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Chapter 502: Qingfeng, Your Murderous Qi is Too Heavy

Chapter 502: Qingfeng, Your Murderous Qi is Too Heavy
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Woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh ...

Seeing the Elder Daoist woke up, Qingfeng Li reached out his right hand in the speed of flash to take out all the nine silver needles, and put them away.

"Woo, master, you are awake." Xuanmiao leaped at the Elder Daoist after seeing he woke up, and said with tears all over his face.

Eh-hem eh-hem!

The Elder Daoist coughed twice and said in a low voice, "What are you crying for, aren't I awake now?"

Xuanmiao wipes the tears off his face, turned around and kneeled down in front of Qingfeng Li. He said with great respect, "Brother Li, thank you for saving my master's life."

He knew that if it wasn't because of the help from Qingfeng Li, his master would absolutely be dead. But he was trying to stop Qingfeng Li at first. That was why he kneed down now to make his apology.

Qingfeng Li stretched out his arms to bring Xuanmiao back up, and said, "I know you did that merely for your master, which is already incredible."

"Qingfeng, thank you, you saved my life." the Elder Daoist said with deep appreciation.

The Elder Daoist noticed sweat all over Qingfeng Li's forehead, and even his clothes were drenched. Thus, he knew Qingfeng Li must have put great effort in saving his life.

The look on the Elder Daoist instantly changed as he saw the red Thousand Year Ginseng in Qingfeng Li's hand, "A Thousand Year Ginseng, did you use that to save my life?"

As the owner of the Taoist Temple, the Elder Daoist couldn't know any better about the preciousness of the Thousand Year Ginseng, which was definitely priceless. With the heavy pollution in modern society, any ginseng that had grown for a long time would be dug out entirely.

The Elder Daoist had only seen a Thousand Year Ginseng once dozens of years ago. He saw that from a peerless sting master. Other than that, he never had a chance to see a Thousand Year Ginseng.

"Master, it was the combination of the Thousand Year Ginseng and the Holy Gu Brother Li used that woke you up." Xuanmiao said with an admiring face.

The only person Xuanmiao admired before was his master, but now the number went up to two, which included Qingfeng Li. Moreover, in Xuanmiao's mind, Qingfeng Li was even more incredible than his master.

The Holy Gu?

The Elder Daoist's face turned downcast. Apparently, he knew the only thing that could dissolve the toxins in his body was the Holy Gu from Miaojiang. However, only the Saintess was able to own the Holy Gu. There was no doubt that Qingfeng Li had found a Saint.

The Elder Daoist started looking around the room. Without surprise, he saw a pretty lady dressed in Miaojiang style clothes, who wasn't only gorgeous and pure, but also was revealing a strong Qi. It could be told immediately that she wasn't anyone normal.

"Are you a Saintess from Miaojiang?" the Elder Daoist asked.

Ziyi Miao nodded and said, "Yes, I'm Ziyi Miao, the Saintess from Miaojiang."

"Thank you for using the Holy Gu to dissolve the toxins in my body." the Elder Daoist showed his appreciation.

However, Ziyi Miao shook her head instead and said, "You don't have to thank me, if anyone, you should thank my master. I wouldn't provide my Holy Gu and Thousand Ginseng without him."

"Master, who is your master?" The Elder Daoist asked shockingly, as he had just woke up and had no idea what happened.

Ziyi Miao pointed at Qingfeng Li and said respectfully, "He is my master."

"What? Qingfeng Li is your master?"

Astonishment appeared on the face and eyes of the Elder Daoist. He wouldn't be that shocked if Ziyi Miao was Qingfeng Li's friend, but she said he was her master, which put him in great shock.

The Elder Daoist had experienced enough in his past years. Obviously, he knew about the Saintesses in Miaojiang, who were definitely the women with the highest status in Miaojiang.

In the Elder Daoist's previous memory, only the Saintess could conquer others and become others' master. There was even a Saintess that whipped a male servant to death before.

There was nothing the Elder Daoist felt but shocked regarding the fact that Qingfeng Li conquered Ziyi Miao and became her master.

The Elder Daoist looked at Qingfeng Li, and the look on his face suddenly changed, as he noticed there was a dark patch between Qingfeng Li's eyebrows.

The black patch was so tiny that it could be hardly noticed without paying enough attention. Thanks to the Elder Daoist's excellent fortune telling ability that made him able to see.

Seeing the weird look on the Elder Daoist's face, Qingfeng Li asked, "Temple Master, have you noticed anything?"

"Qingfeng, your murderous Qi is too strong." the Elder Daoist pointed out with a big concern.

The Elder Daoist wasn't only brilliant at telling fortune but was also famous for his excellent fighting skills, especially his unbelievable Tai-chi skills, which made him well-known in the society.

He used to kill people when he was young, but he was getting older now. In addition to his meditation, he slowed down his pace.

The Elder Daoist knew that murderous Qi would build up with the number of killings one person made increased. When the murderous Qi hits a certain point, the person would be possessed by the devil and go out of control.

Qingfeng Li paused for a while after hearing the Elder Daoist's words. Actually he knew there was something wrong with himself, as he would lose his temper every time he killed a lansquenet when he was carrying out missions in the Wolf Continent.

Qingfeng Li ended up bringing Alice with him every time he had to go on a mission. Every time he was on the verge of losing his mind, he would have sex with Alice.

A few months ago, Qingfeng Li came back to the Eastern Sea City and married Xue Lin. Ever since he got married with Xue Lin, he lived a peaceful life that was far away from wars and killings, which helped control his mind.

However, Qingfeng Li had killed quite a lot people recently. He eliminated the Chen Family in the Eastern Sea City, then the Wang Family in the Capital, which accumulated more murderous Qi and irritated the fierceness inside.

There were many times that Qingfeng Li wasn't able to control his mind, until he saw Xue Lin become injured which finally forced him to calm down.

What he knew was the overwhelming murderous Qi couldn't be held in easily, once it went out of control, it would do terrible harm to the body.

"Temple Master, do you have any solution for that?" Qingfeng Li asked.

He knew that as long as the Elder Daoist mentioned it, then he had ways to deal with it.

The Elder Daoist's face blushed when he heard Qingfeng Li ask for a solution. He couldn't even finish his sentence smoothly.

"Master, just tell him if you have the solution. Brother Li just saved your life, don't hide it anymore." Xuanmiao said. At this moment, Qingfeng Li was the person he admired the most, therefore, he didn't want anything bad to happen to him.

The Elder Daoist rolled his eyes on Xuanmiao, he answered embarrassingly, "Qingfeng, the only way to dismiss the murderous Qi inside of you was to XXOO with women more often."

The Elder Daoist's face turned even more blushed after saying that. Although he was over fifty, he was still a virgin. It embarrassed him so much to talk about sex with a woman.

"Master, what is XXOO? Why don't I know?" Xuanmiao raised his head and asked innocently. He was only a sixteen-year-old boy who knew nothing about things between man and woman.