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Chapter 473: The Nutrient Supplement Products Are Poisonous

Chapter 473: The Nutrient Supplement Products Are Poisonous
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"I proposed to dismiss Board of Director Dequan Yu, and I have finished my proposal. Who agrees and who opposes?" Qingfeng Li smiled lightly but the tone was sharp and cold.

Although Tianxiang Huang was expelled from the Board, he still had some authority left. He said loudly, "I am in favor of expelling Dequan Yu."

Xue Lin nodded and also said, "I am also in favor of dismissing Dequan Yu."

Zongjie Zong quickly looked at others at a glance and noticed that everyone had agreed to expel Dequan Yu. He knew that Dequan Yu had lost all his power because Dequan Yu made the significant mistake of corruption.

"I also agree with Qingfeng Li to expel the Board of Director Dequan Yu." Zongjie Zhou said with justice in his voice. At this time, he also packaged himself into a good man of righteousness.

Dequan Yu was an old man with a cardiac disease. After hearing that he was expelled from the board, and the scandal of his illegitimate son being exposed, his head burst into dizziness and he fell to the ground, fainted.

What the heck? Was he so psychologically unstable?

After seeing Dequan Yu fainting, Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes and became speechless.

"Qingfeng, hurry and save Dequan Yu. Do not let him die here." Xue Lin felt anxious as it was revealed from her eyes, she said to Qingfeng Li.

Although Xue Lin was feeling disgusted and even despised what Dequan Yu did for the corruption scandal, and she had already punished him by expelling him from the company, but the issue was definitely not severe enough to a degree to punish him to death. Moreover, if Dequan Yu died in the conference room, it will hammer Ice Snow Corporation’s reputation.

Qingfeng Li nodded, arrived in front of Dequan Yu and started to massage his heart at some major points. Cardiac diseases were generally triggered by psychological stimulation, and the blood vessels clogging which caused people to black out. The purpose of Qingfeng Li’s message was to clear the vascular and cardiac blocks.

After Qingfeng Li 's massage, Dequan Yu woke up, but his face was pale.

"Dequan Yu, you were expelled by ZongJie Zhou from the company. Are you willing to lay down and let him take your stocks? Be a man, get revenge!" Qingfeng Li was doing the massage while whispering to his ears.

Vengeance? Yes! Zongjie Zhou is a bastard, and you dare to collaborate with Tianxiang Huang to set me up! Tou are not a good thing! Dequan Yu's eyes flashed with flicker of hatred.

Dequan Yu stood up suddenly from the ground and said loudly, "President Xue Lin, I want to sue Zongjie Zhou for committing a fraud by selling 50 million Yuan of jewelry with only 10 million reported on the account. He swallowed and kept the rest of the 40 million for himself."

What, fraud, a forty million accounting fraud?

Xue Lin face changed quickly and she was astonished. She originally thought Tianxiang Huang and Dequan Yu were not good people, Zongjie Zhou should be a good person. She has never thought that ZongJie Zhou would be more disgusting, even committed an accounting fraud for money laundering.

"Partner Zongjie Zhou, I just want to ask, is what Dequan Yu said true?" Xue Lin turned to face Zongjie Zhou and asked.

"President, please do not listen to Dequan Yu, that’s all nonsense. I am innocent, how can I swallow the company's money?" Zhou Zongjie face twitched but did not commit to what he did.

Dequan Yu sneered, took out his phone and played a voice recording. The recording was about Zongjie Zhou conducting money laundering and taking the company's money with him, and having lunch with Dequan Yu together. The conversations all had been recorded by Dequan Yu.

After hearing this recording, Zongjie Zhou’s face became pale. He said furiously, "Dequan Yu, you bastard! How dare you? Recording me?"

"Zongjie Zhou, I'm a jerk, but you are not a good thing either. You not only committed a fraud with the company's money but also cheated on your marriage and had a mistress. People like you simply do not deserve to be the directors of the company. I propose to expel you from the Board." Dequan Yu smirked and said.

