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Chapter 507: Conquering Black Panther

Chapter 507: Conquering Black Panther
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"Master, be careful!" Ziyi Miao said loudly when she saw Black Panther reaching towards Qingfeng.

At this moment, her heart was filled with guilt. If Qingfeng was hurt because of her negligence, she would feel so guilty.

Ziyi Miao deeply regretted her decision. She should have used all her power and defeated Black Panther in the beginning of the fight. If she had done that, none of this would have happened. Black Panther deserved to die. How dared he sneak attack Qingfeng?

Qingfeng smiled faintly when he heard Ziyi Miao's reminder. He stood at his original spot and did not move an inch.

Black Panther's attack was too weak. There was no need for him to dodge the attack.

Qingfeng did not move because he was confident. The surrounding people did not know his power so they thought he was retarded.

"Is Grand Daddy Li scared out of his mind?" The surrounding thugs were surprised when they saw that Qingfeng did not move from his spot.

Black Panther's eyes were gleeful and he was excited. He was confident that he would be able to capture Qingfeng. He would then use Qingfeng to threaten Ziyi Miao. He planned to punish this woman heavily since she had whipped him.


Black Panther clawed through the air and landed on Qingfeng's chest with a thud.

However, at the next moment, Black Panther's expression changed. He felt that his claw did not land on a piece of armor rather than a body. Qingfeng's body was hard like steel. His hand hurt and his nails were broken.

"Retard, you can't even break my body's defense but you want to grab me?" Qingfeng said with disdain.

This young man was a master of combat!

Black Panther's expression changed. He could sense that something was amiss from Qingfeng's mocking gaze so he tried to retreat and escape.

"You want to run? But can you run away?" Qingfeng reached out his right hand and clenched onto Black Panther's throat in the blink of an eye.

Qingfeng lifted his hand and lifted Black Panther with a single hand.

One must know that Black Panther was built of muscle. He was more than 100kg but Qingfeng easily lifted him into the air like a feather.

"Grand Daddy Li is amazing!" The surrounding thugs yelled with admiration.

They had all witnessed Black Panther's power. Black Panther could heavily injure King Kong with a single blow. But now, he was defeated by Grand Daddy Li with a single strike.

One does not know until the two are compared. Black Panther was a weakling before Grand Daddy Li.

Black Panther's face reddened. It was difficult for him to breathe since Qingfeng had grabbed onto his throat.

Qingfeng smiled coldly with killer intent, "Sky-Ruling Tiger was choked to death by me just like this. You have two choices. The first is to submit to me, the second is to accompany Sky-Ruling Tiger in hell."

What? Sky-Ruling Tiger was killed by you?

Black Panther was stunned. Sky-Ruling Tiger was even stronger than him.

Black Panther only decided to expand his territories after he heard of Sky-Ruling Tiger's death. He did not expect to meet the powerful Qingfeng.

"Submit to me or die," Qingfeng said to Black Panther. Qingfeng looked down at Black Panther as if he was an insignificant ant.

Killer intent radiated from Qingfeng's body. The killer intent was extremely dense and dark. If Black Panther dared to say 'no', death would await him.

If it was the past, Qingfeng would not have wasted his time and spoke so many words. He would have killed Black Panther right away. However, the old monk had just told him that he must not kill too many people or the killer intent would built up inside his body and cause him to go crazy.

"What terrifying killer Qi." Black Panther was ghastly pale. He could see the killer intent that radiated from Qingfeng's body.

He felt that he would be killed by the man ahead of him in the next moment.

Black Panther have met some assassins in the past. However, their killer intent was not as strong as the man before him.

"Don't kill me. I choose to be your lackey," Black panther said fearfully.

Even though he was one of the four bullies of the Eastern Region, he only had one life. To live, he chose to agree to Qingfeng's terms.

After all, this was a world ruled by the strong fighters. Losers could only submit to the winners.

"You made a good choice," Qingfeng said with a smile. He then placed Black Panther back on the ground.

"Master," Black Panther said respectfully as he kneeled on the ground. This was to show his loyalty towards his master.

Qingfeng waved his hand and said, "Get up, from now on, you will be one of the four guardians of Qingfeng League."

"Yes, Master," Black Panther said respectfully.

Black Panther chose to submit to Qingfeng and become one of the guardians of Qingfeng league. Naturally, his two lackeys also became members of Qingfeng League.

Qingfeng easily defeated Black Panther and helped Qingfeng League gain a Level S fighter.

Ziyi Miao walked towards them with her black whip. She glared at Black Panther. She was still very upset. She was prepared to teach Black Panther a lesson. But she could not do that anymore since Black Panther was Qingfeng's lackey.

"Master, what should I do? Where are you going to put me?" Ziyi Miao asked shyly in a low voice.

Qingfeng smiled faintly and said, "Ziyi, you can stay at Qingfeng League for now. You can help King Kong manage the League."

"Oh," Ziyi Miao said. She was slightly disappointed. She wanted to go home with Qingfeng but clearly, Qingfeng did not have any plans to bring her home.

"Master is so strong. Even this woman is master's lackey?" Black Panther was stunned when he heard Ziyi Miao referring to Qingfeng as 'Master'.

He had just exchanged blows with Ziyi Miao. He naturally knew how strong Ziyi Miao was. She must at least be a Level SS fighter.

Initially, Black Panther was slightly dissatisfied to become Qingfeng's lackey. But the dissatisfaction disappeared when he saw that Ziyi Miao was also Qingfeng's lackey. All that was left was astonishment and awe.

At 5:30pm, Qingfeng finished managing the matters at the League and headed towards Ice Snow Corporation.

There was 30 minutes before the workday was over. He needed to go get Xue Lin.

It was 6pm when Qingfeng arrived at Ice Snow Corporation. He waited outside of the building for Xue Lin.

Soon, Xue Lin walked out of the building. Qingfeng's gaze became heated when he saw Xue Lin. She wore a white office suit and a pair of black heels which accentuated her charming figure.