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Chapter 501: Bring Elder Daoist Back to Life

Chapter 501: Bring Elder Daoist Back to Life
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Qingfeng Li walked up to the Elder Daoist, and laid two fingers on his wrist.

Hiss hiss...

He paid extra attention to hear the hiss sound from the Elder Daoist's body.

As a matter of fact, the hiss sound was from the Elder Daoist's pulse. The pulse sound for normal people was more like a "bang bang", but what Qingfeng Li heard right now was a hissing sound, which meant the Elder Daoist wasn't dead yet. He was just in a fake death condition.

Of course, usually, people couldn't hear the Elder Daoist's pulse. Only a miracle-working doctor like Qingfeng Li was capable of hearing that.

Qingfeng Li's took out nine silver needles, found the nine life pressure points. His right hand flashed out amd the next second, he had pushed all the silver needles to the matching pressure points.

The method Qingfeng Li applied was called "Spiritual Nine Points", which could stimulate the important pressure points on the human body and activate the spirits and potential inside to make the person more energetic.

"Ziyi, put the Holy Gu in the Elder Daoist's mouth, and let it absorb all the toxins from his body." Qingfeng Li said after taking a look at Ziyi Miao.

"Yes, master."

Ziyi Miao nodded and took the black Holy Gu out.

The look on Monk's face changed instantly as he heard Ziyi Miao call Qingfeng Li master. Astonishment also appeared in his eyes. He had rich experience in his life, and from the way Ziyi Miao dressed, he could tell that she was from Miaojiang. Moreover, the only woman in Miaojiang who could carry a Holy Gu with her was the Saintess.

There was no doubt that Monk had figured out that the woman in front of him was the Saintess from Miaojiang. What shocked him more was that his boss became the master of the Saint, no wonder he was a boss.

At the moment, Monk extremely admired Qingfeng Li. He also believed that the chance his master could survive became higher since the Saintess had used a Holy Gu to help save him.

Ziyi Miao carefully put the Holy Gu into the Elder Daoist's mouth, then she read a passage of Miaojiang spells to guide the Holy Gu to travel into the body of the Elder Daoist.

There were two streams of energy in the Elder Daoist's body, both of them were extremely powerful and damaging. Those energies had already produced some black toxins that corroded the Elder Daoist's organs.

Even the doctors from the hospital wouldn't be able to save his life if the toxins had permeated the organs. The same thing applied to Qingfeng Li, there wasn't much he could do now.

Qingfeng Li was able to save Xue Lin from getting poisoned only because he found out not long after she was poisoned. Thus, the toxins hadn't corroded all her organs yet.

However, the Elder Daoist's situation was entirely different, as all of his organs were eroded by toxins. It was impossible to take away all the organs in order to save him.

Nevertheless, things would be changed with the help of the Holy Gu. The Holy Gu was the most toxic venom in Miaojiang which was infused with many substances from centipedes, spiders, scorpions and poisonous snakes. All of them were considered extremely toxic.

Curing poison with poison was already adopted in traditional Chinese medicine. The famous doctors in ancient times used to use poisonous medicine to cure poisoned patients.

Qingfeng Li had deep attainments in traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, he knew the benefits of carefully using poisons.

The Holy Gu entered the body of the Elder Daoist as if it was a monster that swallowed up everything. Toxins were its favorite and it was in its nature to take all the toxins in, as if it was a fat kid sucking up ice cream.

Hiss hiss ...

Hissing sounds kept coming out of the Elder Daoist's body. That was the sound of the Gu swallowing up toxins.

The skin of the Elder Daoist was no longer dark or pale with the amount of toxins in his body decreasing. Instead, it was getting ruddy, and his blood circulation was slowly becoming better.


With a whoosh sound, the Elder Daoist started breathing surprisingly, which really made Qingfeng Li shockingly glad. He knew that was because the Holy Gu worked and it was swallowing up the toxins.

Half an hour later, all the toxins in the Elder Daoist's body were taken away by the Holy Gu, and he started breathing smoothly.

"Ziyi, take out the Holy Gu now." Qingfeng Li told Ziyi Miao with a slight smile.

Ziyi Miao nodded and read a passage of weird spells. Then she got the Holy Gu out of the Elder Daoist's body.

There was a huge difference on the Holy Gu between the time it got in and out of the Elder Daoist's body. Before it got in, the Holy Gu was quite tiny, but it became three times fatter after it got out.

Seeing the Holy Gu come out with a wobbly head and burp, Qingfeng Li and Ziyi Miao almost burst into laughter.

Some people became fat because they were greedy about food, but it was never expected that the Holy Gu would become a fat bug because it craved toxins.

"Boss, my master is breathing now, but why isn't he awake yet?" Monk asked with great concern.

Qingfeng Li waved his hands and explained, "Don't worry, your master was poisoned and lost all of his Qi energy. I had just got rid all the toxins for him, but now I need to bring his Qi energy back."

Many people had no idea about what Qi energy was. To make it simple, Qi energy was life energy.

When humans were still in their father's body as a sperm cell, they would have Qi energy already. But it was in a very small amount at that time. In the next stage, when the cell goes inside of a woman's body and gets fertilized, it turns into a baby and starts absorbing Qi energy.

The Qi energy in a baby was the purest and richest. However, it became less and less as he grew older day by day. The Qi energy is consumed, and it would be the end of life when it totally ran out.

The fake death the Elder Daoist had was due to loss of Qi energy. Luckily, Qingfeng Li's showed up in time and pushed the Qi energy Nine Needles into the Elder Daoist's pressure points to save his last stream of Qi energy.

"Don't worry Monk, I will give your master some more treatment and he will be awake shortly." Qingfeng Li comforted him with a nice smile.

"Ziyi, bring me the Thousand Year Ginseng." Qingfeng Li asked.

Ziyi Miao took out the blood red ginseng and handed it over to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li took over the blood red ginseng and started to use a needle to poke its body. This ginseng had gained some spirituality from living thousands of years. Thus, it knew to struggle or even to try and escape.

However, Qingfeng Li was very strong, no matter how hard the ginseng struggled, he wouldn't be able to get away from Qingfeng Li's palm.

Qingfeng Li poked through the Thousand Year Ginseng with a silver needle. The leaking red blood was the ginseng's essense blood. Qingfeng Li then poured all the ginseng blood into the Elder Daoist's mouth.

The Thousand Year Ginseng's blood flowed down all the way to the Elder Daoist's throat then arrived everywhere in his body, adding more Qi energy, nourishing his body and restoring all his damaged organs.

The Elder Daoist's face became tidier after taking the blood of the Thousand Year Ginseng, and he finally opened his eyes and came back to life.