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Chapter 509: Fighting Whenever They Meet

Chapter 509: Fighting Whenever They Meet
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Ruyan Liu followed Qingfeng and Xue Lin as they shopped around the grocery store.

The three of them knew one another so they did not think much of it. However, other people in the grocery were not so calm.

Ruyan Liu and Xue Lin were both gorgeous beauties. They were the most beautiful women in ES City. Beauties attracted attention wherever they went. Many people in the grocery store looked at the three of them in surprise.

Everyone in the grocery store looked at Qingfeng with admiration and envy. They thought, "Gosh, one of these beauties was icily beautiful, the other was seductive. I would be happy to have one of them but the two of them are circling around one man right now."

Not only were the men envious of Qingfeng, the women were envious of Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu. They were too beautiful. They had silky pale skin and seductive figures in contrast to their own sallow skin and fat figure. Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu were much more beautiful than the other women in the grocery store.

Qingfeng furrowed his brows; he felt uncomfortable as there were too many people looking at him in the grocery store. Dozens, if not hundreds of sets of eyes were on them. The eyes were all filled with envy.

Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu also furrowed their brows. They were also uncomfortable with the attention. The people seemed like they were ready to pounce on them. So, they followed closely behind Qingfeng.

The trio quickly gathered the food and left the grocery store.

They sighed in relief after they lef the grocery store. Finally, they were free from the envious looks.

Qingfeng and Xue Lin drove the BMW while Ruyan Liu drove the Maserati. Soon, they arrived at the mansion.

Mansion #13.

Qingfeng, Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu sat in the living room. They were all uncomfortable. Xue Lin was uncomfortable because Ruyan Liu was at her home. Ruyan Liu was uncomfortable since it was her first time at Xue Lin’s home.

The three of them sat on the sofa and looked at the vegetables on the table. They all pondered and thought about what to say. They can’t wait awkwardly here all night.

As the host, Xue Lin was the first to speak. She said, "Who is cooking tonight?"

"I’m the guest. Shouldn't you cook tonight?" Ruyan Liu said to Xue Lin.

Xue Lin’s expression turned cold. She said, "Miss Liu, you want me to cook for you?"

"Miss Lin, why can’t you cook for me? I’m the guest tonight."

"Miss Liu, I’m sorry. I don't feel very well these days so I can’t cook."

"Sigh, I really wanted to taste your cooking. It seems like I won’t have the chance tonight," Ruyan Liu said in disappointment.

Xue Lin smiled icily and did not speak. There was no way she would cook for Ruyan Liu.

Qingfeng sat between them. He looked at Xue Lin, then he looked at Ruyan Liu. He felt extremely awkward. Neither of these women wanted to cook so clearly, the task landed on him.

"Beauties, don’t argue anymore. I will cook for you two," Qingfeng said with a smile.

Amongst Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu’s surprised looks, Qingfeng grabbed the vegetables and seafood. Then, he headed towards the kitchen and prepared to make a seafood dinner.

He first added water to the rice cooker. Then, he added rice and sweet potato to make a sweet potato porridge.

As the porridge was getting cooked, Qingfeng started to prepare the seafood. He first placed the scallops in the water so that they would release the dirty substances. Then, he started to prepare and slice the squid.

Qingfeng was busy in the kitchen while Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu were battling in the living room.

Even though Xue Lin did not like Ruyan Liu, she still prepared a cup of tea for her. She said, "Here, have some tea."

"Thank you. This tea tastes delicious. It would be great if I can have it every day," Ruyan Liu exclaimed as she took a sip of the tea.

Xue Lin learnt from her mistake and remained silent after hearing Ruyan Liu’s exclamations. She did not invite Ruyan Liu to come over for tea.

When Ruyan Liu saw that Xue Lin did not extend another invite, she knew that Xue Lin was on alert. There was no way around it, both had their eyes on Qingfeng so they were destined to fight over him.

"Your living room decorations are very nice. Can you show me around?" Ruyan Liu asked.

Xue Lin smiled faintly. She knew that Ruyan Liu was about to attack again. However, she was unafraid. This was her home.

"Okay, I’ll show you around." Xue Lin stood up and led Ruyan Liu around the living room.

Xue Lin’s living room was simply decorated. The walls were white, the floors were white, the chandelier was also white. Just like her name, her home was the color of snow. It made one felt at peace.

Ruyan Liu could tell that Xue Lin was a cold and OCD person from the renovations of the living room.

As they walked around the house, the two arrived at Qingfeng’s bedroom. Ruyan Liu had a keen eye. She immediately saw a light handprint on the door. The handprint was left behind by someone who frequently opened the door.

Someone stayed in this room?

Ruyan Liu’s eyes darted as she pushed open the door. Xue Lin wanted to stop her but it was too late. Ruyan Liu had already entered the room.

The room was not big. It was slightly messy. There was only a bed, a table and a computer in the room.

Suddenly, Ruyan Liu’s gaze narrowed. She had spotted Qingfeng’s camo outfit in the room.

Qingfeng’s clothes were in this room. This meant that he slept here at night. However, she did not see Xue Lin’s clothes.

Could it be that Xue Lin does not sleep here at night?

An incredulous thought appeared in Ruyan Liu’s mind. She suddenly said, "Miss Lin, where do you sleep at night?"

Clearly, Xue Lin did not see the strange glint in Ruyan Liu’s eyes. She said lightly, "I sleep in the bedroom on the second floor."

Bedroom in the second floor. "Just as I expected, Xue Lin has not slept together with Qingfeng," thought Ruyan Liu. This discovery made her quite happy.

Initially, Xue Lin did not understand why Ruyan Liu was happy. But realization dawned on her when she saw Qingfeng’s clothes.

"Oh no, Ruyan Liu has discovered that Qingfeng and I sleep in separate beds," thought Xue Lin. A flash of uneasiness appeared in her eyes.

But as an intelligent woman, Xue Lin reacted quickly. She immediately said, "Qingfeng only sleeps in this room occasionally. He sleeps in my bedroom most of the time."

"Really?" Ruyan Liu asked with a sly smile.

She was not a fool. She could tell that Xue Lin was trying to explain from her nervous tone.

The more one tried to explain something, the more they were trying to cover something up.

Ruyan Liu shook her head; she did not believe Xue Lin’s words.