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Chapter 477: Visiting Ruyan Liu

Chapter 477: Visiting Ruyan Liu
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"Big Brother Li, can I ask you for a favor?" Xiaoman Lu seductively blinked up at him.

"Xiaoman, no need to be so formal with me. Whatever you need, just go ahead and ask." Qingfeng Li replied.

"Can you come to my university tomorrow to visit me?" Xiaoman asked.

Qingfeng nodded his head and responded, "Of course I'll go visit you tomorrow."

After getting a satisfactory response she smiled back happily and bidded him goodbye.

As for the short-haired girl next to Xiaoman Lu, she gave a curious look at Qingfeng Li, not knowing why Xiaoman Lu viewed Qingfeng Li as a very important person.

In their university, there were a lot of guys chasing after Xiaoman Lu but she had always been very cold and distant. But just then, Xiaoman took the initiative in speaking to that man. It came as a surprise to the short-haired girl.

After bidding goodbye, Qingfeng Li left to buy gifts.

He strolled through the market and finally bought a box of ejiao. Ejiao is known to be good for women since it provides a series of benefits such as being incredibly healthy and good for the skin.

Most women would buy it as a nutritional supplement. It came in different qualities and its price ranged from a few hundred to a few thousand Yuan.

Qingfeng Li, buying it for Ruyan Liu, obviously would not look for the cheap stuff. He went straight for the 3 thousand Yuan ejiao and bought it.

Villa Number 14.

"Jiaojiao, did you give Qingfeng a call today?" Ruyan Liu frowned and asked.

She inadvertently saw Jiaojiao Liu's phone and noticed that Jiaojiao gave him a call half an hour ago.

"Sister, I told my brother-in-law to come see you. That guy, even after so many days, has still not visited you." Jiaojiao Liu voiced her dissatisfaction.

Ruyan Liu sighs and replies "Jiaojiao, Qingfeng Li has a wife. He needs to take care of his family. Do you understand?"

"I know, but you are also his wife. You even have his child."

"Jiaojiao, I told you so many times already. Don't talk about the child. Have you forgotten?"

"Okay fine, I won't speak of it anymore. But sister, have you thought about what happens to the child if it is born fatherless?" Jiaojaio Liu voiced her concern.

Jiaojiao Liu's words made Ruyan speechless. She did not know how to respond. Her sister was right. She had been pregnant for a few months. If she did not tell Qingfeng Li of it and she gave birth to the child, who would the father of it be?

"Jiaojiao, I know you are thinking for my benefit. But the matter of the child is not allowed to be brought up in front of Qingfeng. Do not let him know of it." Ruyan Liu reminded her once again.

Ruyan Liu was worried for her sister so she voiced out her concern once again. The matter of the fatherless child is a huge matter. It may create unfortunate consequences if is exposed to the world.

Bang Bang Bang!

The doorbell to the house suddenly rang and interrupts their conversation. "That must be brother-in-law, I'll go open the door." Jiaojiao spoke out.

Jiaojaio Liu opens the door and as she expected, it was Qingfeng Li who was standing outside the door, his hands holding a box of ejiao (TL: Chinese medicine).

"Brother-in-law, you're here." A smile appeared on the face of Jiaojiao Liu.

Qingfeng Li jokingly replied, "How do I not dare to come? If I didn't appear, you would be incredibly angry and scold me."

Jiaojiao Liu's face turns red and she became embarrassed.

"Let me tell you this, Jiaojiao. You should not be this aggressive or else it would be hard for you to find a boyfriend in the future."

"Humph, whether or not I can find a boyfriend is none of your business." JiaoJiao angrily replied.

Qingfeng Li walked into the living room and spoke out, "Ruyan, I bought you a box of ejiao. You should eat some, it's good for the body."

"Next time you come, you don't need to bring anything," Ruyan smiled, unable to hide her happiness.

"Brother-in-law, you're being unfair. You bought sister stuff but nothing for me." Jiaojiao Liu pouted her lips as she spoke to Qingfeng Li.

"Apologies, Jiaojiao. I'll remember to buy you something next time." Qingfeng Li apologetically smiled in response.

It was already 7 in the evening. Qingfeng li naturally would not leave so he decided to have dinner at Ruyan Liu's house.

As for cooking, Qingfeng Li decided to be the one who will make food. He would not make the 2 woman cook for him.

Arriving in the kitchen, he found that they had everything in stock. There were also lots of food in the fridge, meat, vegetables and even seafood.

There are only 3 people and 2 of them are women. Since the 2 women did not eat much so he only made 4 dishes. He made chicken, fish, cucumber and potato slices.

His cooking iwa very good, so very soon, the scent of food floated out of the kitchen and into the living room. The 2 women in the living room suddenly became extremely hungry after smelling the delicious scent.

"Sister, Brother-in-law's cooking smells very good." Jiaojiao Liu swallows a mouthful of saliva and she speaks out.

Ruyan Liu nods in reply. "Yes, his cooking is very good, I've had it before."

Jiaojiao Liu stood up and walked towards the kitchen, unable to resist the smell. When she arrived in the kitchen, she noticed that he had already finished with making the food.

Jiaojiao Liu reached out with her hands and grabbed a piece of chicken but got slapped away by Qingfeng Li.

"Be clean, don't use your hands to grab food!"

"Brother-in-law, your cooking smells too good, I really want to eat it."

"No rush for anything, it'll be ready on the table soon. Go and grab your chopsticks." Qingfeng Li smiled and reached for the four plates, two in each hand, and brought them towards the living room.

Jiaojiao Liu took 3 pairs of chopsticks and followed him, her face showing a sign of disbelief.

Normally one could only bring out one dish at a time. But Qingfeng Li was able to balance two plates on one arm, as if he was juggling, and easily bring it out to the living room.

"Ruyan, it's time to eat." Qingfeng Li spoke out.

The three grabbed their chopsticks and began eating.

"It's so good. Brother-in-law, your cooking is amazing." Jiaojiao Liu mumbled out through her mouthful of food.

She ate so fast that her face has been stuffed full with food.

"Slow down, nobody is fighting with you." Qingfeng Li smiles at her.

Jiaojiao Liu did not take in his advice and continued rapidly eating.

From next to her sat Ruyan Liu, who ate in a more ladylike fashion. But her speed in picking up the food, being faster than normal, still betrayed her liking in his food.