Tianxiang Huang also followed along and said, "Although I was expelled from the company, at least I wish the best for the Ice Snow Corporation. I also support the dismissal of Zongjie Zhou, to get rid of this devastating horse."

Xue Lin standing beside was furious at the shameless Zongjie Zhou, and she said loudly, "I now declare, Zongjie Zhou, you are expelled."

At this point, the company's three members of the Board of Directors were all expelled from the company. They all signed on the documents and promised to return the shares back to Xue Lin.

Of course, as a severance package for the recapture of these directors' shares, Lin decided not to sue them.

Tianxiang Huang, Dequan Yu, Zongjie Zhou all looked at each other furiously, then rushed out of the conference room.

Xue Lin now owned one hundred percent of the company's shares.

On her beautiful face, she not only didn’t feel happy, instead she felt sad.

Needless to say, these three ex-board of directors were all friends of Xue Lin’s grandfather, and were the company's oldest founders. However, they were so bad, not only they embezzled company money, but also committed the fraud, how could she not feel being hurt?

"Do not be sad, they should blame themselves and deserve the punishments. Now all the shares of the Ice Snow Corporation are yours, whatever you want to do, no one can stop you." Qingfeng Li took Xue Lin 's hand, tried to calm her down.

Xue Lin nodded and said, "Qingfeng, thank you."

She knew that being able to dismiss all three directors was a credit to Qingfeng Li. Although she did not know what was done by Qingfeng Li, she knew that these directors certainly got influenced by Qingfeng Li, otherwise how could they be so honest?

"You don’t need to be so polite to me, your business is my business." Qingfeng Li said to her with a smile. His fingers scratched Xue Lin's palm, so Xue Lin’s beautiful face burst out of brightly red.

After seeing Xue Lin’s beautiful face, Qingfeng Li flashed some flames in his eyes. Admist Xue Lin’s cries, Qingfeng quickly grabbed her waistline and kissed her on the lips.

The kiss was soft, sweet, fragrant, very comfortable.


Qingfeng Li was comfortable kissing her, the door to the conference room was suddenly pushed open. A tall security guard got panic and rushed in, yelled loudly, "Bad news, bad news."

Qingfeng Li looked gloomy and let Xue Lin go. He looked at the security guard, felt so unhappy and asked, "This is the conference room, and you can’t come in at any time. Why didn’t you knock?"

To tell the truth, Qingfeng Li was just getting ready to tease Xue Lin further, but the security guard came in and disturbed his good plan. He really wanted to kick the security guard and break his legs.

However, considering the security guard may have something important to tell, Qingfeng Li did not kick him because he knew, under normal circumstances, the security guard would not come to the conference room, unless something urgent happened.

"Big brother Li, this is bad, Director Hao Luo got poisoned, he has foam around the mouth and blacked out entirely." The tall security guard was frightened, his eyes were full of fear.

What, Hao Luo got poisoned?

Qingfeng Li face changed, eyes flashing with a touch of tension. Hao Luo was his little brother, and now that fat man was poisoned. His heart was very nervous.

Qingfeng Li suddenly stood up, loudly asking, "How did Hao Luo get poisoned? Do you know the reason?"

"Big brother Li, Hao Luo was in the security room drinking your antler tiger whip liquid, and then he started to vomit foam before collapsing to the ground. Not only Hao Luo, a few other security guards who took some of the nutritional supplement products that were delivered were also poisoned." The tall security guard said in fear.

Qingfeng Li had assigned these security guards with errand duties for watching these healthcare products. Once the employees were off work, he said that they will distribute the products to all employees as rewards. They all knew that Hao Luo recently was physically weak, so they let him drink first.

Hao Luo thought that if he takes the drug now, then he can go back home and have the amplified strength to have sex with his wife at night, so he took it but did not expect that he got poisoning.