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Chapter 491: The Girl that Was Buying Toys

Chapter 491: The Girl that Was Buying Toys
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Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin left because the store was shut down. In the mean time, Xiaoyun Mu called and told Xue Lin that her aunt's son was having his birthday party tonight and that she wanted her to attend.

Xue Lin's aunt's name was Xiaofei Mu. She was extremely nice to Xue Lin when she was small so Xue Ling was going to attend.

Xiaoyun Mu told Xue Lin that the party is going to be hosted at 8 in Zhang Hotel.

"Qingfeng, my aunt's son is hosting his birthday party today. Let's go buy him a gift." Xue Lin said.

Qingfeng Li nodded and agreed. Xue Lin's aunt was his aunt, so naturally, he was going to attend as well.

The party tonight was a ceremony that was extremely popular in Huaxia. When children reached the age of 12, their parents will often hosted this ceremony for them.

Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin came to Xinhua Toy Mall together. They were going to pick a toy.

Xinhua Toy Mall was the biggest mall in Eastern Sea City. There were a lot of choices, such as Barbie Dolls, Transformers, Dinosaurs, and Teddy Bear.

Qingfeng Li knew that the aunt's child was a boy from Xue Lin, so he purchased a transformer for him. It was Qingfeng Li's favorite toy from when he was small.

Chenguang Toy was the biggest store inside the mall. There were many toys inside the store as well as many customers. Many parents brought their children to shop for toys when their work ended.

Currently, there was a woman dressed in patched-up clothes, shopping for toys with her daughter.

"Little Ting, today is your birthday, which toy would you like?" the woman asked.

"Mom it's fine. The toys here are too expensive." The little girl was well behaved. She knew that the toys were expensive and wasn't planning on getting one.

"Don't worry, today is your birthday. I will buy it for you no matter how much it cost." The woman looked at the daughter with love in her eyes and said.

Today was the daughter's birthday. The lady brought the only money she had and wanted to buy her daughter a Barbie doll that she liked.

Little Ting was looking at the Barbie doll. It was obvious she wanted to get it.

"Hey there, please let me see the doll." The woman said to the boss of the toy store.

The boss was a man in his 40s; extremely fat with a beer stomach.

The fat boss looked at the woman and ignored her because they were wearing patched-up clothes; they were poor. The boss looked down at people with no money.

Seeing the boss was ignoring her made the woman's face reddened up and felt embarrassed.

At this moment, a fashionable couple walked in and the man said to the boss, "Show me that pink Barbie doll."

"Alright!" The boss brought the doll down with a smile. He saw the gold necklace on the man; he was someone that was rich.

"Boss, how much is the doll?" the guy with the golden necklace asked. Today he asked her girlfriend out was to buy her a gift.

The fat man said with a smile, "Pretty cheap, its 599 Yuan."

Toys like Barbie dolls had different prices. There were ones that cost only 10 Yuan and there were ones that cost a couple thousand. The doll here was only worth tens of Yuans, but was sold for a couple hundred. The real expensive dolls were all produced by well-known international companies.

The guy nodded and took out his wallet, but the mother asked, "I want to buy this doll as well."

after hearing what the woman said, the boss asked, "You sure you have the money?"

The woman's face reddened up and said, "Yes, I do."

After she finished her sentence, she took out a stack of cash, but it was all in change; there were tens, fives, and even cents.

There was a lot of change, but no 100-Yuan bill because these were all saved by the woman on a day-to-day basis.

Seeing the changes made the boss madder. He knew that she was poor and he didn't have the time to count all the change.

"Go away, I am not going to sell you this doll, I am going to sell it to the man." The boss pushed away the woman and didn't want her to prevent him from doing his business. The gold necklace guy already took out six 100-Yuan bills.

After being pushed away, the woman fell to the ground and started spitting out foams.

"What are you doing. I only pushed you lightly. How come your spitting out foam now." the boss looked at the woman on the ground and said with humiliation. He thought she was faking it.

"Mom. Someone, please save my mom." Little Ting was crying loudly, but no one wanted to help her.

The girl's cry was extremely loud. People started gathering beside them, but most of them were here to just watch.

A white-haired elder came over and asked: hey there little girl, don't cry, let me help your mom.

"Grandpa, are you a doctor?" little Ting asked.

"Yes, I am a doctor."

"Ok grandpa, please save my mom."

"Don't worry, your mom will be good in a second." The elder smiled and crouched down. He was going to touch the woman's elbow.

When Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin walked into the store, they saw the elder was going to feel the woman's pulse.

"Stop, you can't check her pulse." Qingfeng Li's face changed and screamed.

After he finished, Qingfeng Li ran to the elder's side and pushed him away. He was scared that the elder was going to touch the woman's body.

But because Qingfeng Li used a lot of force, he made the elder fell to the ground.

"What are you doing, why did you push me?" the elder's face changed and asked madly.

He was about to help treat the woman, but was pushed away by this young man, so naturally he was pissed.

Qingfeng Li helped the elder up and said: "I am sorry; I didn't do it on purpose. I was scared that you were going to check her pulse."