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Chapter 488: Someone Came From Phoenix Corporation

Chapter 488: Someone Came From Phoenix Corporation
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The next day both Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin got up early because people from the Phoenix Corporation were visiting. They had to greet them personally and ask what was the matter.

Xiaoyun Mu woke up at 5:30am. When she was going to prepare breakfast Xue Lin told her, "Mother, no need to cook breakfast today. We are going to eat outside. We have to greet someone important today."

After giving Xiaoyun Mu a heads up, Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li left the villa. The two ate at the restaurant beside their villa and drove to the Ice Snow Corporation with their BMW.

it was already 7:00 am when the two arrived at the company. At 8, the people from the Phoenix Corporation were going to arrive.

The director of the security department Hao Luo was decorating the front of the company with his guards. There was even a red sign saying "Welcome Phoenix Corporation."

The crowd finally finished organizing by 7:30. After a short break, they got back to their jobs once again.

Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li were standing in front of the company waiting for the person from the Phoenix Corporation. Qingfeng Li had to stand in the front because the person that came last time was Yanzhi Pei and he was the one that conducted the business with her.

But from a personal view, Qingfeng Li didn't have to greet her at all; it should be her greeting him.

However, from a company view, Qingfeng Li had to greet Yanzhi Pei because he was only a small member of the Ice Snow Corporation, whereas Yanzhi Pei was the president of the Phoenix Corporation.

8 o'clock.

Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li were standing at the door with some of the managers behind them. There were a couple of reporters beside them.

After all, the Phoenix Corporation was a large scale company from Hujiang Province. Whenever a large company appears, there were always news reporters here taking pictures and conducting interviews.

At 8:10, the cars from Phoenix Corporation arrived slowly. A beautiful woman came down from one of the cars.

The woman was around 30 years-old with a delicate face, perky nose, red lips, snow-like skin. She was a mature woman.

She was wearing a blue working dress with a pair of blue heels. She was like the sea and her clothes were tigh. It sculpted out her body.

The reporters all took out their cameras and started taking pictures because this woman was too beautiful. This will definitely be broadcasted in the news.

Even though the woman was gorgeous, Qingfeng Li's face changed after seeing her. This was because he didn't know the woman.

The woman came in front of Xue Lin and asked with an arrogant tone, "You are Xue Lin right?"

This woman was too arrogant. She didn't even say president and said her full name. This was obviously a disrespectful act.

Qingfeng Li's brows tensed up because he didn't like her. Her disrespecting Xue Lin was equal to disrespecting him.

Because Qingfeng Li wanted to see what this woman was truly thinking, he didn't show his dissatisfaction.

Xue Lin nodded and asked, "I am Xue Lin. Who are you?"

The woman lifted up her head and said, "I am Feiyan Liu, president of Phoenix Corporation."

What, Feiyan Liu, president of Phoenix Corporation?

After hearing these key words, Xue Lin was confused.

"If I remember correctly, the president of Phoenix Corporation should be Yanzhi Pei." Xue Lin said.

Feiyan Liu's bros tensed up; the name made her feel uncomfortable. She answered, "Yanzhi Pei was the previous president, but was fired. I am Phoenix Corporation's new president."

Xue Lin had a bad feeling. The previous cooperation between the Phoenix Corporation and the Ice Snow Corporation was agreed on by Yanzhi Pei personally, but now she was fired. The cooperation between the two companies was in danger.

Like Xue Lin's guess, Feiyan Liu said with a cold voice, "Xue Lin, I came here today to tell you that the activities between Phoenix Corporation and Ice Snow Corporation will be stopped immediately and there will be no future plans for further cooperation."

Feiyan Liu's voice was extremely loud. Not only did Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li head, the news reporters all heard as well.

"Big news, the Phoenix Corporation is going to stop working with Ice Snow Corporation."

"The Ice Snow Corporation is done. Phoenix Corporation is the first rank company in the province. The termination of their cooperation could mean that the Ice Snow Corporation had done something wrong."

"What do you guys think happened, maybe the Ice Snow Corporation doesn't have enough assets."

The reporters all started chatting and reasoning with each other.

In the mean time, some took out their pen and paper and started writing the report. Of course, the reports were about the two companies, as well as some about Feiyan Liu and Xue Lin.

Hearing the chatter beside them made Xue Lin's face went pale. Phoenix Corporation's reputation was too big; money wasn't the only loss; their reputation was at loss as well.

If Phoenix Corporation didn't want to conduct business with them, then other companies would take into consideration that fact when they negatiate contracts with the Ice Snow Corporation.

"President Feiyan Liu, I want to know why you won't work with us?" Xue Lin's brows tensed up and asked.

"It is quite simple. You are too weak." Feiyan Liu said with arrogance.

Phoenix Corporation was worth tens of billions, but Ice Snow Corporation was only couple billions; the two were not on the same level.

The supposed cooperation between the two was because of Yanzhi Pei being thankful for Qingfeng Li saving her life. In reality, not many people agreed to work with Qingfeng Li.

Now that Yanzhi Pei was fired and Feiyan Liu was the president, naturally they were going to stop working with Ice Snow Corporation.

Too weak?

Xue Lin's face was pale. She felt like she was being looked down on, but she couldn't say anything because it was the truth.

At this moment Xue Lin felt shameful that her company was being looked down on by other companies.

Little Xue, you are the best, one day you are going to defeat them and become the biggest company in Hujiang Province. She clenched her fist and was encouraging herself.