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Chapter 520: The Battle Among Three Women

Chapter 520: The Battle Among Three Women
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"Go, let's go to eat at Ruyan Liu's home," Xue Lin said in high spirits.

Qingfeng was speechless when he saw Xue Lin's excitement. Xue Lin did not look like she was about to meet her love rival; she looked like she was about to see her enemy.

"Xue Lin, should we buy a gift for Ruyan Liu?" Qingfeng asked with a smile.

Xue Lin shook her head and said, "No, I'm there to eat. She flaunted her wealth in front of me so I want to eat so much that she becomes broke."

Qingfeng shook his head in exasperation. Xue Lin used to be such an icily cold and prideful woman. Her IQ was dropping drastically because of her battle with Ruyan Liu. She wanted to eat so much so that Ruyan Liu would become broke. But Ruyan Liu was the CEO of Liu Corporation and a billionaire. How could Xue Lin make her broke?

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Xue Lin said unhappily.

Qingfeng quickly shook his head and said, "Yeah, let's go and eat a ton so that Ruyan Liu will become broke."

Xue Lin finally broke into a smile. Truthfully, she knew that it was impossible for her and Qingfeng to make dent in Ruyan Liu's pockets via eating. After all, Ruyan Liu was extremely rich.

But Xue Lin's thoughts were simple. She wanted to eat Ruyan Liu's food and make her unhappy.

Xue Lin personally drove the car towards Ruyan Liu's mansion. Since the two of them lived in the same community, she was extremely familiar with the route. Soon, they arrived at villa #14.

Knock knock knock!

Xue Lin arrived at villa #14. She deliberately knocked heavily on the door.


Jiaojiao Liu opened the door and said unhappily, "Who is it? Why are you knocking so loudly?"

A flash of happiness appeared on Jiaojiao Liu's face when Jiaojiao Liu saw Qingfeng. She was just about to call him 'brother-in-law' but Qingfeng quickly said, "Hi Jiaojiao Liu, this is my wife Xue Lin. Don't you have class today?"

Jiaojiao Liu was dazed when she heard Qingfeng's words. She finally noticed Xue Lin and a flash of uneasiness appeared on her face.

Jiaojiao Liu had natural animosity against Xue Lin. Her sister, Ruyan Liu, had a poor relationship with Xue Lin. As Ruyan Liu's sister, Jiaojiao Liu also disliked Xue Lin.

But Jiaojiao Liu was smart. She knew that she could not call Qingfeng 'brother-in-law' in front of Xue Lin or she would kill him.

"Qingfeng, why are you here?" Jiaojiao Liu was very smart. She referred to Qingfeng by his name rather than brother-in-law.

Qingfeng sighed in relief and looked at Jiaojiao Liu approvingly. His sister-in-law was quite smart. It was good that she did not call him 'brother-in-law' or Xue Lin would figure things out.

"Jiaojiao Liu, we are here because your sister invited Xue Lin and I over for dinner," Qingfeng said with a smile.

Jiaojiao Liu said, "Oh, come in then. My sister went to the grocery store. She will be back soon."

Then, Jiaojiao Liu led the two of them into the mansion.

"Jiaojiao, thank you," Qingfeng said in a low voice to Jiaojiao Liu.

Jiaojiao Liu nodded and said, "You owe me one."

Qingfeng nodded in acknowledgment. He would agree to anything if Jiaojiao Liu does not call him 'brother-in-law' in front of Xue Lin.

Jiaojiao Liu was displeased when she saw that Xue Lin had come empty-handed. She could let it slide with Qingfeng but she disliked Xue Lin.

"Hmph, you're a CEO of a company but you don't know that you have to buy a gift when you visit someone's home?" Jiaojiao Liu muttered.

Jiaojiao Liu was intentionally being picky. Xue Lin immediately could see her intentions. Jiaojiao Liu was displeased with Xue Lin and wanted to find trouble with her.

"I'm sorry. I hurried here so I forgot to buy a present. I will bring you a present next time. Is your family so poor that you are counting on gifts?" Xue Lin said with a smile but her tone was insulting.

If Xue Lin was visiting another person's home, she would be polite and would definitely bring a present. However, she would not bring a present to Ruyan Liu's home.

Jiaojiao Liu was dissatisfied at Xue Lin's words. She said, "Miss Xue Lin, my sister is much richer than you."

However, Xue Lin smiled faintly and said, "It is true that your sister is richer than me. However, the money belongs to your sister. It does not belong to you. You must be poor. Why else would you care that I didn't bring a present?"

Xue Lin's words were sharp and made Jiaojiao Liu speechless. Jiaojiao Liu was only a student, she was not a match for Xue Lin.

Jiaojiao Liu was furious. She could not win an argument against Xue Lin so she could only fume in her heart.


At this moment, Ruyan Liu opened the door and relieved the tension among the group.

"Sister, you are finally back. If you didn't come back, I would have been bullied even more by Xue Lin," Jiaojiao Liu said to Ruyan Liu.

Ruyan Liu was unhappy to hear that Xue Lin was bullying her sister. Truthfully, she was already unhappy with Xue Lin; the dissatisfaction only grew when she heard that Xue Lin was bullying her sister.

But Xue Lin was her guest today. Even if she was angry, she could not throw a temper.

"Jiaojiao, what did she do to you?" Ruyan Liu asked.

Jiaojiao Liu glanced at Xue Lin and said, "Sister, she said that I don't have money."


Ruyan Liu borke into a smile. She thought that Xue Lin had lectured Jiaojiao Liu. She said, "Jiaojiao, she is right. You are not as rich as she is."

Jiaojiao Liu curled her lips unhappily and walked to the side.

Ruyan Liu smiled faintly and walked to Xue Lin's side. She said, "Welcome to my home."

"Yeah, it has only been a day. Did you gain weight from eating too much?" Xue Lin said with a smile as she look at Ruyan Liu's figure.

I gained weight?

Ruyan Liu was dazed for a moment. She looked at her stomach and realization dawned upon her. Her belly had become bigger because of the pregnancy. Xue Lin had thought that she had gained weight from eating too much.

Ruyan Liu thought it was quite funny but she did not talk about her pregnancy. Her pregnancy was her biggest secret.

"It's good to gain weight. Chubby women are more lucky," Ruyan Liu said with a smile.

Xue Lin shook her head and said, "When a woman gains weight, they won't be as pretty. Men won't like them anymore."

Ruyan Liu furrowed her brows unhappily and thought, Xue Lin was indirectly saying that she was not pretty. How dare she?

"That's personal preference. A lot of people said that I am beautiful. If you don't believe me, ask Qingfeng," Ruyan Liu said with a smile.

To Qingfeng's dismay, she had pushed the ball to his court.