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Chapter 489: Looking Down on Xue Lin

Chapter 489: Looking Down on Xue Lin
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Qingfeng Li's eyes were filled with hate when he saw Xue Lin was being looked down on.

Feiyan Liu crossed the line claiming that the Ice Snow Corporation was weak in front of everyone. It was pure humiliation.

Qingfeng Li held Xue Lin's hand and said, "Don't worry, she's just an ugly looking b*tch. Theres no need to get mad at her."

In order to comfort Xue Lin, Qingfeng Li said Feiyan Liu was ugly.

Feiyan Liu's brows tensed up and said, "Who did you call ugly?"

"Just an old pig that was harassing my wife. What are you going to do about it?" Qingfeng Li smirked.

Feiyan Liu was enraged; almost like she wanted to burn the whole world down. She was a beautiful woman, and every woman liked praise and hated others calling them ugly.

But now Qingfeng Li said she was ugly, so naturally she was going to get mad.

"You bastard, are you blind. How dare you call me ugly?" Feiyan Liu said with rage.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, "I am not blind, but I think you are blind. Or else why would you stop working with the Ice Snow Corporation."

"You are a joke. Even though the Ice Snow Corporation is the biggest jewelry company in Eastern Sea City, it is ranked far behind in the entire Hujiang Province. Why would I work with you guys?"

"Feiyan Liu, this isn't about working together or not. It is about reputation. Your president Yanzhi Pei agreed to work with us before."

"She is no longer the president. So whatever she promised is no longer true. We will not work with you." Feiyan Liu answered.

The employees felt embarrassed after hearing what Feiyan Liu said, being humiliated in front of reporters made them felt bad.

Shaming the company meant that she was shaming them because they thought of the company as their home.

Xue Lin, Wanqiu Xia, Xiaoyue Zhang, Hao Luo, and Qingfeng Li were mad; everyone from the company was mad.

Qingfeng Li said, "Feiyan Liu, you can look down at me, but you can't look down at Xue Lin. Apologize to her."

What, apologize?

Feiyan Liu was confused and said, "I will not apologize to someone who is weaker than me.

Qingfeng Li smirked and walked towards her; he wanted to teach her a lesson.

"What, are you going to hit me?" Seeing Qingfeng Li's cruel expression made her ask.

"Yes, I am going to hit you." Qingfeng Li said coldly.

"Everyone look! Qingfeng Li is going to hit me. I didn't think that they were this low. Everyone, please don't buy Ice Snow Corporation's products." Feiyan Liu said loudly.

This woman, I didn't even hit you and you already started screaming.

If Feiyan Liu didn't scream, then Qingfeng Li would have really hit her. But now that she did, Qingfeng Li didn't have the balls to hit her anymore.

It was easy to kill her with one slap, but what would happen after she died? The Ice Snow Corporation's reputation would be destroyed because there were tons of reporters watching.

Qingfeng Li's current role was an employee, not the Wolf King; he had to think about the problem from the company's point of view.

"Qingfeng, don't hit her." Xue Lin told him.

To be honest, Xue Lin hated Feiyan Liu and wanted to teach her a lesson as well. But she knew she couldn't hit her because it would destroy the company's reputation.

Qingfeng Li nodded. Even though he couldn't hit her, he would not let her get off easily.

"Feiyan Liu, what do you want in order to apologize to Xue Lin." Qingfeng Li asked.

If he couldn't teach her a lesson by force, then he had to use other methods. Qingfeng Li wasn't going to let her go.

"Easy. After three days, it is Hujiang province's antique competition. As long as you can beat Phoenix Corporation and win first place, I will apologize to you and Xue Lin." Feiyan Liu said with arrogance.

What she said was almost impossible to achieve.

The Phoenix Corporation was Hujiang province's biggest company and the biggest antique company. There were multiple employees that were skilled in antiques. It wasn't easy for one to qualify to be their competition.

Eastern Sea City's president of Antique Corporation was beaten by Phoneix Corporation three years ago.

One could say that in Hujiang province's antique field, no one could beat the Phoenix Corporation.

"Feiyan Liu, you are not being fair. How can Qingfeng Li compare with you guys." Xue Lin said loudly.

The Ice Snow Corporation was an antique jewelry company as well, but compared to the Phoenix Corporation, they still had a lot of levels in between.

An antique master from the Phoenix Corporation was exponentially more skillful than the Ice Snow Corporation's.

Xue Lin knew that Qingfeng Li was Eastern Sea City's king of antiques and was extremely skillful, but there were 18 kings of antiques within Hujian province.

Even though Qingfeng Li was the most skillful in Eastern Sea City, it doesn't mean he was the most skillful out of all 18 cities.

Feiyan Liu smirked and said, "I said it before, as long as Qingfeng Li beats the Phoenix Corporation in the competition, I will apologize to Ice Snow Corporation and work with you. If not, then bad luck to you."

Xue Lin's face went pale and felt hopeless because she felt that Feiyan Liu was making things difficult for her; it was near impossible.

"Feiyan Liu, I accept your challenge. I will attend the competition and beat your company." Qingfeng Li smirked and said loudly.

His voice was extremely loud and everyone heard it. Not only did the employees heard, the reporters also heard.

"What did I hear. Qingfeng Li actually agreed to attend the competition, is he ok?"

"I think he is stupid. Who does he think he is, competing against the Phoenix Corporation."

"The Phoenix Corporation had been the champions for a couple of years now. Qingfeng Li is going to lose."

Everyone was chatting and looking down at Qingfeng Li; they thought he was stupid and too full of himself.