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Chapter 485: Capturing Ziyi Miao

Chapter 485: Capturing Ziyi Miao
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"Qingfeng Li, I will not become your slave nor your follower." Ziyi Miao forced out a cold laugh.

In Miaojiang, Ziyi Miao was a Saintess; one of the most powerful and respected roles. She would not follow someone else's orders.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, "It is not up to you to listen to me or not. Eye of the Wolf King."

Qingfeng Li whispered and the wolf totem started emitting red light. There was a mysterious power that came out from his eyes and went into Ziyi Miao's head. This made her dizzy and stopped thinking.

Eye of Wolf King was a mysterious power that was similar to hypnotizing; it can control other people's mind but it also had serious side effects on the user.

Qingfeng Li never used this skill because he never activated his wolf totem before. He used it now because his wolf totem finally activated, thus why he could use the Eye of Wolf King.

There was one limit to the skill: you could only use it on someone weaker than you. If the victim was stronger, then there would be no effects.

"Ziyi Miao, I am your master. Say master." Qingfeng Li's eyes were emitting mysterious red aurora.

"Master." Ziyi Miao's mind was extremely chaotic. She felt like her body was controlled by the man in front of her.

She had a voice in her heart that told her the man in front of her was her master. Thus why she called him her master and obeyed.

In front of the Eye of Wolf King, Ziyi Miao had no chance to disobey.

"Very good. Ziyi Miao, you are now my maid, understood?"

"Yes master. I will listen to you. I will do whatever you order me to do."

"Alright, I am going to punish you now. Come here and eat my banana." Qingfeng Li said with a smirk.

Ziyi Miao's face was extremely red and started eating Qingfeng Li's banana. Qingfeng Li was enjoying it.

Qingfeng Li once again whipped Ziyi Miao. This made her body shake and her face even redder. She was a masochist; the more others hurted her, the happier she became.

Since Ziyi Miao is the Saintess, that means Daoist's teacher could be saved.

Qingfeng Li's eyes were filled with joy. The two things that were needed to save the elder Taoist's life was the Holy Gu of Miaojiang, and the other was thousand-year ginseng. Now that the Saintess became his slave, it would be easy to save the elder Daoist.

"Ziyi Miao, let me ask you, is the Holy Gu the love bug?" Qingfeng Li asked.

Ziyi Miao shook her head and said: the Holy Gu was made with five different poison. It is the most powerful one.

"Then do you have the Holy Gu on you?" Qingfeng Li asked the question he cared about the most.

"Master, the Holy Gu is in the holy palace in Miao. I didn't bring it with me this time."

"Ziyi Miao, then does Miaojiang have thousand-year ginseng?"

"Master, Miao's holy palace has one." Ziyi Miao answered.

Currently, Ziyi Miao was controlled by Qingfeng Li. In her heart he was her master; what ever the master asked, she answered.

Even though Holy Gu and thousand-year ginseng were all top secret, she still told Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li nodded and said: "very well, go back to Miao immediately and get the two items to Eastern Sea City. Understood?"

"Yes master, should I go now?"

"Yes, go now and come back ASAP. Contact me the moment you get back."

"Yes master, I will leave now." Ziyi Miao answered respectfully and left the hotel for Miao.

She accepted her master's request. Even though the two items were both Miaojiang's holy treasure, her master wanted it so she had to get it for him.

"feels good to make a Saintess my slave." Qingfeng Li smiled and left the room.

When he arrived on the first floor he was stopped by Tianci Zhang.

"Big brother Li, that woman came here for you?" Tianci Zhang said with envy.

Qingfeng Li tensed his brows and asked: "who are you talking about?"

"Big brother Li did you forget, the woman with the black leather whip. Who is she?"

"Her name is Ziyi Miao and she is my maid."

"Big brother Li, what did you say, your maid?"

"Yes, what is with the confuse look?" Qingfeng Li asked.

Tianci Zhang looked at Qingfeng Li; his eyes were filled with confusion.

Maid, someone this pretty as maid, Big brother Li really is something else. If it was me I would it marry her, but he made her his maid.

After chatting with Tianci Zhang a bit more, Qingfeng Li left the hotel and went towards the Royal Palace.


Beiyang Province, Tianjing City.

Beiyang Province was extremely famous in Huaxia; it was one of the largest province in the north. It was extremely populated and extremely wealthy.

Tianjing City was the capital city of Beiyang Province; one of the largest city of Huaxia. The top four cities were: Tianjing, Jiangjing, Xijing, and Jing Capital.

Out of the four, Tianjing and Jing Capital were the two largest cities in the north, and the other two were the largest cities in the south.

Tianjing was busier than Jing Capital because of its long and old history. Lots of people that lived here were top 100 of the wealthiest individual in Huaxia. Most of them had millions worth of assets. There were couple of modest individuals that had billions.

Ghost King's villa was one of the biggest in Tianjing. The owner was the famous Ghost King of Huaxia.

In the northern parts of Huaxia, the name Ghost King was extremely influential.

16 years ago, northern Huaxia had two kings. One was Tianjing's Ghost King Sky Eagle, the other was Jing Capital's Conqueror Third Master Li.

Ghost King and The Conqueror ruled the northern parts of Huaxia together. They both went into the forbidden realm together, but only Ghost King got out, where as The Conqueror was lost in the forbidden realm.

Ghost King was the first one to come out. Even though he was alive, he was heavily wounded. Thus he started hiding.

Even though he started hiding, he was still northern Huaxia's number one master; even stronger than Dragon King.

Every year the masters of the seven continents on Earth will fight for the ranking of who was the most powerful. Ghost King was the winner of Dragon continent 16 years ago and Dragon King was the winner one year ago.

Qingfeng Li was the winner of Wolf Continent the year before. Before Qingfeng Li there were other winners, but some of them were beaten by Qingfeng Li and some of them started hiding.