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Chapter 487: Xue Lin Taking a Shower, What a Beautiful Sight

Chapter 487: Xue Lin Taking a Shower, What a Beautiful Sight
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Qingfeng captured the Saintess Ziyi Miao and became her master, so he was in an extremely good mood.

"Love fame love woman, which hero wants to be forever alone…"

Qingfeng sang as he went back to his house with happiness written all over his face.

Xiaoyun Mu opened the door and saw Qingfeng singing. She was confused, "Son-in-law, what happened today? Did you win the lottery or something?"

Xiaoyun Mu came to Xue Lin's house for a few days and this was the first time she heard him sing. From the lyrics, she could tell that Qingfeng was in a good mood.

Qingfeng shook his head, "Nope, just in a good mood."

Of course, Qingfeng was not dumb. He naturally wouldn't tell Xiaoyun Mu what happened. After all, letting a stunningly beautiful Saintess become his maid was not right no matter how you look at it.

Towards his mother-in-law, he knew that he couldn't tell the truth.

"Is Xue Lin not back yet?" Qingfeng asked.

Xiaoyun nodded, "She is, she's taking a shower right now."

A wicked smile appeared on Qingfeng's face as he walked towards the washroom. Xiaoyun Mu was about to open her mouth and stop him, but she suddenly remembered, Qingfeng was Xue Lin's husband, there's nothing wrong even if they took a shower together.

At this moment, Xue Lin was under the water cleaning herself with a soap.

The door of the walk-in shower was transparent. Qingfeng stood outside and he could clearly see the figure inside the shower.

What a beautiful sight, Xue Lin taking a shower.

Qingfeng felt his body heating up. He pushed the door open and walked in.

"Who?" Xue Lin was shocked, she turned around immediately and asked loudly.

When seeing it was Qingfeng that entered, Xue Lin's face flushed, "QIngfeng, I'm taking a shower right now, can you wait for me outside?"

"No, I'm your husband. I want to take the shower with you."

"About that, I'm not really used to taking shower with other people…"

"Little red riding hood, don't worry. The big bad wolf is a good person." Qingfeng's eyes gleamed with a green light, like a big bad wolf that was starved for many days and was ready to eat Xue Lin.

Poor Xue Lin. She was like the little red riding hood. Although she wanted to fight back, how could she be a match for the big bad wolf?

Ultimately, the little red riding hood was caught by the big bad wolf.

Qingfeng was too excited. Thank god the Lust Gu inside his body was removed. Otherwise, he would've done the unspeakable with Xue Lin.

Normal showers just needed 30 minutes, but because of Qingfeng, today's shower took a full hour.

"Time to eat, are you two planning to shower until next morning?" Xiaoyun Mu's voice came from the kitchen, with a hint of a joking tone in her voice.

"This is all your fault. Now my mom knows." Xue Lin reached out her beautiful hand and pinched Qingfeng's arm. She didn't sound very satisfied.

Qingfeng didn't dodge it. After being married for so long, he finally got to shower with Xue Lin. Not just one pinch, it was worth it even it was ten pinches.

Shortly after Xiaoyun Mu spoke, Xue Lin and Qingfeng came out in bathrobes.

Xue Lin was extremely pretty at that moment, due to the fact that they just showered, her face was red like an apply, with eyes shiny black like the stars in the sky, and white smooth skin like the holy and pure snow.

To be honest, if it wasn't for Xiaoyun who was standing on the side, Qingfeng would've took advantage of Xue Lin again.

The dinner was prepared by the mother-in-law and it was delicious.

"Qingfeng, little Xue just came out of the hospital not long ago, her body is a bit weak, be gentle to her okay?" Xiaoyun Mu looked at Qingfeng and whispered.

Xiaoyun Mu reminded Qingfeng, she was considering for her daughter.

Qingfeng heard his mother-in-law's words and was speechless… He knew that Xiaoyun Mu misunderstood them and he wanted to explain, but then he thought, he was Xue Lin's husband, what's there to explain.

As for Xue Lin on the side, her face already became full-on red like a big apple.

Of course, Xue Lin's also a smart girl and didn't give more explanation, because explanation is usually to cover up something, and the more one explains, the more suspicious it will be, so it's better to leave it unexplained.

After the three finished food, Xiaoyun Mu went to the kitchen to do the dishes, while Qingfeng stayed in the kitchen and watched TV with Xue Lin.

About the life right now, Qingfeng was really satisfied. There's a warm home, a beautiful wife, and a nice mother-in-law, everything was nice.

But Qingfeng knew, this kind of peaceful life wouldn't last long for him. After 6 more months, he would be going to the forbidden realm of Kun Lun Mountain. There are many dangers waiting for him there, maybe he would even die there. After all, his father and teacher both went missing thre.

It was also because of the danger he would face later on, he treasured the time spent with Xue Lin very much and even sat down to watch TV with her.

One must know, QIngfeng hated watching TV, especially the chick flick drama they were watching. However, he understood that if he didn't watch it with Xue Lin, he might never get the chance to later on.

Everything Qingfeng's doing right now was to make up for all the things that happened to Xue Lin and leave her with a good memory.

The drama they watched was extremely touching, Xue Lin even began tearing up.

Qingfeng wiped the tears for Xue Lin, smiled and said, "Little red riding hood, don't cry, it's just a show."

Xue Lin glanced at Qingfeng and faintly said, "I don't know why, but I always have this feeling that you will leave me one day, just like the main character in the show."

Qingfeng's heart skipped a beat, holy sh*t why's this woman's intuition so accurate, he was indeed going to leave in 6 months.

People always said that women have very accurate intuitions but Qingfeng didn't believe it much until now.

"Dear, don't ever leave me, okay?" Xue Lin rested her head on Qingfeng's shoulder and said with red eyes.

"Don't worry, I will never leave you." Qingfeng stroked Xue Lin's hair, smiled and said.

The two finished watching the episode and Qingfeng carried Xue Lin up to the second floor to sleep. Seeing Xue Lin already deep in sleep, there were a thousand thoughts going through his mind.