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Chapter 499: Ziyi Miao Got the Holy Gu

Chapter 499: Ziyi Miao Got the Holy Gu
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The birthday party finished at nine in the evening.

Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin left the hotel together. Aunt Xiaofei Mu and uncle walked them out as they were leaving. The smiles on their faces were brighter than those when they saw their parents.

Recently the police were very strict on drunk driving. It wasn't allowed and once someone was caught, he would lose points as well as get fined and put in detention.

Qingfeng Li just had several drinks, so Xue Lin had to drive. Qingfeng Li sat in the passenger seat while Xiaoyun Mu sat at the back.

They got back to the villa after a short time.

In the living room of the villa.

Xiaoyun Mu's cheeks went blushed out of joy, as Qingfeng Li had earned some credit for her, which really made her glad.

Xiaoyun Mu knew that Qingfeng Li had drinks tonight, so she stood up and poured him a cup of tea in person. She smiled and said, "My son-in-law, this tea is made for you by your mother-in-law especially for your excellent behavior today."

Qingfeng Li felt extremely flattered all of a sudden. He took over the cup in a hurry, said with a smile, "Mother-in-law, it should be me making you tea, how can I let you do that?"

"Son-in-law, what you did today really made me glad, it makes sense for me to get you tea." Xiaoyun Mu insisted to hand over the cup of tea to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li had no choice but to take the cup and say thanks.

"Son-in-law, you had drinks tonight, so it's better to go to bed early. Do you understand?" Xiaoyun Mu enjoined.

Xue Lin got a bit jealous seeing her mother showed so much concern to Qingfeng Li, she said, "Mom, Qingfeng is my husband, I'll take care of him so you can have a break now."

Xiaoyun Mu glanced at Xue Lin, and kept going, "Dear Xue, you are always so careless, but now you should take good care of him since he is our family's honor now."

Xue Lin rolled her eyes and turned speechless. She had to admit that Qingfeng Li had such great charm that he could even conquer her mother.

Xiaoyun Mu then went to her bedroom on the first floor. Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin took a shower and went to bed on the second floor.

Qingfeng Li felt worn out after such a long day. He fell asleep as soon as he hit the bed, so he didn't try to take advantage of Xue Lin tonight.

Tingling ...

At five o'clock the next morning, Qingfeng Li was woken up by the phone ringtone.

"Hello, who's that calling so early in the morning?" Qingfeng Li answered discontentedly.

He was having a tight sleep with a wonderful dream, in which he was XXOO Xue Lin. However, he was disturbed and apparently he wasn't happy with that.

"Master, it's me, Ziyi Miao." Ziyi Miao's voice came from the other side of the phone.

Qingfeng Li got a shock hearing Ziyi Miao's voice, as Xue Lin was beside him. He didn't want her to hear the "master" Ziyi Miao said. Otherwise he wouldn't know how to explain it to Xue Lin.

Qingfeng Li took a look at Xue Lin and found out that she was sleeping nicely, which made him rest easier in his heart. Qingfeng Li grabbed the phone and walked to the corner, he said in a low voice: "Ziyi, have you found the Holy Venom and Thousand Year Ginseng I asked about?"

"Master, I found them, and I'm at the gate of Noble Palace."

"What the hell, how did you know I live here?"

"You are my master now, so we have a special connection. Obviously, I know where you live through my special sense." Ziyi Miao answered.

Qingfeng Li scratched his nose after hearing Ziyi Miao's explanation. He learned a bit about the Saintess of Miaojiang, who were able to build a special connection once they affirmed someone as their master.

"Wait for me at the gate, Ziyi. I'll be there soon." Qingfeng Li said.

Qingfeng Li left the bedroom as soon as he finished talking. On his way passing the living room, he ran into Xiaoyun Mu.

"What are you doing getting up so early, Qingfeng?" Xiaoyun Mu frowned and asked with confusion.

"Mother-in-law, I have something to take care of. Can you please tell Xue Lin after she wakes up that I'm not going to work today." Qingfeng Li left the villa after talking to Xiaoyun Mu.

Meanwhile, at the gate of Noble Palace.

Ziti Miao's face was so tender and blushed as if it was the blooming cheery, her skin was as fair as the snow lotus on the Sky Mountain. She was dressed in red and standing at the gate quietly like a saintly angel.

Seeing a pretty woman standing at the gate, Zhuang Zheng, the security leader walked over with a few securities.

"Are you by yourself beauty?" Zhuang Zhang lifted his thick dark eyebrows and asked.

As a security guard of Noble Palace, Zhuang Zhang was annoyed dealing with men everyday. Finally he saw a pretty woman so early in the morning, he couldn't lose the chance to flirt with her.

"F*ck off." Ziyi Miao threw a cold look at Zhuang Zhang and said.

Although she was a Saintess in Miaojiang, she knew well about the life in city. She could tell by Zhuang Chang's expression that he was hitting on her.

Who was Ziyi Miao? She was a Saintess in Miaojiang! She didn't give a damn about anyone else except for Qingfeng Li.

"Leader, this hot chick dared to swear at you?" A security guard with shortcut hair went up to Zhuang Zhang and said.

Zhuang Zhang's face turned downcast, and he said, "Beauty, I suspect that the robbery that happened recently here had something to do with you. Please come to the security office with me to help with the investigation."

Zhuang Zhang walked towards Ziyi Miao with his tough body after making his statement. He reached out his hand and was about to grab Ziyi Miao's clothes. At the same time, Ziyi Miao waved her hand and slapped Zhuang Zhang on his face.


Five red finger prints appeared on Zhuang Zhang's face instantly, every single of them was so eye-catching and his face got swollen up.

"Damn you, how dare you to smack me?" Zhuang Zhang asked ragingly while covering his face with hands.


In response to Zhuang Zhang's sweat, Ziyi Miao took out her whip and whipped on Zhuang Zhuang's body, which ruined his clothes and left a red mark. Zhuang Zhang lost his balance and fell on the ground after the whip. He said madly, "Go, give this woman a lesson!"

A couple of security guards rushed towards Ziyi Miao arrogantly hearing their leader's command, and were ready to punish her.

Pa pa pa pa!

Ziyi Miao picked up the whip and slashed it continueously, one security would get whipped every time she waved the knout. All the securities were on the ground within a short time.

What a terrifying woman!

All the securities around fell on the ground and looked at Ziyi Miao with fear and shock. They had never seen any woman who was able to know them over with a whip.

"Nice whip, Ziyi." Qingfeng Li expressed his praise with a smile as he got to the gate and witnessed the scene.

"Here you are, Master." Ziyi Miao put her whip away and said with great respect like a servant.

What the hell was going on, such an unbeatable woman was calling someone master. Was she a maid?

Zhuang Zhang and all the other securities around were astonished, their bodies were shivering and their hearts were racing out of shock.