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Chapter 517: Applause From Everyone

Chapter 517: Applause From Everyone
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Seeing that not only Qingfeng actually knew so much about Chinese Medicine but also received applause from more than half of the students in the class, Liang Chen felt a bit awkward and bitter.

To be honest, although Qingfeng did know a bit about Chinese Medicine, Liang Chen still thought he was far from being a professor at the university.

Liang Chen knew the questions most students asked about Chinese Medicine were too basic and that they wouldn't be able to ask some deep, hard questions since they didn't know much about it yet. He decided to ask Qingfeng himself.

"Qingfeng, I wonder what Chinese Medicine prescription you would prescribe if a middle-aged man complains about always feeling exhausted and having a kidney problem?" Liang Chen stood up and asked loudly.

Professor Liang Chen and Qingfeng are going at it?

Everyone in the class froze and looked shocked. They knew students were supposed to be the one to ask Qingfeng questions today, but now, even Liang Chen was asking him questions.

Undoubtedly, as a professor of the Chinese Medicine Department, Liang Chen's question had brought everything to an entirely different level by asking how to treat a patient presenting a few symptoms with Chinese medicine. This was the core application of Chinese medicine.

Qingfeng looked at Liang Chen and responded calmly, "Fatigue and kidney problem, also known as Kidney deficiency, should be divided into whether it is Yang kidney deficiency or Ying kidney deficiency. For Yang kidney deficiency, I suggest boiling rehmanniae, Chinese yam, dogwood, poria, moutan, guizhi, Aconite, etc. for half an hour and to eat it when it's warm.

"For Ying Kidney deficiency, boil goji berry, achyranthes, dodder, deer glue and ghost glue etc. for exactly the same half an hour as Yang kidney deficiency, and eat it when it is warm as well."

Qingfeng smiled faintly and explained the Chinese medicine treatment to both types of kidney deficiency.

Liang Chen's face froze and looked awkward. He was trying to find something that Qingfeng had said wrong yet he couldn't find anything since Qingfeng answered everything right.

After seeing Qingfeng slay the question asked by Liang Chen, a grey-hair senior professor sitting next to Liang Chen stood up and said loudly, "Qingfeng, what you are saying now is just some theories and verbal knowledge, we need a demonstration in Chinese medicine. I suffer from Lumbar Dis Herniation. If you could heal it, I'll approve your expertise."

This grey-hair professor was the oldest professor as well as the most prestigious out of all other professors in the University of Medicine. Everyone clapped when he asked Qingfeng to demonstrate his treatment.

"Alright, if you want a practical application, I could cure your issue for free this time," Qingfeng smiled lightly while walking to the side of the senior professor.

"Qingfeng, how are you going to treat my lumbar problem?"

"The problem of Lumbar Dis Herniation can only be alleviated but never permanently solved if we are only using Chinese herbal decoction. I'm going to cure it with acupuncture."

"Acupuncture? Would it work? Do you even know what Lumbar Dis Herniation is?" the senior professor questioned suspiciously.

In fact, the senior professor suffered tremendously since he had Lumbar Dis Herniation. He often felt stiff and pain in his waist and couldn't even walk with his waist straight sometimes.

He could have had it cured by having a surgery if he was in his 20s, but now that he was already in his 60s, surgery would be too risky.

"Lumbar Disc Herniation occurs because of a degenerative change of the lumbar spine, or the protrusion of the annulus fibrosis that forms the nerve compression because of the external strain on the lower back. It can cause huge pain." Qingfeng explained the symptoms of the Lumbar Disc Herniation.

The senior professor was surprised after hearing what he said. He didn't expect this young man actually had such a deep understanding of this condition and could even speak to this point.

"How long does it take for the acupuncture then?"

"20 minutes."

"What? 20 minutes? Qingfeng Li, are you tricking me?"

"Don't worry, if I didn't cure you lumbar issue by 20 minutes, I'll leave this place. If I do, you have to support me to be a guest professor here," Qingfeng said calmly and confidently.

The senior professor nodded and agreed. He knew his issue couldn't even be cured by the other senior professors, but if Qingfeng could, then he was definitely qualified to be a guest professor.

All the students started to gather in front to see how Qingfeng was going to demonstrate his skill by curing the senior professor. They all looked at him curiously and wondered how he would do it.

Whew whew…

Qingfeng took out nine acupuncture needles and inserted each of them in nine different points of the professor's body. He then slightly twisted the tail of the needles with his right hand. The needles were slightly trembling.

"Nine Needles of Heaven Fate? Is it theNine Needles of Heaven Fate?" All of the sudden, the senior professor yelled out surprisingly.

"Professor Yang, what is the Nine Needles of Heaven Fate?" Some students asked since they have never heard of it before.

Professor Yang looked shocked and said, "Nine Needles of Heaven Fate is a special treatment in Chinese acupuncture. One needs to control nine needles simultaneously and make the needle tails tremble. I wouldn't even be able to do that."

What? Even Professor Yang wouldn't be able to do that?

All the students were shocked from head to toe. If not even professor Yang, the head professor of the Acupuncture Department in the University of Medicine could do what Qingfeng could, how superior was Qingfeng's acupuncture skill?

Each of the nine needle was trembling on Qingfeng's hand and was transferring a novel energy to the senior professor's body. It was healing his torn annulus fibrosis and Lumber Disc Herniation.

The senior professor felt some heat on his lumbar as if it was surrounded by fire. He felt so comfortable and warm and also felt his lumbar wasn't stiff or painful anymore. He had never felt this comfortable before.

20 minutes later.

Qingfeng smiled faintly and rapidly removed each of the nine needles with his right hand.

"Professor, do you still feel stiff or painful around your lumbar?" Qingfeng smiled while asking.

"Not at all, no pain, no stiff, no fatigue. Qingfeng, you are a medical genius," the senior professor said happily while touching his recovered lumbar that made him feel extremely comfortable.

"Well, I have already healed your lumbar issue. Will you support me to be the guest professor at the University of Medicine then?"

"Of course, Qingfeng, you are far from being just a guest professor with your skill and expertise."

"Thanks for your approval," Qingfeng smiled and responded.

Qingfeng had defeated Liang Chen with his knowledge and theories as well as healed the senior professor's lumbar issue with his acupuncture skill. He had proven his Chinese medical skill through actual demonstration.

*Clap Clap Clap*

All the students in the class, including Principal Miaochun, ten other professors and Qingya stood up and clapped for Qingfeng.

The whole classroom was buzzing because of the applause. It was recognition of Qingfeng as well as the greatest compliment for his Chinese medical skill.