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Chapter 513: Disciplining Hong Wang

Chapter 513: Disciplining Hong Wang
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"Dad, let's go. Ask your guest to get another cab and drive us to school." Hong Wang said with an impatient tone.

Dafu Wang bit his teeth and said, "I can't. I accepted him already."

"Dad, you're going to reject me?" Hong Wang was surprised.

His father always accepted his requests. No matter how expensive the request was, his father would think of a way to get it for him. He couldn't believe his father rejected his request for a customer of his.

"Little Hong, this guest is also going to Medical University as well. I can drive you guys there together." Dafu Wang hoped his son would accept his request.

Hong Wang said loudly, "No, my girlfriend Yun He is a clean freak. There can only be us two in this taxi."

Dafu Wang's face became ill. He was just praising his son in front of Qingfeng Li, but he didn't think his son would be so ill-mannered.

Dafu Wang was mad because if it wasn't for his son, they would have arrived at Medical University already.

Dafu Wang wasted Qingfeng Li's time because of his son, making him feel shameful. It made him mad that his son told the customer to get off.

"Dad did you hear me or not. Drive us to Medical University." Hong Wang became impatient.

Faced with his son's impatience, Dafu Wang shook his head and said, "Unless you let Qingfeng Li stay, I will not drive you guys."

Hong Wang was even more enraged and said, "Dad, who exactly is your son. You won't drive me because of a guest?"

"Little Hong, I accepted Qingfeng Li already and promised to drive him. This is a problem of responsibility and morals. I can accept your other requests, but not this one." Dafu Wang said with resolution.

Qingfeng Li praised Dafu Wang in his head after hearing what he said. He didn't think someone would be so responsible in the current society.

"Hong Wang it is almost time for class. Just let Qingfeng Li stay." Yun He said.

She looked at the time and found out they didn't have much time left. She rushed Hong Wang to not be late.

Hong Wang nodded and knew they couldn't be late. He said, "Fine I will let Qingfeng Li stay. Drive us to Medical University ASAP."

Dafu Wang nodded. He was happy that his son agreed to let Qingfeng Li stay.

Dafu Wang opened the door and let Qingfeng Li sat in the passenger seat. He said, "Sorry that I wasted your time."

Qingfeng Li shook his hand and said, "Don't worry."

Dafu Wang thanked him again and said, "Thank you for understanding us taxi drivers. Today's fee is on me."

Qingfeng Li didn't say anything. For him the money didn't matter, he wanted respect and service. Even though Dafu Wang's son wasn't respectful, Dafu Wang was.

Qingfeng Li, Hong Wang, and Yun He headed for Medical University in the taxi.

It was raining and there were puddles on the road. The cars were driving slowly.

Dafu Wang was driving slow as well because he was scared to get stuck in the puddle. In addition, he was scared that he might hit other cars. Thus why he could only slow down.

After one hour they finally arrived at their destination.

Normally Dafu Wang only needed 40 minutes to get here, but this time he used another 20 minutes.

"Dad, this is all your fault. Now I am late." Hong Wang said with dissatisfaction.

Qingfeng Li couldn't bear it anymore because this whole trip Hong Wang was blaming his father.

Being a father was a mighty role. Qingfeng Li's father was gone when he was eight, but he was still thankful for him. Without his father, there wouldn't be him.

"Hong Wang, your father tried his best. It was raining hard today. Shouldn't you try to understand him a bit?" Qingfeng Li's brows tensed up and he said.

Hong Wang's face changed and he said, "Who gave you the right to teach me things?"

"I am your father's guest. Of course, I have the right."

"My father had a lot of guests. Does that mean every guest can scold me?"

"You were blaming your father this whole trip, but your father didn't say anything back. Shouldn't you think about what you did?" Qingfeng Li said coldly. His tone was starting to fill with rage.

Hong Wang's face changed and said, "I am a student of Medical University and I cannot be late. Who do you think you are to compare with a student like me?"

Medical University's student? Go f*ck yourself.

If it wasn't for Dafu Wang, Qingfeng Li was going to give him a beating.

"Do you think a student of the university is something to be proud of? I am this university's guest professor." Qingfeng Li smirked.

What, guest professor?

Hong Wang's face changed and was filled with disbelief. He said, "B*llshit. All the professors were in their 60s and 70s. someone young like you must be lying."

"I really am a guest professor." Qingfeng Li said again.

"Keep boasting. If you are the university's professor, then I am the teacher of the Ph.D. students." Hong Wang was filled with disbelief.

His girlfriend, Yun He, didn't believe Qingfeng either. Both of them thought Qingfeng Li was lying.

Qingfeng Li was going to say a bit more, but the taxi arrived at the front gate. He needed to get out and thus ignored them.

"Hong Hong, look, principal Miaochun Wang is standing at the gate." Yun He's face changed after she saw the principal.

Hong Wang focused his view and saw the principal as well. His face changed.

"Yun He. Do you think the principle is checking who is late? Why is he standing there with an umbrella?" Hong Wang was anxious.

Yun He shook her head and said she didn't know as well. They were scared because they were late. It would be bad if the principal saw them.