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Chapter 483: Ziyi Miao“s Little Weather Whip

Chapter 483: Ziyi Miao's Little Weather Whip
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What a beauty.

Tianci Zhang's eyes brightened up. The woman was too beautiful; probably within the top three of all women he had seen before. The only women that could compete with her were probably Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu; there was no one else that could.

Her face was delicate, wiht a perky nose, lips like a cherry, and seductive hair. It made others want to kiss her. Her eyes were like gems and her hair was like a waterfall.

She was wearing a Miaojiang styled dress, making her extremely pretty. It sculpted out her tits and waist and attracted everyone's gaze.

Not only was the woman good looking, holy presence was coming out of her as well; like an angel.

The girl wasn't anyone but Miao's Saintess Ziyi Miao.

"Hi there, what can I help you with?" Tianci Zhang walked up and asked.

If it was any other guest, Tianci Zhang would not greet them. But because Ziyi Miao was too beautiful, he decided to greet her personally.

"What room did the man before me gointo?" Ziyi Miao asked.

Tianci Zhang realized that the woman was here for brother Li because brother Li just came in.

Big brother Li was too charming. Girls were even chasing him after he goes into a hotel. Tianci Zhang was jealous.

"I asked you, what room did the man go into?"

"He went to 001 VVIP room."

"Thanks." Ziyi Miao smiled and walked up with her leather whip.

Damn this girl knew how to play, even carrying a leather whip. Did she want to teach big brother Li a lesson? How lucky was he.

Ziyi Miao came in front of the room with her whip. Her eyes were filled with cold light and she pushed the door open.

What, no one was here?

Ziyi Miao was confused. She looked throughout the room, but couldn't find Qingfeng Li.

Did Tianci Zhang lie to me? That should be impossible. I saw Qingfeng Li walked towards the second floor.

"Ziyi Miao, it was you who was following me?" Suddenly a voice sounded out.

Who, who is talking?

Ziyi Miao's face changed. She just looked around the room but found no one. Now she heard someone talked, so naturally she would be surprised.

"How stupid are you. Can't even find where I am."

"You are stupid."

"I can see you, but you can't find me. If you are not stupid, then what are you?" Qingfeng Li said, amused.

Ziyi Miao's brows tensed up and her eyes became ice-cold. She knew that Qingfeng Li was hiding beside her. It was ok if she couldn't find him; she will just force him out.

Ziyi Miao smirked. The rainbow-colored Gu in her hands started moving; a mysterious light emitted.

Qingfeng Li was hiding on the ceiling, but suddenly he felt dizzy, was like his body was being controlled.

Qingfeng Li fell from the ceiling and said coldly, "How dare you Ziyi Miao. I helped you, but you bugged me."

"You were hiding on the ceiling I see. You have to pay for seeing my body." Ziyi Miao smirked.

"Ziyi Miao, don't even think about leaving Eastern Sea City today." Qingfeng Li walked towards her while tolerating the interference in his head.

"Qingfeng Li, I know what I am doing." Ziyi Miao smirked and her eyes were filled with confidence.

Ziyi Miao knew how powerful her Lust Gu was. It could control even SSS masters, not to mention Qingfeng Li.

30 years ago, an SSS master saw a saintess body as well, but the result was him being controlled by Lust Gu and being whipped to death.

Of course, Ziyi Miao wasn't going to whip Qingfeng Li to death. She wanted to teach Qingfeng Li and humiliate him.

Qingfeng Li's body flashed and arrived in front of Ziyi Miao instantly. He wanted to catch her and threaten her to remove the Lust Gu inside his body.

Ziyi Miao smirked. She naturally knew how powerful Qingfeng Li was. If they were to fight, she would lose, but she had the Lust Gu and could control him.

"Little Zi, control him." Ziyi Miao whispered and said a curse to the Lust Gu in her left hand.

The rainbow-bug emitted a mysterious light and suddenly Qingfeng Li's body stopped working. He had his hands on her throat already, but suddenly it became numb and couldn't even move an inch.

Qingfeng Li's head stopped working; he felt like it wasn't his head nor his body. He was taken over by something else.

"Qingfeng Li, how does it feel to get controlled by me?" Ziyi Miao looked at Qingfeng Li and smiled.

Apart from his eye-balls, he couldn't move at all. His brain was becoming fuzzy as well.

"Qingfeng Li, I am going to make you my slave. Call me master." Ziyi Miao smirked and threatened.

Even though Qingfeng Li's body couldn't move, his mouth moved and said, "I will not call you master. Ziyi Miao, just you wait. One day I am going to make you my slave."

"How dare you say that. Seems like I have to whip you to teach you a lesson." Ziyi Miao smirked and took out her leather whip.

She was a sadist; she loved to torture others with her leather whip.

Ziyi Miao's whip landed on Qingfeng Li's body and ripped apart his clothes; revealing the muscle under and leaving a whip mark.

This Ziyi Miao really used her whip. Qingfeng wanted to bring her down and punish her, but he couldn't move and could only let the whips land on his body.

"Qingfeng Li. You better call me your master, or I will continue to whip you." Ziyi Miao said passionately. Her face was red as wine.

This woman's mentality wasn't normal; she loved to torture people, especially someone powerful like Qingfeng Li.