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Chapter 475: Ziyi Miao Coming to Eastern Sea City

Chapter 475: Ziyi Miao Coming to Eastern Sea City
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Qingfeng Li grinned like a bloodthirsty wolf, exuding power and murderous force as he walked step by step towards Ya Wang. Every step he took, the scent of a slaughter increased tremendously. In the end, the intensity of the bloody atmosphere reached a climax, and both Ya Wang and Bin Ye’s faces were pale.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

Ya Wang’s fingers pulled the trigger, and a dozen bullets all shot towards Qingfeng Li. She wanted to kill Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li swiftly moved like a flexible python, and his body turned 360 degrees, constantly twisting in the air and dodging the bullets.

Ya Wang shot all her bullets, and not a single one hit Qingfeng Li. All of them whizzed through the air.

Devil! This is not human, this is the devil!
At this moment, Ya Wang became afraid. Bin Ye also became afraid. They had never seen someone who could avoid bullets, not even a member of the special forces can. Only the devil would have this capability.


Qingfeng Li arrived in front of Ya Wang, lifting her directly by her neck, sneering and yelling, "Bitch, go to hell!"

"Qingfeng Li, even if you kill me today, my master will also take revenge on you, even if you are powerful, you will not be capable enough to be my master's opponent." Ya Wang said in her pale face.

Speaking of her master, Ya Wang's eyes were full of worship, as if she was talking about God.


Qingfeng Li looked stunned. He did not expect that Ya Wang had strong back-up.

"Ya Wang, tell me. Who is your master?"

"If I say it, will you let me live?"

"No, the moment you tried to poison me, you are doomed to die."

"That's right, Qingfeng Li, you will not only die, the people around you will also die. Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, they will all die." Ya Wang looked resentful and said with a vicious tone.


Qingfeng Li directly twisted off Ya Wang's neck and threw her body to the side. Ya Wang dared to threaten him, she deserved her death.

Who is Qingfeng Li? He is the Wolf King, and his most annoying thing was the threat. If Ya Wang’s master really dared to come out, then he would kill that master.

Qingfeng Li turned around and walked towards Bin Ye with a murderous face.

"Please, do not kill me ..." Bin Ye’s face turned panicky and he kneeled onto the ground, started kowtowing, and his eyes were full of fear.

Qingfeng Li smirked and continued to walk with him.

"Bro, as long as you set me free, I will give you five million, no, I will give you ten million." Bin Ye said in a loud voice.

Seeing Qingfeng Li continue to come emotionlessly, Bin Ye continued and said, "Bro, I will give you thirty million, I beg you to let me go."

"Bro, I will give you fifty million, I beg you to let me go."

"Bro, I will give you 80 million, please let me go."

"Big Bro, I will give you 100 million. I beg you to let me go, I do not want to die." Bin Ye looked at Qingfeng Li's face, crying bitterly.


Qingfeng Li directly shook Bin Ye's neck, throwing him aside, not even taking a glance at his body.

Not to mention one hundred million, even if it was two hundred million, or five hundred million, Qingfeng Li would not let Bin Ye live.

To him, his enemy only had one ending to their story. That is death.

If Bin Ye knew what would have happened today, why would he do anything to Qingfeng Li at the beginning? In other words, if Bin Ye did not offend Qingfeng Li, did not help Ya Wang to poison Qingfeng, Bin Ye would not have died.

Qingfeng Li left the Ye company, drove his BMW car back to the Ice Snow Corporation.

"Xue Lin, are those toxic nutritional products destroyed?" Qingfeng Li came to the President's office, turned to Xue Lin and asked.

Xue Lin nodded and said, "They are all already destroyed."

Xue Lin's face did not look very good, somewhat pale. Obviously, too many things happened in the past few days and caused her trouble. First, the Board members attacked her, and then the company staff members were poisoned.

These few events, each one was a big deal. For each event, if it wasn’t dealt with carefully, it would have had a great impact on the company's reputation. Thanks to Qingfeng Li, these few events were considered perfectly resolved.

"Do not be too stressed, it’s not good for your health." Qingfeng Li expressed his concerns.
Xue Lin now not only turned pale but her look was particularly haggard, and her mental health was struggling as well.

"Qingfeng, I feel a bit dizzy." Xue Lin helped raise her forehead and said with a smile.

"Come, I'll give you a message." Qingfeng Li came behind Xue Lin and said with a smile.

He stretched out his palms and put them on Xue Line’s neck acupuncture points, and began to massage them. These acupuncture points were important acupoints of the human body and had the function of improving blood circulation.

Qingfeng Li’s massage technique was very good. His massage could generate heat in the cervical spine, which created fiery energy that warmed the neck comfortably.

Xue Lin’s pale face gradually turned rosy, her body's fatigue gradually disappeared, and her head was not dizzy anymore.

"Your massage is great." Xue Lin's beautiful face turned bright and he gave Qingfeng Li a thumbs-up.

Qingfeng Li cunningly smiled, and his palms started wandering. His hands caught Xue Lin's breast and he said, "Well, how about I give you a massage here on your breasts?"

Xue Lin’s face blushed, and she rolled her eyes, said, "No, it is daytime and it’s bright here."

Qingfeng Li turned his eyes and noticed what Xue Lin meant, and said with a clever smile, "Do you mean that we can’t do it during the day but we can do it at night?"

Xue Lin blinked and felt speechless. She really didn’t know how to answer Qingfeng Li's words.

"I am going to work now, and I will massage your breasts at night to help you." Qingfeng Li looked at Xue Lin with a clever glance and then turned and walked out of the office.

Qingfeng Li came to the Sales department, Xiaoyue Zhang pulled him nervously and whispered, "Big brother Li, I heard today's nutritional products were toxic, are you okay?"

"Little sister Xiaoyue, I am fine, of course."

"Brother Li, I heard that you were the one who took the health care products, the President did not blame you, right?"

"Little sister Xiaoyue, do not worry. This was the Ye Company's conspiracy. The President was not stupid, and she will not blame me." Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

After hearing that the President did not blame Qingfeng Li, Xiaoyue Zhang’s nervous mood was released.


Miaojiang, the Saintess room, Ziyi Miao held a colorful venom to her hand, and a flash of cruelty flickered in her bright eyes.

"The Lust Gu Insect has become mature, and it’s time to control Qingfeng Li." Ziyi Miao murmured to herself, and then put that venom aside, walking toward outside.

The Lust Gu always came in a pair. One was inside the body of Qingfeng Li, and Ziyi Miao had the other one inside her body. According to Lust Gu, hers was the main insect, which was commonly known as the Mother worm, and she could control the Lust Gu inside of Qingfeng Li.

In the world of poisonous insects, the female insects were generally the most powerful, which was also adapted to many insects, such as ants, bees and so on.

Ziyi Miao heard from Qingfeng Li last time that he lived in the East China Sea area, and therefore, Ziyi Miao’s target was Eastern Sea City.

Of course, when Ziyi Miao left Miao State, she also took a black whip with her. This black whip was to be used to 'punish' Qingfeng Li.