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Chapter 506: Beating With a Little Whip

Chapter 506: Beating With a Little Whip
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Ziyi Miao took out her black leather whip and waved it towards the tall lackey.

The whip appeared before the tall lackey like a flash of lightning. He tried to dodge but the whip was like an agile snake; the whip turned around in the air and landed on the lackey’s body heavily. The tall lackey had no time to dodge.


The tall lackey’s clothes were torn and a red mark appeared on his skin. The whip contained an enormous of power. In an instant, he was slapped onto the ground.

"Loser, you can’t even take a hit from my whip and you want me to be your woman?" Ziyi Miao said in disdain.

The tall lackey’s face reddened. He felt humiliated. He stood up and rushed towards Ziyi Miao. He wanted to teach his wicked woman a lesson.


Ziyi Miao smiled coldly and whipped the whip towards the lackey ocne again. He was slapped onto the ground. The whip was stronger this time and instantly broke one of his ribs. The tall lackey moaned pitifully but could not get up from the ground.

The other lackey behind Black Panther rushed forward when he saw that his brother was injured. He wanted to save his brother.

Ziyi Miao smield coldly and sent the other lackey to the ground too. She broke on of his ribs. The lackey moaned pitifully on the ground. The two lackeys were a well-matched pair of injured brothers.


Ziyi Miao was about to whip the two lackeys again when Black Panther grabbed onto the balck leather whip. He did not want to see his subordinates whipped to death.

"What a vicious woman. You already broke their ribs? Do you plan to kill them?" Black Panther said coldly.

Ziyi Miao smiled coldly and said, "They have bad mouths so they deserve a beating. Why are you holding onto my whip? Do you want a beating too?"

"How could a woman like you beat me?"

"I just defeated your subordinates with a third of my power. You are no match for me."

"You’re boasting. I don't believe your words," Black Panther said as he shook his head in disbelief.

Black Panther had used a dozen years to become a level S fighter. He did not believe a woman would be able to defeat him.

Ziyi Miao smiled faintly and a flash of mocking appeared in her eyes. Black Panther was very strong but he could not be compared to her. She was the Saint of Miaojiang and a Level SS fighter.

Ziyi Miao called Qingfeng ‘Master’ because he was stronger than her. Black Panther was nothing in Ziyi Miao’s eyes.

Ziyi Miao tightened her grip around the whip and instantly pulled the whip from Black Panther’s hands.

What? She took the whip away?

Black Panther was stunned. He had used all his might to hold onto the leather whip. How could Ziyi Miao remove the whip so easily?

"I told you I only used a third of my power. I shall use 80% of my power against you," Ziyi Miao said confidently with a light smile.

Black Panther’s expression became serious. The arrogance on his face has disappeared. He finally realized that the woman before him was a strong fighter.


Ziyi Miao moved her wrist and the whip flew towards Black Panther.

What a fast speed!

Black Panther was stunned. Even though he had already seen the strength of Ziyi Miao’s whip, it was only when the whip was directed at him that he realized how fast the whip was.

Black Panther slammed his left feet on the ground. He left a light imprint on the ground. His body flew into the sky and he actually dodged the attack like an agile panther.

Black Panther became one of the four bullies of the Eastern Region because of his strength. Speed was his biggest asset.

In the animal Kingdom, panthers had a really fast speed. Black Panther’s speed was as fast as a panther.

What? He dodged my attack?

Ziyi Miao was shocked that Black Panther managed to dodge her attack. She expected her whip to land on the other’s body but he managed to dodge her attack.

"Ziyi, you underestimated the opponent," Qingfeng said lightly.

From his observations, he could tell that Ziyi Miao was much stronger than the other. However, Ziyi Miao underestimated her opponent and did not use all her power. In contrast, Black Panther used all his might to dodge the attack.

Ziyi Miao’s face reddened. A flash of guilt appeared in her eyes. It was her first time fighting for Master but she disappointed him by underestimating the opponent.

Ziyi Miao’s heart burned with rage. The rage was directed towards Black Panther. She used all her might and turned the whip towards Black Panther again. Her speed was faster this time. The whip appeared before Black Panther in an instant.

Black Panther tried to retreat but he was not so lucky this time. The whip slashed into his body and ripped apart his clothes.

However, Brother Panther was strong and had really thick skin. He did not cause too much damage.

"Be careful Brother Panther," The two lackeys yelled.

In their eyes, Black Panther was a strong fighter. He has never been caught in such a tight position, not even when he fought against Sky-Ruling Tiger. But now, he was whipped by a woman.

Black Panther’s expression became serious. From the two attacks, he could tell that the woman was stronger than him.

He knew that he would lose if the battle continued. He was not Ziyi Miao’s opponent.

In order for Black Panther to become one of the four bullies, he was not only strong in combat, he also had brains.

He suddenly thought of an idea. He decided to grab Qingfeng and use him to threaten this woman.

Pa pa pa pa pa….

Ziyi Miao waved the whip in her hands. The whip landed on Black Panther’s body like strikes of lightning. The clothes on his body were ripped into shreds.

The black whip left red marks on Black Panther’s body. He was even bleeding at some parts of his body but his bones were not injured. After all, his body was very strong.

Black Panther took steps backwards as he fought. Before anyone realized it, he was only a meter away from Qingfeng.

"Fellow, you have landed in my hands," Black Panther suddenly yelled and clawed towards Qingfeng.

His claws were extremely fast and it seemed like would grab onto Qingfeng at the next moment.