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Chapter 515: He is Really a Professor

Chapter 515: He is Really a Professor
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"Young man, you think I'm jealous of you? Let me tell you, you weren't even born when I was teaching in the Chinese Medicine Department," the senior said madly.

He felt Qingfeng was being too arrogant and didn't know how to respect his seniors. I'm the senior professor here so show me some respect, young man!

However, Qingfeng smiled and said, "If you aren't jealous of me, why would you think I am not capable to be a professor? I think you might not be capable, though."

Has the fight started already?

Everyone freaked out. Besides the principal Miaochun, everyone else was getting annoyed. Not only was the senior mad, the rest of the people in the room were all annoyed since Miaochun let the young man he had just brought in become a professor.

Miaochun tried to mediate the conflict once he felt the bitter atmosphere, "Professor Chen, you are an admirable professor, why would you argue with a young man, right?"

The senior was called Liang Chen. He said calmly after he heard Miaochun, "Principal, I'm not arguing with him. This young man doesn't know anything and was acting so arrogant to me. I'm afraid he would mislead our students if he becomes a professor."

"What a joke! Did you say I'd mislead students? I have more knowledge than you do," Qingfeng smiled and said sarcastically.

All these senior professors didn't like Qingfeng but Qingfeng didn't like them either. If so, there was no point to be respectful to each other.

"Did you hear that, principal? Look at his attitude, he has more knowledge than me? Do you think it's possible? I'm an authority of the Chinese Medicine Department," Liang Chen said angrily.

Miaochun frowned and also felt like what Qingfeng said was a bit off. After all, Liang Chen had been teaching in this field for decades and was highly knowledgeable of Chinese Medicine. He even knew more than the principal in the field of Chinese traditional herbs.

Right now, he certainly wouldn't accept this humiliation when Qingfeng said he had more knowledge than him.

"Principal! This child must be lying, I suggest we disqualify him as a professor."

"Right, we don't need liars in our university! I suggest the same thing."

"Principal, just don't let him be our guest professor. He will mislead our students."

All the senior professors went to the same side with Liang Chen. They all supported Liang Chen while being skeptical about Qingfeng.

Miaochun didn't know what to do. Qingfeng was invited by him as the guest professor, yet, now he was rejected by all of the seniors. What a shame.

Qingfeng wasn't interested in being a guest professor in the beginning. He didn't really care whether he would be offered this position or not.

However, since all these senior professors wanted to dismiss him, he felt extremely mad as if he could explode anytime.

What the heck, do you think I am stupid just because of my age? If you all try to stop me, I'll proceed even faster.

Qingfeng smiled bitterly and said loudly, "Listen, I'm taking this position for sure."

Miaochun became frustrated seeing Qingfeng and all the senior professors start fighting. He had seen Qingfeng performing the nine acupuncture points for epilepsy and deeply admired his acupuncture skills since he couldn't even do that.

But at this moment, Miaochun wasn't so sure whether Qingfeng was familiar with other studies such as traditional Chinese medicine, disease science, clinical science, etc. Meanwhile, Liang Chen was an expert in the field of Chinese medicine. These two people obviously were countering each other.

"Look, don't even try to become a guest professor in the University of Medicine as long as I am here," Liang Chen said coldly as he sneered.

Miaochun felt like things were getting worst. Qingfeng insisted being the guest professor while Liang Chen strongly disagreed. He felt too frustrated at the moment.

All the sudden, Miaochun brought an idea. "Professor Chen, so you think Qingfeng isn't qualified to be the guest professor, right? I have a method which you could use to test his knowledge."

"Principal, please tell me." Liang Chen said while smiling vaguely.

"What about giving Qingfeng a chance to have a lecture in the Chinese Medicine Department? You all could be the judges. If he is knowledgeable enough and can teach the students well, then you all have to let him be the professor. If not, then he would be disqualified," Miaochun said while laughing faintly.

All the professors in the office agreed on this and thought it would be a good idea after they heard Miaochun.

"Alright, I can let Qingfeng have one lecture for the students in the Chinese Medicine Department. If the students understood well, then I'd let him become the guest professor, "Liang Chen said with a subtle smile.

He felt like it could be a great idea to disclose Qingfeng, who was a liar in his mind.

Everyone else also agreed with this idea besides Liang Chen. They all thought it was doable.

Miaochun slightly smiled when his idea was approved, "Then I'm going to arrange the class schedule. Meet with me in the Chinese Medicine Department in half an hour."

After, Miaochun left the office and talked to the professor of the Chinese Medicine Department, Qingya, Ye. He told her there would be a guest professor giving a lecture to her students today.

Qingya was thrilled when she heard a guest professor would come to provide a lecture for her students. She organized all her students in the class and let them waited for the professor.

At the moment, the classroom of the Chinese Medicine Department was packed with students. They all received the notice from Professor Qingya that there would be a guest professor giving them a lecture.

"I heard a new guest professor is coming for a lecture today. Do you know him?"

"Nope, maybe he was recently invited by the principal."

"No way, who would be big enough to be invited by the principal."

All the student in the class started to discuss and look suspicious.

There were dozens of professors in the University of Medicine, each of them was a leader in different scientific fields, though, none of them had been personally invited by the principal.

However, a new guest professor was now actually invited by him in person. The students were all shocked and curious about who this person was.

Half an hour later, those senior professors went into the classroom and sat at the front. They were going to judge how Qingfeng was going to lecture.

Finally, Miaochun brought Qingfeng in the classroom and announced loudly, "Hello, everyone. I'm going to introduce a new guest professor to you all, he is Qingfeng Li."

All the students were shocked. They didn't expect his young man on his 20s was the guest professor. The classroom suddenly went into chaotic and everybody started to discuss him since they had never seen such a young professor.

"He is the professor for real?" Hong Wang and Yun He sitting at the back looked at each other and couldn't believe what they saw.