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Chapter 505: You Look Like Charcoal

Chapter 505: You Look Like Charcoal
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At the moment, outside of Lone Mountain villa.

A young man in black with a panther head stood silently outside of the mansion.

The young man was around 25 years old. He was similar in age to Qingfeng but his complexion was darker. He had an average built and emitted a strong presence.

The tanned young man was none other than Black Panther – one of the four bullies of Eastern Jiang Province. Two heavily built lackeys stood behind him.

The lackeys were also very strong. Their hands were covered with calluses and their temples protruded outwards. It was clear that they were bery strong in combat.

There were dozens of thugs on the ground around them. The thugs had blood on their faces and moaned in agony; their faces were filled with terror.

These thugs were all part of Qingfeng League. They had tried to stop Black Panther but they were defeated by them with 3 strikes. They could not stop him.

"Brother Panther, why is King Kong still not here?" The lackey on the left asked.

Black Panther smiled confidently and said, "Don't worry. If King Kong is sensible, he will know the difference in power between us. He will pledge allegiance to us."

"Yeah. Brother Panther is one of the four strong fighters of the six cities of the Eastern Region. King Kong is only the leader of ES City. He can't be compared to Brother Panther," The lackey on the right said respectfully with admiration in his voice.

Everyone in the six cities of the Eastern Region knew of Brother Panther's name. He was someone who could be compared to Sky-Ruling Tiger.

Black Panther shouted loudly, "King Kong, come out and pledge your allegiance to me or I will kill everyone in Qingfeng League."

"Destroy Qingfeng League? I want to see who can destroy the league?" Qingfeng's voice came from the mansion. Then, he walked out with King Kong and Ziyi Miao.

Qingfeng immediately saw Black Panther when he walked out of the mansion. The panther head on his t-shirt was too obvious. Not only that, Qingfeng could also sense a strong presence from him. The presence belonged to a level S fighter.

Level S fighter might be extremely powerful in the eyes of others. However, a Level S fighter was nothing in Qingfeng's eyes.

"Who are you? Fk off. I want to talk to King Kong," Black Panther said coldly.

From the information he gathered, he learnt that the leader of the underground forces of ES City was called King Kong. He did not recognize the young man before him.

King Kong was furious when he heard Black Panther's insults towards Qingfeng. He yelled, "Black Panther. Who are you to insult Grand Daddy Li?"

"King Kong, you dare to insult me?"

"Yes, I am talking to you. You should take a good look at yourself. How dare you be so arrogant in front of Grand Daddy Li."

"King Kong, you only have two choices today. The first is to pledge allegiance to me and become my lackey. The second is to die," Black Panther threatened.

King Kong smiled coldly when he heard Black Panther's threats. He said in disdain, "I am Grand Daddy Li's lackey. You are not qualified for me to be your lackey."

Black Panther said angrily, "King Kong, you should listen to my orders while I am playing nice. How could you call the young man next to you Grand Daddy Li? I don't think he is qualified."

Qingfeng was upset at his words. He thought, "What do you mean I am not qualified? Do you think you are qualified?"

"Black Panther, you are so tanned. If you didn't talk I would've thought that you were just a blob of charcoal standing there?" Qingfeng insulted.

What? Charcoal?

The surrounding thugs were dazed. Some even started laughing. Grand Daddy Li's mouth was too poisonous. How could he say that Black Panther resembled 'charcoal'?

"Fellow, how dare you insult me," Black Panther said in a cold voice.

To be honest, Black Panther always had a dark complexion since he was young. He was often bullied for his complexion. He later learnt how to fight from an elder and beat up everyone who mocked him. Then, he used his skills to become one of the four bullies of the six cities of the Eastern region.

In the Eastern region, everyone would respectfully call him Brother Panther. In the past dozen years, no one dared to say that he was dark. It was a scar in his heart. His scars were reopened today.

"What? So what if I say that you are dark? Look at yourself. Other than your teeth, your entire body is black. You must be born from a charcoal mine. Sigh, what a poor kid. You are not only dark, you are also ugly. You must still be single? Do you still have to masturbate at night?" Qingfeng insulted him. (TL: NO NO NO, this ain't racism. It's just not normal for an Asian to look so dark, Qingfeng has nothing against black people)

Black Panther's expression darkened with his every word. When Qingfeng finished speaking, Black Panther's expression was so dark that there was no other color on his face.

"Qingfeng Li, you have angered me. Today, I want King Kong and you to submit to me. I want to send you to a charcoal mine where you will mine charcoal every day," Black Panther said icily.

"Foolish child. It is your job to mine charcoal, because you are brothers with charcoal." Qingfeng's words made Black Panther so angry that he almost puked blood.

Fk, he has never met someone with such a sharp tongue in his life. His mouth was too poisonous!

"Brother Panther, don't be angry. I will teach this fellow a lesson," The lackey on the left said.

"Okay, go. Don't beat him to death. I want to send him to a charcoal mine," Black Panther said coldly.

The tall lackey nodded and walked towards Qingfeng with a wicked smile. He pointed at Qingfeng and said, "You, come over here. I will teach you a lesson."

Qingfeng smiled coldly. Just as he was about to walk forward, Ziyi Miao spoke.

"Master, he is only a clown. I can take care of him for you. He is not worth dirtying your hands for," Ziyi Miao said respectfully.

Qingfeng nodded and said, "Ziyi, teach him a good lesson."

"Yes, master," Ziyi Miao said respectfully. She then picked up her black whip and walked forward.

Ziyi Miao was very pretty. She had a charming face and silky pale skin. The tall lackey has never met such a pure woman so his eyes became heated.

"Beauty, you are so beautiful. I will let you go if you agree to be my woman," The tall lackey said excitedly.

As Black Panther's lackey, he has met countless beautiful women. But it was his first time seeing such a beautiful woman. His heart was moved when he first laid his eyes on Ziyi Miao.

'Be your woman? Who the fuck are you?' Ziyi Miao was angered by his words. In his heart, only her master, Qingfeng, was qualified to speak to her.