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Chapter 519: Call From Ruyan Liu

Chapter 519: Call From Ruyan Liu
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Qingfeng left the university and walked to the Ice Snow Corporation. He promised Xue Lin that he was going to pick her up after work.

It was 5 pm when he arrived at the Ice Snow Corporation and people were still working.

Qingfeng decided to go to the security department first to greet his brothers there.

"Big brother Li, here you are," Hao Luo said excitedly once he saw Qingfeng coming in.

Qingfeng found it funny when he saw Hao Luo's chubby face. This dude was getting bigger.

"Buddy, are you letting yourself go just because you got married? "Qingfeng smiled while patting Hao Luo's shoulder.

Once Qingfeng pat his shoulder, he could feel the fat on his body.

Hao Luo couldn't hold his laughter as his chubby face kept jiggling. Qingfeng got it right. Since he married Xiaohong, Xiaohong always had meals prepared and did all the dishes and housework for him. Gaining weight was inevitable.

"You gotta lose some weight, dude. What if you crush your wife if you keep going like this," Qingfeng sniggered.

Hao Luo flushed his face embarrassedly. He'd have punched him if he was made fun by someone else. Yet, he didn't dare to Qingfeng, instead, he took that as a concern from him.

"Big brother Li, I have good news for you. My wife is pregnant."

"Pregnant? Congratulations! You are going to be a father."

"Big brother Li, thank you so much, this wouldn't happen without you. When are you going to have one with sister-in-law?" Hao Luo asked.

Qingfeng froze his face after hearing what Hao Luo said. He hasn't even slept with Xue Lin yet, how could they get a kid.

But certainly, he wouldn't tell the things between them to others in case somebody out there spreads some rumors that harms Xue Lin's reputation.

Qingfeng nodded as he said, "It'd be soon, just wait to come to our baby's one month party.

Qingfeng left the security department after he ended the sentence. He didn't want to continue this topic with Hao Luo.

Qingfeng wandered around and arrived at the CEO's office. Once he stepped in, he saw Xue Lin was reading a newspaper. She was extremely angry that even her body was subtly shivering.

"What happened? Who made you mad?" Qingfeng walked to her side and asked.

Xue Lin put down the newspaper and asked before her anger disappeared from her face, "Just read the newspaper first."

"Okay," Qingfeng replied while taking the newspaper. He saw the highlighted title. "Qingfeng Li, Ice Snow Corporation's Boasting King."

What the heck, since when I became a Boasting King? Holy crap, who is looking for trouble?

Qingfeng was reading the newspaper and found out it was called "Hu Jiang Province Evening News", which is the largest circulation in Hujiang Province. The content he saw was about the bet Qingfeng made with Yanfei Liu, the CEO of Pheonix Corporation two days ago.

Certainly, the news was all about devaluing Qingfeng and called him a Boasting King since they thought he was bragging as saying he would beat Phoenix Corporation with a bet, which was impossible to them.

Damn, it must be made up by Feiyan Liu that crazy bitch. Qingfeng was pretty sure that woman have been holding grudges for the punishment from him after cancelling the partnership with Ice Snow Corporation. She then decided to take the revenge by writing shit on the newspaper.

"Oh, right, Qingfeng. Tomorrow will be the Provincial Antique Competition as well as the date for the bet to be revealed between you and Feiyan. Are you confident to win against her?" Xue Lin asked while frowning.

Qingfeng nodded, "Don't worry, I don't even take that Phoenix Corp. seriously. What I worry about is Yanzhi Pei.

"Yanzhi Pei? Why would you worry about her?" Xue Lin asked astonishingly and looked confused.

Qingfeng frowned and said, "Think about it, Yanzhi Pei is the daughter of the Pei Family in Yanjing as well as the CEO of the Phoenix Corporation, yet, she was fired and she didn't even answer the phone. Don't you think it's weird?"

Xue Lin paused for a second and also realized it was a bit strange. Indeed, Yanzhi Pei had an extraordinary identity and a great background, but now, she couldn't even be contacted and her CEO position was replaced by Feiyan Liu. There must be something going on behind the scene."

After seeing Xue Lin getting worried, Qingfeng smiled and said, "don't worry, I'm going to Phoenix Corporation for the Antique Competition tomorrow and will try to get some info about Yanzhi Pei from the people there.

Xue Lin nodded since there was the only way right now. They couldn't find any other option.

The time to finish the day of work has arrived after they've talked for a while.

When Qingfeng and Xue Lin just walked out of the office, Xue Lin's phone rang.

She changed her face instantly and looked unnatural when she saw the screen while letting the phone kept ringing instead of answering.

Qingfeng was curious, he peeked at her phone screen and his face also froze. It was called by Ruyan Liu.

"Qingfeng, should I answer the phone?" Xue Lin asked.

"Why not, maybe Ruyan needs you for something," Qingfeng smiled and said.

Xue Lin nodded and pressed the "answer" button. "Ms. Liu, are you looking for me?"

"Hey, Ms. Xue Lin, you invited me for dinner last time, it's time for me to invite you back for dinner tonight this time. Want to come to my place after work?"

Xue Lin nodded and replied, "Sure, I'll go there with Qingfeng."

Xue Lin hung up after while frowning as if she was concerned about something.

"I thought you wouldn't go for the dinner she invited," Qingfeng said.

Xue Lin smiled and said, "You don't understand. She would think I am afraid of her if I don't go. I am absolutely not afraid of her and must go. My goal is to beat her."

Qingfeng rolled his eyes and looked frustrated. As long as Ruyan was mentioned to Xue Lin, she would become vigorous and couldn't wait to beat her down. She wouldn't feel relieved until she beats her down.

Of course, Ruyan would think exactly the same. She wouldn't be able to sleep well until she beats Xue Lin.

"Xue Lin, why couldn't you just get along with Ruyan?" Qingfeng asked.

Honestly, he was a bit selfish for asking this question since he then could have both beauties without worrying them getting jealous once Xue Lin and Ruyan get along well each other.

Xue Lin raised her lips and said rigorously, "No way, there is no way that I would get along with Ruyan. I'll fight against her for the rest of my life."

Qingfeng became speechless after hearing what Xue Lin said. He really couldn't figure it out why these girls have to fight all the time. Wouldn't it be better to just get along each other?