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Chapter 486: Shaoyang Wang“s Appearance

Chapter 486: Shaoyang Wang's Appearance
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Tianjing City.

Currently in the underground laboratory inside Ghost King Villa, a middle-age man was experimenting.

The man's face was pale, thin brows, middle-size build, and was wearing a doctor's white coat. He was dripping a red fluid into a test tube.

The man was Ghost King, the most powerful master of Tianjing; no one was his opponent in the north.

But now the Ghost King was wearing a lab coat like a professor. No one would believe it if they were told what the Ghost King was doing.

It was extraordinary that the Ghost King was doing some lab experiments. The Ghost King was northern Huaxia's most powerful master; able to be compared to even the likes of the Conqueror. Why would someone like this do experiments?

Behind Ghost King was a young man. His pupils were white like a zombie.

If Qingfeng Li was here he would be extremely surprised. This was because the man was Shaoyang Wang, the man that Qingfeng Li killed at the Jing Capital banquet.

Ghost King looked at Shaoyang Wang; his eyes were filled with triumph.

This Shaoyang Wang was the real Shaoyang Wang. The man that was killed by Qingfeng Li before was a clone; a fake Shaoyang Wang.

Cloning was a technology where one could create an exact same copy of a person with the same appearance and memory.

Everyone in Huaxia thought Dragon King was Shaoyang Wang's teacher. In reality, Shaoyang Wang's real master was the Ghost King; the master that defeated everyone in northern Huaxia.

10 years ago, the Ghost King accepted Shaoyang Wang as his student. 3 years ago, he cloned him when he advanced his understanding of this technology. The real Shaoyang Wang stayed in Huaxia to help with Ghost King's experiments, whereas the fake Shaoyang Wang was living with the Jing Capital's Wang family.

what the Ghost King didn't think of was that Qingfeng Li killed the clone in Jing Capital. Fortunately, the real Shaoyang Wang was here in Huaxia with him.

Once the clone was killed, the real one would be wounded as well. Because Shaoyang Wang's clone was killed, his skill leveled dropped to AAA from SSS.

The biggest enemy now for Shaoyang Wang was Qingfeng Li. Not only because he killed his clone, but also because he destroyed his family and stole away his wife. His target was to kill Qingfeng Li and get back Ruyan Liu.

Shaoyang Wang knew that he couldn't kill Qingfeng Li with his current skill level. Thus, he was with his teacher in his lab, waiting for the final DNA-changing potion.

"Shaoyang, come and try this new potion." Ghost King said with excitement.

To make this potion, Ghost King spent 16 years of his life. Finally, today he was able to create the perfect potion. Once it succeeded, it would be a world-changing event.

The body was made up of different DNA. The DNA-changing potion, like its name, had the power to alter the DNA of the body. It was able to change its muscle and bones, changing its power dramatically.

Shaoyang Wang smiled and drank the potion.

A powerful force began rocking Shaoyang Wang's body; it was like the forces of a volcano. His muscles started to bulk and his veins started to expand. It was almost like he became twice his original size.

Shaoyang Wang howled. His whole body was blood red; like he just came out of a pool of blood.

Shaoyang Wang's power was growing with exponential speed; started from AAA, to S, then SSS, and finally the top of SSS.

Finally his powerful stopped at top of SSS. This power was enough to compete with Qingfeng Li.

With one punch, Shaoyang Wang blew apart the air in front of him and made a huge hole in the marble floor.

"Teacher, this potion is too powerful. It helped me reach the top of the SSS level."Shaoyang Wang said while feeling the power inside his body.

Ghost King was filled with excitement as well and said, "16 years! Finally after 16 years, I was able to create the DNA-changing potion."

Truthfully, Ghost King got the formula of the potion from the forbidden sector in the Kunlun Mountain 16 years ago; the current world didn't have anything like it.

16 years ago inside the forbidden forbidden sector, Ghost King sneak attacked the Conqueror in order to get the formula for the potion. In addition, he and some others tried to kill and force the Conqueror down the cliff.

Even though Ghost King was able to force the Conqueror over the cliff, he was also wounded heavily. When he came back to Huaxia, he hid away for two reasons. One was to get better, the other was to develop the potion.

After 16 years, not only did Ghost King recover, he also created the potion. It was a huge and exciting event to him.

"The Conqueror, 16 years ago I forced you over the cliff. After 16 years I will also kill your son Qingfeng Li." Ghost King smirked and his eyes were filled with killer intent.

"Teacher, my current skill level is the same as Qingfeng Li. Can I go kill him now?" Shaoyang Wang looked at Ghost King and said with excitement.

To be truthful, Shaoyang Wang hated Qingfeng Li. Thus with the increase of his power, the first thing he thought of was to kill Qingfeng Li.

Facing the excited Shaoyang Wang, Ghost King shook his head and said, "Don't, you are not his opponent right now."

"Teacher, I drank your potion and reached the top of the SSS level, the same as him. Why can't I kill him?"

"Shaoyang, only your power is the same as his, but your skills are not on the same level. He also has the Wolf Fang team with him. Do you really think you are his opponent?"

"Teacher, then what should I do. Should I not seek revenge then?"

"Who told you that. Of course you are going to seek revenge. But you shouldn't be so anxious. First you have to practice some martial arts, and you have to create a Ghost King team. Only then can you go kill him." Ghost King told Shaoyang Wang his thought process.

After hearing what he said, Shaoyang thought he was right. Qingfeng Li was the Wolf King and the king of the underground world. Not only was he powerful, he was extremely skillful as well. His Wolf Fang team consisted of all SSS masters.

If Shaoyang Wang wanted to kill Qingfeng Li, he had to practice his skills and create a powerful team.

Qingfeng Li didn't know a secret plan to kill him was being developed.