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Chapter 495: Brother-in-Law, You are Boasting

Chapter 495: Brother-in-Law, You are Boasting
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Qingfeng frowned, he was unhappy about how this cousin treated him.

Humbleness is a virtue. Instead of being angry, Qingfeng still chose to keep his patience in front of all of Xue Lin's relatives.

But of course, if these people kept being snobby like this, Qingfeng would definitely show them what great status actually was.

Xiaofei had a son and a daughter. Yan Zhang, who was her daughter, was already married. Her son, Yang Zhang, was only a twelve years old boy.

His 12th birthday was an important celebration. According to tradition, the number twelve represented unlocking which meant it's going to bring his son wisdom and intelligence.

Xiaofei brought his son back to Huaxia just for celebrating his 12th birthday. But for sure, she also wanted to see her sister since it had been a while.

"Yang, today is your 12th birthday, this is 100,000 Yuan as a gift for you. Do you like it?" Yan Zhang brought the cash out and handed it to Yan Zhang happily.

"Thank you, sister. I like it." Yan Zhang received the cash and started counting.

After the 100,000 from Yan Zhang, Yang Zhang's parents and other relatives also started to present their gifts to him. Now, only Xue Lin hadn't given him a gift yet.

"Brother-in-law, how much are you are going to gift my little brother?" Yan Zhang peeked at Qingfeng and sneered.

Yan Zhang thought that since she had just gifted 100,000 Yuan, if Qingfeng gifted any less, he would be a loser.

Yan Zhang knew she couldn't compete with Xue Lin over her appearance nor her status. She was far more beautiful and was the CEO of the Ice Snow Corporation. Therefore, she decided to compete with Qingfeng and make Xue Lin feel bad for that.

To her surprise, instead of money, Qingfeng brought out a Transformer model.


Yan Zhang couldn't control her laughter and said, "Brother-in-law, don't you think you are too stingy for buying just a small toy?"

"It's not about me being stingy, I feel this transformer model is just fine for him." Qingfeng peeked at her and responded.

"Well, well, brother-in-law, I think it's more because you can't afford to gift 100,000 Yuan from your poor salary right? How much does a transformer toy cost?" Yan Zhang smiled provocatively.

Qingfeng frowned as he didn't feel happy about what she said. "Cousin, I don't agree with what you said. What we give matters more than the price of the gift. We should give kids what they really like instead of money."

Yan Zhang changed his face and became unhappy after Qingfeng's lecture.

The short-hair dude, who was Yan Zhang's husband didn't feel good after seeing his wife getting lectured by Qingfeng.

"Brother-in-law, how much is a transformer model? Maybe a few hundred dollars? I can lend you some money if you don't have any." The short-hair guy pointed at the cash in his wallet while said arrogantly.

The short-hair dude seemed to have thousands of US dollars in his wallet, which should be hundreds of thousands of Yuan.

Showing off, this dude was definitely showing his wealth in front of Qingfeng.

"This model is limited edition and costs me thousands of Yuan, not hundreds."

"Oh, it doesn't make a difference to me. Look at this, I have thousands of U.S dollars."

"Money is good stuff but it might not be good for kids."

Qingfeng tried to ignore this short-hair dude by laughing it off. Already showing off with such a small amount of money? Huh, no shame.

"Yang, this is my gift for you, a transformer model. Do you like it?"

"I like it, thank you, uncle-in-law," Yang Zhang said happily while receiving the gift.

Kids like these types of toys a lot, especially for transformer models, they are the dream toy of every single boy.

Yan Zhang obviously preferred the model from Qingfeng. He kept playing with it and put the 100,000 away.

Yan Zhang and the short-hair guy looked grumpy when they saw Yang Zhang choose the toy over their cash.

After all the gifts were given to Yan Zhang, everyone started to share the birthday cake and enjoy their meals and drinks.

Yan Zhang and the short-hair guy wasn't feeling so happy about Qingfeng based on the last experience and didn't talk to him at all at the dinner. Only Xiaofei and Xue Lin still made conversation with him.

Zhiwen Zhang frowned and didn't seem so happy when he saw his son was getting along with Qingfeng.

Zhiwen thought he was a prestigious and wealthy man who graduated overseas. His son had a high status. How could he play along with a salesman?

"Qingfeng, have some more food. You might not have many chances to come to eat in fancy restaurants like this as a salesman. Here, try some of this braised abalone," Zhiwen said to Qingfeng.

Zhiwen looked so hospitable and caring, but everyone could tell he was being sarcastic and hard on Qingfeng. He was obviously looking down on Qingfeng by saying he had never been to fancy restaurants.

Qingfeng smiled to Zhiwen, "Uncle-in-law, I have actually been to this restaurant before and have tried all of their dishes. You guys enjoy."

Boasting, what a liar!

Zhiwen and Yan Zhang glanced at Qingfeng and both thought he was lying.

Even though they lived in the States, they knew Zhang's Hotel was one of the most extravagant five star hotels in the Eastern Sea City. How could poor people like Qingfeng be able to come here often.

"Qingfeng, I know you are trying to show off in front of me, but you shouldn't lie. This place isn't like any other place you have been, how could you afford to come here often?" Zhiwen said arrogantly as he glanced at Qingfeng.

"Uncle-in-law, I wasn't lying, I used to come here often," Qingfeng said while frowning.

"Liar. I don't believe you," Zhiwen shook his head.

In his mind, Qingfeng was too young and naïve to brag in front of him. He used to be one of the members in the Zhang Family, one of the top four families in Eastern Sea City before he went abroad.

Because of that, he chose to dine in Zhang's Hotel when he returned to Eastern Sea City this time.

"Brother-in-law, you are boasting, aren't you?" Yan Zhang slightly raised her lips and said sarcastically.

Like Zhiwen, Yan Zhang thought Qingfeng was lying since she also knew the level of this Zhang's hotel. They both thought this salesman was trying to get attention.

Yan Zhang looked down at people like Qingfeng the most. It didn't matter if you were poor, but at least you should be honest.