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Chapter 508: Xue Lin Encountering Ruyan Liu

Chapter 508: Xue Lin Encountering Ruyan Liu
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"Qingfeng, where did you go today?" Xue Lin asked Qingfeng when she saw him.

She planned to go to work with Qingfeng this morning. However, her mother told her that Qingfeng had left at 5 in the morning. He did not go to work either so she naturally, she had to ask him about it.

"Monk's teacher is sick. I went to treat him," Qingfeng explained with a smile.

Xue Lin nodded and did not ask any more questions. She had met Monk who was Qingfeng's bro.

The two of them walked to the parking lot and left the company in the BMW.

"Qingfeng, let's go to the grocery store first," Xue Lin said.

"Why are we going to the grocery store?"

"Let's buy some vegetables. We have to cook dinner tonight."

"I thought mother-in-law is at home?"

"My dad called me today and told me that my grandfather is sick. He is admitted to the hospital so my mother went to take care of him," Xue Lin said.

Even though one of Xue Lin's grandfather was dead, she still had a grandfather alive. However, he seemed to be in poor health recently.

Qingfeng nodded in understanding. To be honest, he was happy to have mother-in-law taking care of them the past few days. They did not have to worry about cleaning or cooking.

Since mother-in-law has left, the task landed on the two of them again.

Qingfeng quickly drove the car towards the grocery store.

Since it was the evening, there were many people who worked in the morning shopping inside the grocery store.

"What kind of vegetable do you like?" Qingfeng asked while holding a grocery basket.

"Let's buy some broccoli and eggplant," Xue Lin said with a smile.

Broccoli was known as the 'King of vegetables". Even though it was more expensive than other kinds of vegetables, it was rich in nutrition and could prevent cancer.

As an ancient Chinese doctor, Qingfeng was knowledgeable about nutrition. He quite like broccoli.

Qingfeng chose a few bunches of broccoli and eggplant as well as some other vegetables.

They also needed meat and seafood. Qingfeng bought some scallops, squids and shrimps. He planned to cook Xue Lin a seafood dinner.

Suddenly, Qingfeng stopped in his tracks. He spotted a familiar figure. It was Ruyan Liu. Ruyan Liu was shopping alone in the vegetable section.

It was like there was a spiritual connection between the two. At that moment, Ruyan Liu raised her head and spotted Qingfeng. Her charming face was filled with delight. Clearly, she was happy to see Qingfeng.

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly and said, "What a coincidence. You are also shopping at the grocery store?"

Qingfeng smiled awkwardly and said, "Yeah, what a coincidence. You are shopping here too?"

Qingfeng felt really awkward. He never expected to meet Ruyan Liu at the grocery store.

Truthfully, it was not a big deal to meet Ruyan Liu. The problem was the Xue Lin was here as well. Ruyan Liu and Xue Lin did not get along at all. They would fight whenever they meet. Neither of them liked the other.

As expected, Xue Lin's expression changed when she saw Ruyan Liu. She was calm and gentle a moment ago. Now, she was cautious and alert.

"Isn't this Miss Liu? Long time no see," Xue Lin said with a cold smile.

Ruyan Liu did not back down either. She said lightly, "Yeah. We have not met for a long time Miss Xue Lin. I have missed you quite a bit."

Omg, can you guys stop fighting?

Qingfeng looked at the two of them speechlessly. There was heavy tension between the two of them. They were trying to kill each other with their glares.

Truthfully, Qingfeng did not know what to do with these two women. Xue Lin was his wife while Ruyan Liu was his woman. The relationships were so complicated that his head hurt.

Qingfeng's rule was to stop the two of them from meeting. There would not be any awkwardness if the two of them did not meet.

But ES City was only so big. Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu even lived in the same community. It was impossible for them to not see each other. See, the two has met at the grocery store and have already started fighting.

"Miss Liu, you are not young anymore. You should find a boyfriend," Xue Lin said with a smile.

As the Queen of Business of Eastern Sea City, Xue Lin was extremely good with words. She words were like a heavy blow to Ruyan Lius' heart.

Ruyan Liu's expression changed when she heard Xue Lin's words. She said, "Sigh, I'm not pretty. No one likes me."

Her tone was bitter and she even sneaked a glance at Qingfeng.

Xue Lin happened to see her glance and her dissatisfaction increased. Xue Lin had a natural animosity towards Ruyan Liu. It was an innate fear that Ruyan Liu would steal Qingfeng from her.

"Miss Liu, you are so beautiful. How can there be no one who like you? I know many handsome guys. Why don't I introduce a guy to you?" Xue Lin said with a charming smile.

To Xue Lin's surprise, Ruyan Liu's face lit up with happiness when she heard her words. She said, "Miss Lin, you are awesome! Why don't I go to your home tonight? You can introduce me a boyfriend."


Xue Lin was confused. She had casually mentioned that she would introduce a guy to Ruyan Liu. However, Ruyan Liu not only agreed, she also requested to go to her home.

Luring the wolf to the home?

Xue Lin suddenly thought of this saying. She should not have said that she would introduce a guy to Ruyan Liu. Ruyan Liu wanted to live at her home tonight. What should she do?

Xue Lin's head hurt. She wanted to say no but she did not know what to say. She deeply regretted her words and felt that she was brought this onto herself.

A flash of cunning appeared in Ruyan Liu's eyes. She thought, "Xue Lin, you are such a fool. You want to find me a boyfriend but the man I want is Qingfeng."

"Miss Lin, do you look down at me and don't want me to go your house?" Ruyan Liu pretended to be upset.

Xue Lin was slightly speechless. She said, "No, Miss Liu. How could I look down at you? Our companies still have a partnership."

"If that's the case, I will have dinner at your home tonight," Ruyan Liu said with a charming smile.

Even though Xue Lin was reluctant, she could not reject Ruyan Lius' idea. If she said no, she would appear stingy and fearful of Ruyan Liu.

"Alright, come to my home for dinner tonight," Xue Lin said gloomily.