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Chapter 518: Girls Falling For Qingfeng

Chapter 518: Girls Falling For Qingfeng
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Qingfeng had proven himself in front of the students and the professors enough to be accepted as a guest professor in the University without disagreement.

"Qingfeng, I mean, Professor Li, you only need to give one lecture on Mondays in the future. You can arrange the rest of your schedule," Miaochun smiled and said to Qingfeng.

Guest professors were different than regular professors in the University. Regular professors would need to have daily lectures for students since they were the directors of each program. Yet, guest professor would only need to have one lecture per week since they were just hired to teach in the school.

Certainly, a guest professor could also hold more lectures if they had time.

Qingfeng nodded as he understood. He was about to leave the class, yet, the students were enthusiastic and kept asking him to give more lectures.

Qingfeng didn't want to reject these vigorous students so he continued holding one more class.

Of course, Qingfeng didn't just hold a traditional lecture by teaching students. Instead, he encouraged students to ask him different questions and he would answer them one by one.

Many students were passionate and continued asking various questions, some of the questions were complicated but they were still answered by Qingfeng effortlessly. All the students were amazed by his intelligence and completely changed the way they viewed Qingfeng.

The class was finally finished through the interactions between Qingfeng and the students. Many students still wanted it to last longer and they all thought it was the best class they've ever had.

After the class, Qingfeng found Xiaoman. He smiled to her, "Xiaoman, how's it going these days?"

Xiaoman shook her head and said frustratingly, "Not good at all, you don't even come to see me."

Qingfeng touched his nose since he felt a bit embarrassed. "Xiaoman, I've been so busy recently, but I will see you every week since I will start teaching here."

Xiaoman flushed her face and became happy once she heard Qingfeng would be coming to the class every week. She didn't ask for much as long as she could see Qingfeng.

Qingfeng wanted to leave but he was persuaded to stay by Xiaoman. He eventually decided to walk around the campus with her.

Honestly, Qingfeng never went to university and had always been looking forward to a life here. He felt everything here was novel and was completely different than where he was living now.

People said that university was the last pure land of the society. Once people graduated and entered the real world, they would become sophisticated.

The next class would be Physical Education. Qingfeng was about to leave when the class bell rang, but the tug-of-war competition between the Chinese Medicine Program and Western Medicine Program suddenly caught his attention.

Each program sent out ten people, and they started to pull the rope to complete each side.

Since there were mostly girls in the Chinese Medicine program and they were skinny, compared to the Western Medicine program which was packed with tall and strong guys, the guys pulled the rope to their side instantly.

The Western Medicine Program won twice consecutively.

It was a best three out of five game. The Western Medicine program would win if they scored one more time.

Since Xiaoman was the leader of the class, she would definitely think for her class. She asked Qingfeng, "Big brother Li, could you help us out?"

Qingfeng nodded and walked to the front. He represented the Chinese Medicine Program since he was a professor in that program.

The students in the Western Medicine Program were all tall and muscular and didn't even look Qingfeng in the eye. It wouldn't make a difference adding one more person to them.

But some girls did go a bit crazy when Qingfeng stood at the side of the Chinese Medicine team since he looked good and has a good posture.

"Go," when the judge announced the start of the game, both teams started to pull the rope.

Qingfeng tightened the rope with his right hand and pulled intensively. The rope immediately was pulled to his side effortlessly.

"Round three, Chinese Medicine Program won," the judge announced loudly while still being in shock.

To be honest, the Chinese Medicine team had lost twice consecutively before Qingfeng joined them. Now, they won drastically after he participated. Qingfeng was undefeatable.

"Professor Li, go! Knock down the Western Medicine team," students in the Chinese Medicine Program cheered for Qingfeng since they knew him already.

Students in the Western Medicine team were all rubbing their fists. They were ready to win this round back since they had lost once and didn't feel like being the loser.

The fourth round has started. Qingfeng has easily won the round by slightly pulling in the rope.

In the fifth round, Qingfeng did the same thing and their team won again.

Qingfeng had won three times consecutively and helped Chinese Medicine team beat the Western Medicine team. They became the winner of this tug-of-war game.

Everyone in the Chinese Medicine program was thrilled while people in the Western Medicine program were upset.

In fact, even though this tug-of-war was merely a game, it represented a battle between these two programs.

The Chinese Medicine program were separate from the Western Medicine program, and they had different methods of diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, it caused conflicts and battles between these two programs, to the point that neither of them would be willing to let the other side win.

In the past, students from the Western Medicine program always took advantage of the Chinese Medicine program in physical education class since there were mostly girls in that program. Now, Qingfeng had finally taken the revenge for them.

"Professor Li, how could you have so much strength?"

"Right? Those who in the Western Medicine program just looked tall and tough but are actually weak like chickens. See how you've beaten them right away!"

"Professor Li, do you have a girlfriend? What do think about me?"

The Chinese Medicine students burst into a discussion. They were just flattering Qingfeng and now had switched to some topics about his personal life. Some girls even tried to introduced themselves to be Qingfeng's girlfriend and looked at him affectionately.

Qingfeng would be lying if he said he wasn't distracted, being surrounded by all these young, pretty girls now. He slightly felt a temptation.

However, he suddenly recalled what Xue Lin have told him. She told him not to go around with those girls in the University of Medicine.

"Ladies, thank you so much for all your interest but I have a wife already and don't need a girlfriend," Qingfeng smiled and rejected all the girls.

Some girls still insisted even after the rejection from Qingfeng, "Professor Li, it's ok, I can be your side girlfriend."

What? Side girlfriend?

Qingfeng froze for a second, he looked at them in amazement, yet still feeling slightly happy. How charismatic am I that I still get so much attention from these girls even after I told them I am already married.

"Excuse me, I'm going home. My wife is still waiting for me," Qingfeng squeezed himself out of the crowd.