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Chapter 503: King Kong Got Injured

Chapter 503: King Kong Got Injured
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The Elder Daoist's face blushed in response to the question that Xuanmiao asked. He couldn't be any more embarrassed by his apprentice, as he didn't know what XXOO was in his age.

Emm, this should be blamed on me, I should have let him watch some Japanese porn. The Elder Daoist regretted that he enjoyed those himself but didn't share with Xuanmiao.

The Elder Daoist waved his hands as he noticed Xuanmiao wasn't about to stop, "Don't ask anymore, I won't answer you."

He had to maintain his serious image in front of Xuanmiao. He couldn't ruin his brilliance.

Xuanmiao stared at his master and became speechless, he couldn't figure out why his most respective master wouldn't answer his question, as he used to answer anything he asked.

"Qingfeng, remember to XXOO with woman frequently, so that the murderous Qi can be dissipated." the Elder Daoist suggested sincerely.

Qingfeng Li palmed his face and felt speechless. Obviously, he knew he was murderous and his health was affected by that. But doesn't XXOO too often make him a lady-killer?

"Temple Master, is there any solution other than XXOO?" Qingfeng Li asked.

The Elder Daoist shook his head, his face was still red, "There is no other way."

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes and got upset. He had to XXOO, but who should he do that with? Xue Lin was injured, thus she wouldn't be available. Alice seemed a great choice, but she went on a mission. Now Ruyan Liu was the only one left.

"Thanks for your advice, temple Master, I'll think about that." Qingfeng Li expressed his appreciation then turned around and left the temple with Ziyi Miao.

"Hehe, boss, actually you can think about the advice from my master." the Monk said as he walking Qingfeng Li down the mountain. He giggled, and only someone like him who was close to Qingfeng Li would dare to make such joke. Usually, no one had the guts.

Qingfeng Li stretched his right leg and kicked the Monk, he said, "Fuck off, was your boss ever this kind of person?"

"Of course you are not, boss. You are always the most intelligent and just."

"Good thing you know."

"Don't worry boss, even the most intelligent person makes mistakes. Go ahead, I won't tell Xue Lin about the sister-in-law." the Monk said cunningly, and couldn't stop making jokes.

His boss used to be the person who mocked him. Now he finally had a chance. How could the Monk let it go.

Seeing Qingfeng Li stretche his leg and was about to kick him, the Monk jumped aside and dodged in a hurry.

"Master, if you have needs, you can XXOO with me." Ziyi Miao started talking all of a sudden.

Ziyi Miao's innocent and pure face turned blushed after saying that, her heart started racing as well. Although Qingfeng Li was her master, it made her shy of his master ever XXOO with her.

The Monk's face lit up, he went close up to Qingfeng Li, and said in a low voice, "Boss, you can think about that. Ziyi Miao is the Saintess from Miaojiang, it must feel good to conquer her."

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes, and said coldly, "Go f*ck yourself, your boss is a good man."

The Monk stuck out his middle finger and showed a despicable look. He knew well about Qingfeng Li, when he was abroad, he was a disaster for many beautiful women. However, that couldn't be considered as a disaster, since all the beautiful women liked Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li took a look at Ziyi Miao. It would be lying if he said he had no crush on her. But he held in the thoughts thinking of Xue Lin who was still waiting at home.

"Ziyi, I'm your master, I wouldn't do that to you." Qingfeng Li said with a slight smile.

Disappointment showed up Ziyi Miao's face after hearing Qingfeng Li's words. Even she didn't notice her own disappointment.

The Monk left after walking Qingfeng Li down the mountain. Before he left, he reminded Qingfeng Li again of dismissing the murderous Qi in his body to avoid damage in the future.

Qingfeng Li said goodbye to the Monk, then brought Ziyi Miao back to the Eastern Sea City.

Qingfeng Li was puzzled as they arrived at the Eastern Sea City. Ziyi Miao was his servant now, apparently she would follow him around. The question was how he should settle her down.

Qingfeng Li frowned and started thinking. Obviously it was impossible to bring Ziyi Miao back home, as he didn't know how to explain to Xue Lin. Not to mention to leave Ziyi Miao at Ruyan Liu's place, as she would get jealous.

Oh right, King Kong. Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes and came up with a good idea of leaving Ziyi Miao at the Qingfeng League.

Qingfeng Li took out his phone and dialed King Kong's number. However, it took a while for King Kong to pick it up.

Eh-hem eh-hem!

King Kong started coughing as soon as he picked up the phone.

"King Kong, did you get injured?" Qingfeng Li frowned and asked over th phone.

He heard King Kong cough over the phone, and sensed his breath was very weak, plus that it took him so long to get the phone, he could tell that King Kong was injured otherwise he wouldn't cough that hard.

"I'm fine, Grand Daddy Feng, I just got a bit injured."

"What on earth happened, who injured you?"

"Sir Feng, it was the Black Panther." King Kong coughed roughly again. Clearly, he was seriously injured.

Black Panther?

Qingfeng Li frowned, shock flickered in his eyes. He had heard about the Black Panther before, who was one of the four local fierce tyrants in the eastern part of Hujiang Province.

There were four local tyrants in the eastern area of Hujiang Province, who were Sky-Ruling Tiger, Black Panther, One-Eyed Wolf and Mad Dog. However, the Sky-Rulng Tiger was killed by Qingfeng Li, and he never expected that the Black Panther would show up again.

"Where are you now King Kong, I'm going to see you." Qingfeng Li asked.

He knew that King Kong was injured and needed treatment. Obviously, other than getting King Kong the treatment, he also had to do some investigation on the reason for Black Panther to hurt King Kong, as King Kong had nothing ever to do with Black Panther.

"Grand Daddy Li, I'm at the headquarters of Qingfeng League, Lone Hill Villa." King Kong answered, his tone showed that he was very weak.

"Wait for me, I'll be there soon." Qingfeng Li hung up the phone as soon as he finished talking. He stopped a taxi and headed to Lone Hill with Ziyi Miao.

They arrived at Lone Hill shortly after. It used to be a barren mountain. What made it special was that it was where King Kong first started his base. After getting the approval from Qingfeng Li, King Kong established the headquarter of Qingfeng League here.

There were five villas on Lone Hill, only the important members of Qingfeng League could live there, anyone else wasn't allowed. The villas were all built with black marbles, and at the gate there sit two white stone lions to show the stateliness.