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Chapter 494: The Humble Qingfeng

Chapter 494: The Humble Qingfeng
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"Xue Lin, I haven't seen you for more than ten years and you became even more beautiful," Xiaofei complimented Xue Lin while holding her hand.

Xue Lin flushed her face and smiled, "Auntie, you too! It's been ten more years and you still look exactly the same."

To be honest, Xiaofei, indeed, didn't look much different. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been recognized right away by Xue Lin. She was still a beauty and looked the same as when she was younger.

Xiaofei raised her lips happily. "Xue, you're such a sweetheart like how you always were as a little girl."

When Xue Lin was a little girl, she used to visit her auntie in her house every school break. She was a sweet girl and always made her auntie happy. Her auntie then always gave her lots of candies.

However, Xiaofei went to the Hawk Continent later on and never came back to Huaxia. Since then, Xue Lin never received any candies from her auntie.

"Auntie, let me introduce my husband to you. This is Qingfeng Li." Xue Lin explained to her auntie while pointed at Qingfeng with her fair fingers.

Even though Xue Lin was happy to see her auntie again, she wouldn't forget to introduce Qingfeng to her.

"You're Qingfeng, right? I have heard so many things about how a decent son-in-law you are from my sister. Is that true?"Xiaofei looked at Qingfeng and asked with a smile.

"Qingfeng replied awkwardly, "Well, I'm okay, hehe."

Even though Qingfeng was, indeed, powerful, he still needed to be humble in front of his seniors.

"Qingfeng, Xue Lin is the CEO of a large company, what do you do for living?" Xiaofei asked curiously.

Xiaofei has always been fond of Xue Lin from a really young age and she hoped that she could marry to someone who can make good money. That's why she asked about Qingfeng's occupation.

"I'm a salesman in the Ice Snow Corporation." Qingfeng smiled faintly and replied.

What? A salesman?

Xiaofei slightly changed her face and looked at him with surprise. As the general manager in a large company in America, Xiaofei knew everything about the Ice Snow Corporation.

Xiaofei wouldn't think it was weird if Qingfeng said he was the vice-president or the manager, but now, he was just a salesman? Xiaofei was skeptical about him.

Even though Xiaofei was living in the Hawk Continent, she often called her sister Xiaoyun when she had time and they had always kept in touch.

She knew from her sister that Qingfeng was a great man with a strong ability. But now, Qingfeng was actually just a salesman?

Was being a salesman a great man with strong ability? Xiaofei obviously didn't think so.

Xue Lin could tell her auntie was judging Qingfeng and thought that he wasn't good enough for her based on her expression, she tried to explain but was held back by Qingfeng.

Humbleness is a virtue. Qingfeng didn't feel like showing off in front of her auntie and to tell her that he was the Wolf King in the Wolf Continent.

The family reunion was all about getting in touch instead of comparing with each other. Otherwise, it would turn into a competition.

Everyone around the table has also heard the conversation between Qingfeng and Xiaofei. Xiaoyun, as Qingfeng's mother-in-law, she was clear how capable Qingfeng was so she didn't say anything. She wasn't someone who liked to show off, either.

However, everyone else, including Zhiwen who is Xiaofei's husband, Yan Zhang who is XIaofei's daughter, and Xiaofei's son-in-law started to change their way to look at Qingfeng.

Xiaofei treated Xue Lin so well because she was her auntie. Yet, other people didn't act in the same way.

One of whom didn't like Xue Lin at all was her cousin, Yan Zhang.

They look like they must be along well each other in other's opinion since they are cousins. Yet, it isn't true.

Xue Lin was favored in the family when she was younger. Her father didn't like her so he would send her to her auntie's house during every weekends or school breaks.

At that time, Xue Lin was around 8 and Yan Zhang was 7. Xue Lin would always make her auntie happy and got most of the treats since she always said sweet things to her auntie. Candies such as white bunny or Wahaha would always be given to Xue Lin more than Yan Zhang.

Besides, since Xue Lin and Yan Zhang were in a similar age, they also often fought for Barbie dolls.

"Cousin, long time no see! How could you not even tell me that you are married? You broke my heart," Yan Zhang said with a smile.

Yan Zhang has a fair, smooth face and a high-bridged nose. Her red lips, long eyelashes and her red finger and toe nails made her look magnificent.

But certainly, Yan Zhang might seem pretty to others, she was still far when compared to Xue Lin.

"Cousin, you were in the States, I didn't inform you because you were way too far," Xue Lin said and smiled.

"Oh, isn't this our brother-in-law? What a handsome man. How much do you earn per month?" Yan Zhang asked while giggling.

Even though it seemed like she was just asking Qingfeng a question, she certainly trying to make fun of him with his answer since she knew he was just a salesman from what he said a second ago.
Qingfeng has obviously detected this cousin's intention, he didn't care but replied, "I earned 5000 a month."

"5 grand? Hmm, seems a bit little, right? It's only one-tenth of my husband's income. He earns 50,000 a month," Yan Zhang said while pointing at the short-hair guy beside her.

The short-hair guy glanced at Qingfeng and didn't even greet him. Obviously, he was looking down on Qingfeng and couldn't be bothered to greet him based on his low income and low social status.

Qingfeng wouldn't force himself to greet him either. Everybody has their own way to live, he doesn't have to flatter other.

When Xue Lin's uncle-in-law saw Xue Lin, he only slightly nodded to her indicate greeting. He didn't even look at Qingfeng, either.

Xiaofei felt a bit awkward that nobody greeted Qingfeng since she was the one who invited them for her son's birthday.

"Xue and Qingfeng, don't just stand there, come and sit over here," Xiafei smiled and said to both of them.

Xue Lin smiled faintly and went to the last table while holding Qingfeng's hand. Even though she is closed with her auntie, she didn't like her cousins and her uncle-in-law and felt pissed about how they treated Qingfeng.

She would turn away and leave if her auntie wasn't there.

Qingfeng, though, didn't really care. He calmed Xue Lin down by patting her small hand when he saw she was mad for him.