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Chapter 504: Black Panther“s Arrival

Chapter 504: Black Panther's Arrival
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"Nice to see you, Grand Daddy Li!" The thugs at the entrance said loudly when they saw Qingfeng.

The thugs are recognized Qingfeng. They knew that the true leader of Qingfeng League was Qingfeng instead of King Kong. ‘Grand Daddy Li’ was an extremely powerful and influential figure in Eastern Sea City.

Qingfeng nodded and said, "Is King Kong inside?"

"Grand Daddy Li, yes, Brother Kong is there but he is heavily injured," The longhaired thug said sadly.

The longhaired thug was one of the earliest bunch of people who worked under King Kong. He had a deep relationship with King Kong. He was naturally upset to see his leader injured.

"Bring me inside. I want to see King Kong," Qingfeng said.

The longhaired thug nodded and led Qingfeng and Ziyi Miao into the mansion.

Within the mansion, King Kong was lying on a bed. His face was pale and he was coughing. A pretty girl was helping him. The girl was his girlfriend Li Ye.

"Brother Kong, Grand Daddy Li is here to see you," The longhaired thug said to King Kong.

A flash of excitement appeared on King Kong’s face when he heard the longhaired thug’s words. Grand Daddy Li was his idol. He was extremely happy to see Grand Daddy Li.

King Kong pushed his arms onto the bed. He wanted to greet Qingfeng but his body was too weak so he could not sit up. His body landed onto the bed after he tried to sit up.

"King Kong, you are injured. You don't need to greet me," Qingfeng said to King Kong.

"Grand Daddy Li, I am useless and embarrassed you," King Kong said bashfully.

He knew that Grand Daddy Li designated the responsibilities of Qingfeng League to him because Qingfeng trusted him. But he messed up.

"Let me heal you first. We can discuss the matters later," Qingfeng said.

From his observations, he discovered that King Kong was heavily injured. A few of his meridians were broken and he had multiple injuries on his body. If King Kong was not treated in time, he could suffer chronic injuries or even become paralyzed.

Qingfeng asked Li Ye to leave first. Then, he removed King Kong’s clothes and took out his nine silver needles.

Rendu pressure point, Yijing Pressure point etc…these pressure points were critical pressure points for combat. In ancient times, fighters were focused on opening their Rendu Pressure point. One could only release their power from their body if their Rendu pressure point was open.

King Kong’s Rendu Pressure point was injured and blocked. His other pressure points were also injured and required treatment.

swoosh swoosh swoosh..

Qingfeng took out his silver needles and pierced them into King Kong’s body.

When the needles landed into King Kong’s body, Qingfeng gently vibrated the ends of the needles. The needles started to vibrate which created a mysterious power.

The power was very mysterious. The power flowed through the needles into King Kong’s body and repaired his meridans. Soon, all of King Kong’s broken meridans were repaired. Then, the power circulated within his body and healed his past injuries.

30 minutes later, Qingfeng removed the nine needles from King Kong’s body.

"King Kong, do you feel better?" Qingfeng asked with a smile.

"Grand Daddy Li, I feel much better." King Kong felt that his body was full of power. He even managed to stand up.

The surrounding people all looked at King Kong in shock. Not too long ago, King Kong was lying on the bed and could not move his body. But now, he could stand up. Qingfeng’s medical skills were too magical!


King Kong hurled a punch and discovered that his had become stronger. His strength had at least doubled. Qingfeng had not only cured him, he had also improved his power.

King Kong was a specialist level fighter in the past. With Qingfeng’s help, he was now a Level A fighter.

"Grand Daddy Li, thank you. You saved my life and helped me improve my skills," King Kong said gratefully.

Qingfeng waved his hand and said, "You are my lackey. Only I can bully my lackey, no one else can bully my lackey."

Qingfeng was extremely protective. He treated the people around him well. If it was not for that, there would not be so many people who choose to be his subordinates.

King Kong’s eyes were filled with tears when he heard Qingfeng’s words. The surrounding people were all touched as well.

King Kong felt extremely lucky. His best decision in life was to become Qingfeng’s lackey. It was his honor to be Qingfeng’s lackey.

"King Kong, tell me, why did Black Pather hurt you?" Qingfeng asked.

King Kong clenched his teeth and said, "Black Panther wanted me to be his lackey. He wanted to conquer the underworld forces of ES City. I did not agree so he decided to break my meridans. He said that he will give me a day to consider his suggestion or he would destroy Qingfeng League."

"Destroy Qingfeng League. How arrogant," Qingfeng thought coldly. His blood began to boil.

Qingfeng had created Qingfeng League singlehandedly. Even though King Kong helped to manage Qingfeng League, the true leader was Qingfeng. Black Panther was disregarding and disrespecting him.

Truthfully, Qingfeng was too lazy to deal with the bullies of the combat world. He thought that they were irrelevant. Why would a Wolf King fight a bunch of rabbits?

Qingfeng chose not to teach them a lesson but they dared to find trouble with Qingfeng. They were looking for their death.

At that moment, a bloody blonde-haired thug ran into the room and said loudly, "Grand Daddy Li, Brother Kong, there’s trouble! Black Panther is here. He said that the time is up. If King Kong refuses to admit defeat, he will destroy Qingfeng League."

Qingfeng’s expression changed when he saw the blood on the blonde-haired thug’s face. He said, "Blondie, did Black Panther hit you? And caused you to bleed?"

"Yes, Grand Daddy Li. Black Panther is right outside. He brought two strong fighters with him. They are all very strong," The blond-haired thug said fearfully.

Black Panther was too strong. He was not a match for him. He was sent flying by a slap from his lackey.

"Well, I choose not to find trouble with you but find trouble with me," Qingfeng’s expression darkened and his eyes flashed coldly.

"Grand Daddy Li, Black Panther is here. What should we do?" King Kong asked.

He has decided to follow Grand Daddy Li to death. If Grand Daddy Li said to flee, he would flee. If Grand Daddy Li said to battle, he would battle.

"King Kong, Ziyi, let’s go and meet Black Panther. I wish to see how he will destroy Qingfeng League," Qingfeng smiled coldly. He then led King Kong and Ziyi Miao outside.