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Chapter 512: Going to Medical University to Be a Professor

Chapter 512: Going to Medical University to Be a Professor
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"You have plans today?"

Qingfeng Li nodded and said, "Miaochun Zhang asked me to be a guest instructor at the Medical University."

Miaochun Zhang?

Xue Lin was stunned and was surprised. She obviously knew about Miaochun Zhang; the principal of the Medical University and president of the Chinese Medicine Association.

Xue Lin was shocked that someone as reputable as Miaochun Zhang would invite Qingfeng Li to be a guest professor.

Xue Lin graduated from a university so she knew how important a professor was. A professor was the highest term one could call a teacher, a name for the person that had special contributions to the field.

Guest professors were different from a university professor. One normally worked in society and would be invited to teach in the university.

Qingfeng Li must have done something special in order to be invited to be a guest professor.

Xue Lin's guess was right. Qingfeng Li was able to shock Miaochun Zhang by saving the little girl's mom from epilepsy. Precisely, it was his 9 acupuncture points of epilepsy that shocked Miaochun Zhang.

"Big bad wolf. you are pretty good, getting invited to be a guest instructor." Xue Lin praised him.

Xue Lin was happy that Qingfeng Li was invited personally by Miaochun Zhang because it was good for her reputation as well.

Next time she goes out, she could claim that her husband was a guest professor. It would drown her in glory.

Sometimes, status was more important than actual wealth. A doctor would be respected more compared to a millionaire because the doctor could save lives.

"Little red riding hood, now you know how good I am. Being my wife is the best choice you made." Qingfeng Li smiled and said.

"So confident after only a few praises. Fine, I will give you a break today so you can go to the Medical University."


"Wait. When you go, you cannot flirt with the students."

"Don't worry I will for sure reject them once they start flirting with me." Qingfeng Li smiled and left the villa.

Before he left, he took an umbrella because it was raining outside. He prepared one for Xue Lin as well.

Qingfeng Li walked outside and stopped a taxi.

The driver was a man in his 40s. He was fat from not moving for long periods of time. This was a norm within the driver occupation.

This driver's name was Dafu Wang. He was Qingfeng Li's driver multiple times now and knew how much money Qingfeng Li gave. Wealthy people like Qingfeng Li didn't care how much he gave.

"Yo, where do you want to go today?" Dafu Wang asked.

Qingfeng Li sat at the back and nodded, "The Medical University."

"Sounds good, sit tight." Dafu Wang said and started driving towards the Medical University.


Dafu Wang's phone rang after a couple of minutes. He wasn't planning to answer, but answered after he saw the caller ID.

"Hey son, what's the matter?" Dafu Wang said happily. This was because it was his son who called.

"Dad, the family car broke. Can you come pick me up to go to school?" the son said from the phone.

Dafu Wang's face changed because he was working right now. He would waste time if he were to go pick up his son.

As a taxi driver, he had his responsibility, but he wasn't sure how to reject his son either.

Qingfeng Li heard their conversation. Qingfeng Li liked this driver who drove for him multiple times.

"Mr, which university is your son in?" Qingfeng Li asked.

"My son is a student at the Medical University." Dafu Wang said proudly.

The Medical University was the best university in Eastern Sea City. People from outside the city wanted to attend as well.

Every resident in Eastern Sea City dreamed about having their children attend Medical University. Even though the driver wasn't a wealthy individual, he was proud that his son attended Eastern Sea City Medical University.

Qingfeng Li knew how Dafu Wang felt. For people like him, it was a huge accomplishment that their children were able to attend a top university.

"Mr, I am going to Medical University as well. You can bring your son with us as well." Qingfeng Li said.

"Thank you so much. You are so kind." Dafu Wang smiled.

After 10 minutes they arrived at Dafu Wang's home. One could conclude the area was cheap from the old houses.

Even though the house was old, there was a brand new Volkswagen sedan parked at the front door. It was bought recently.

Qingfeng Li was confused because he knew Dafu Wang didn't make much. How could he afford a car like this?

There were two people standing in front of his house. One was a guy in his 20s, the other was a girl that was fashionable. She had a red purse in her hand.

"Father, why are you so slow. Little Yun and I have to go to school." Seeing his father's taxi just arrived made him mad.

His name was Hong Wang. He was the son of Dafu Wang. The girl beside him was his girlfriend, Yun He. Both of them were students of Medical University.

"Little Hong, I am sorry. I had a customer so I was a bit late." Dafu Wang didn't want to make his son mad and apologized.

Qingfeng Li felt weird hearing Dafu Wang apologizing to his son. The father shouldn't need to apologize to his son. Even if Dafu Wang was wrong, it didn't mean his son was right.

Hong Wang nodded after hearing his father apologize and said, "Tell your customer to get another taxi. We need to go to school quickly."

What, you want me to tell my customer to get another cab?

Dafu Wang's face changed because he wasn't happy about his son's request.

Dafu Wang spoiled his son because his wife died early. He would get whatever his son wanted. He even borrowed a loan to get his son a car.

Even though he spoiled his kid, Dafu Wang was a responsible man with strong work ethics. He couldn't ask Qingfeng Li to leave.