

Revenge, I want revenge, I was expelled from the company, both of you will get what you deserve.

Tianxiang Huang suddenly turned toward Xue Lin and said: "President Lin, I was expelled from the board, I had nobody to blame of, and I deserve it. However, I want to sue Dequan Li, I think he is not suitable as a Partner."

"Mr. Huang, Dequan Yu is a good man, why do you think he doesn’t deserve to sit on the board?" Xue Lin asked, his eyes flashed a flicker of doubt.

Huang Tianxiang pursed hie lips and said, "President Lin, you were all deceived by Dequan Yu, and he is a bad guy. During this time, he took advantage of your hospitalization period, acting as the board of director, embezzling tens of millions yuan from the company, and used all of it to raise his illegitimate child."

What, embezzlement of company's money?

Lin Xue’s face scowled with flames in her eyes. She hated people like this the most. By getting profit from the company's money was not enough, he embezzled money that belonged to the company. Such people should be despised.

"Partner Dequan Yu, I want to ask you, is Mr. Huang said true?" Xue Lin asked. She didn’t call him Mr. Yu, and by directly calling the full name, the anger was clearly revealed.

Dequan Yu opened his mouth and wanted to explain, but Tianxiang Huang directly took out a file of documents on the table, and that information was exactly all the evidence of the corruption of Dequan Yu.

To be honest, Tianxiang Huang originally planned to use this evidence to threat Dequan Yu to help him fire Xue Lin, but at the end, it was used to fire Dequan Yu.

After seeing Tianxiang Huang begin to accuse Dequan Yu, Qingfeng Li pouted his lips and smiled. He was planning on restructuring the company today. Only expelling Tianxiang Huang was not enough, since all three partners need to be gone.

If the Ice Snow Corporation were to develop, there could only be one president, and that person needs to be Xue Lin. Everyone should listen to Xue Lin, and nobody else should have the power.