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Chapter 516: Qingfeng Li“s Chinese Medicine Lecture

Chapter 516: Qingfeng Li's Chinese Medicine Lecture
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"Yun He, Qingfeng is really the guest professor. He wasn't lying in the taxi," Hong Wang said to his girlfriend, who was sitting beside him.

Yun He nodded as she also felt extremely surprised.

Certainly, besides Hong Wang and Yun He, Xiaoman Lu who was sitting in the classroom also felt shocked.

Xiaoman knew who Qingfeng was since she received lots of help from him. Yet, she would never expect that he was actually a professor.

"Hello, class. My name is Qingfeng Li, I'm the new guest professor for the Chinese Medicine Department. I'm going to give a lecture today and hopefully, you'll take something away from it," Qingfeng smiled faintly and said to the class.

Once Qingfeng finished his introduction, only a few students, like 4 or 5 clapped for him. Xiaoman was the one clapping the hardest, and the rest of the class didn't do anything since they weren't really interested in Qingfeng.

Qingfeng was in his 20s and he was almost as young as the students in the university. Therefore, the students wouldn't want to clap for him.

After seeing only a few students clapping for Qingfeng, Liang Chen and other professors all looked at one another and felt glad.

They were glad to see Qingfeng being embarrassed in front of the class.

Qingfeng smiled vaguely, he knew what these students were thinking but he didn't want to be bothered. You didn't clap because they don't trust my medical skills. I'll show you what my real skill is.

"Let me ask you guys, what is Chinese Medicine?" Qingfeng slightly smiled and asked the first question.

What is Chinese Medicine?

All the students in the class looked at each other and felt confused. What is the new dude doing here? They certainly would know what Chinese Medicine was since they specialized in this program.

"Chinese Medicine is to save people by using Chinese herbal decoction."

"Right, it also saves people by using acupuncture."

"Yes, it has four ways of diagnosis: Observing, listening, questioning, and feeling the pulse."

Everyone started to discuss their opinions about Chinese Medicine in the class.

All the sudden, Xiaoman spoke up loud, "Professor Li, what do you think Chinese Medicine is?"

Nobody approved of Qingfeng as a professor except for Xiaoman.

Everybody looked straight at Xiaoman after hearing what she said. They definitely knew her since she was the most beautiful girl in the whole university. If it was somebody else calling Qingfeng a professor, they would have already snapped at her/him. Yet, they didn't say anything since it was called out by Xiaoman.

Qingfeng nodded and said loudly in the class, "Xiaoman has asked a great question. So many of you have shared your definition of Chinese Medicine, but to me, it is too partial."

After hearing what Qingfeng said, somebody immediately got irritated. a short-hair guy stood up and said loudly, "If you said our definition is partial, then explain what do you think Chinese Medicine is to us."

Qingfeng looked at him and said calmly, "Chinese Medicine is a traditional medical science in Huaxia. It is the study of human physiology and pathology that uses the Ying, Yang and five elements as a function, through observing, smelling, questioning and feeling to analyze the viscera of the internal organs of the human body and treat all kinds of diseases."

All the students' froze after listening to the explanation of Qingfeng. Qingfeng had articulated out the essence of the Chinese Medicine which was way deeper than what they thought.

Gradually, there were dozens of students clapping hands for Qingfeng, which was more than a half of the previous number.

"For the class today, I'm not going to lecture. Instead, I'm going to answer all of your questions in terms of Chinese Medicine. You can ask me any questions you have?" Qingfeng smiled faintly and said to the students.

All the students were shocked when they heard what Qingfeng said. They have never experienced this novel way of lecturing. In the past, professors or TA would usually just start their lecture and write down the class content on the blackboard, which was kind of dry and boring. The way how Qingfeng taught was actually really new and interesting.

As the hardcore fan of Qingfeng, Xiaoman was the first one to stand up. "Professor Li, I wonder what theories are there in Chinese Medicine and which genre you think is the best?"

Qingfeng looked at her gladly and was grateful for her intelligence. She looked like she was just asking him a question, but in fact, she was giving Qingfeng a chance to show his knowledge to the class.

Qingfeng looked around the class and said, "Chinese Medicine is divided into several theories including Qi Theory, Essence Theory, Ying and Yang Theory, Five Element Theory, Blood and Viscera Theory and Pulse Theory and so on. Each theory has its own genre and its own technique to treat patients. There is no way to figure out which one is the best, but whether the practitioner has profound knowledge or not.

What Qingfeng said this time received more applause. Hundreds of people were clapping for him now, which was nearly 1/3 in the class.

At this moment, the short-hair guy stood up again and asked loudly, "You said there is no way to figure out which genre is the best, then let me ask you, what theory are you in, could you tell what is wrong with my body currently?"

"I am in all theories, I learn every single Chinese Theories. In terms of your syndrome, are you sure you want me to disclose your privacy?" Qingfeng smiled vaguely and said.

The short-hair guy froze and felt slightly nervous when he saw the confidence from Qingfeng. Yet, he had his courage back after seeing the eyes of Liang Chen. He asked, "Then tell me, what's wrong with my body."

Qingfeng smiled and answered, "You have chronic laryngitis, turbinate hypertrophy and sinusitis."

What the heck, he go them all right?!

The short-hair guy was astonished. He was pretty sure it was his first time talking to Qingfeng since he has never seen him before. How could he tell that?

Qingfeng seemed to tell the short-hair guy was confused, he then explained, "When you were asking me questions, your voice has a strong nasal sound and your throat kept vibrating with tons of swallowing movements. It is a characteristic of sinusitis and pharyngitis. I could tell it by using the "observing" technique from the four diagnosis in Chinese Medical Science.

The short-hair guy sat down with his pale face. He felt extremely uncomfortable that his syndrome was disclosed by Qingfeng in public.

*Clapping Sounds

The classroom suddenly burst into the sounds of applause. This time, more than 100 people, which was even more than a half of the class were clapping for Qingfeng.

It was their first time to witness this magical Chinese "Observing" technique. It is remarkable to be able to tell one's body condition by merely observing their sound and behavior.