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Chapter 521: Women Are Not Simple

Chapter 521: Women Are Not Simple
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"Qingfeng, do you think a woman is more pretty if they are chubby or slim?" Xue Lin asked Qingfeng.

Her eyes were cold. It was obvious that if Qingfeng's answer did not satisfy her, she would torture him when they got home.

"Gan-brother. What do you think? Is a woman cuter if they are chubby or slim?" Ruyan Liu also asked threateningly.

Qingfeng's expression changed slightly when he felt the two killer intents directed at him. These two women fought with each other whenever they met. Why did they have to involve him in their battle?

Qingfeng looked at the two of them and said, "My eyes are blurry because I am hungry. I can't tell which kind of woman is more beautiful."

Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu were both mad but they couldn't do anything since Qingfeng refused to answer. They could only glare at him angrily.

"Jiaojiao, go and cook," Ruyan Liu said to Jiaojiao Liu as she handed over the vegetables.

Jiaojiao Liu nodded and went to the kitchen. Her sister was pregnant so she naturally could not enter the kitchen.

"Miss Liu, I am visiting your home but you are not cooking a meal for me?" Xue Lin said with a faint smile.

"I don't feel well. I don't like the scents from the kitchen," Ruyan Liu said lightly.

Even if she was feeling well, Ruyan Liu would never cook a meal for her rival, Xue Lin.

Ruyan Liu, Xue Lin and Qingfeng sat on the sofa as they waited for Jiaojiao Liu to cook the meal. The atmosphere was very tense. The two women disliked each other and constantly found trouble with each other.

"Why don't we play 'Battle the Landlord'?" (TL: it's a popular Chinese card game for 3 players) Ruyan Liu asked with a smile.

Xue Lin nodded and said, "Alright, whoever loses has to stick a piece of paper on their face."

'Battle the landlord' was a game that everyone knows how to play. Many people liked to play the game; it was a good way to pass time.

Ruyan Liu took out a set of poker cards from her room. The three then started to play the game.

The landlord for the first round was Xue Lin. She was slightly unhappy. As the name suggests, the players would team up to fight against the landlord.

Now that Xue Lin was the landlord, Ruyan Liu had to join forces with Qingfeng to win against Xue Lin.

Xue Lin did not back down. She quickly played the cards '45678'. Then she played 3 Aces. Just as she was about to win, Ruyan Liu suddenly shouted, "Hold on."

"Ruyan Liu, I played 3 aces and I only have one card in hand. What card do you have that is stronger than 3 aces?" Xue Lin said as she furrowed her brows.

Ruyan Liu chuckled and said, "I was waiting for your last card. I am going to bomb you now. I have four 3s."

Ruyan Liu played four 3s and bombed Xue Lin. Xue Lin was speechless.

In this round, Ruyan Liu won the game while Xue Lin, the landlord, lost the game.

"Xue Lin, you have to put a piece of paper on your face," Ruyan Liu said happily. She was delighted to win against Xue Lin. She was even happier than when she earned a million Yuan.

Xue Lin reluctantly placed the piece of paper on her face. She looked like a ghost.

Even though Xue Lin lost the round, she was filled with enthusiasm. She was not prepared to give up. She was determined to win against Ruyan Liu.

The second round started. This time, the landlord was Ruyan Liu. Qingfeng and Xue Li teamed up to play against Ruyan Liu.

Ruyan Liu's cards were very good. After playing two 2s, she only had one card left. Just as she was about to win, Xue Lin said, "Hold up."

"What? How can you win against two 2s?" Ruyan Liu asked in surprise.

Xue Lin lifted her chin and said proudly, "I have two jokers. Superbomb!"

Oh my god, you managed to get two jokers?

Ruyan Liu was dazed. Xue Lin was so lucky! She clenched her teeth when she saw Xue Lin's prideful face.

"Quick, stick a piece of paper on your face," Xue Lin urged as she held onto the paper. She lost the first round so she was proud to win the second round.

Ruyan Liu could only stick the piece of paper on her forehead. Just like Xue Lin, she looked very funny.

The two women glared at each other fiercely. Neither was about to back down.

The three of them continued to play the game. Ruyan Liu won the third round so Xue Lin stuck a piece of paper on her face. During the fourth round, Xue Lin won so Ruyan Liu stuck a piece of paper…

The three of them played a dozen times. Each time, either Xue Lin or Ruyan Liu won the game. In the end, their foreheads were covered with pieces of paper. Qingfeng looked at the two women speechlessly.

Women were so troublesome. He felt that his future was bleak and gloomy. The two women did not know when to give up.

"It's time to eat." Just as Ruyan Liu was about to continue to play the game, Jiaojiao Liu's voice was heard from the kitchen. She had finished cooking the dishes.

Qingfeng quickly said, "Let's eat first. We have played the game for so long. Everyone must be hungry."

Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu immediately felt a pang of hunger. They were too focused on battling each other and almost forgot to eat.



Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu snorted at each other. Then, they removed the white paper strips from their foreheads and prepared to eat dinner.

Soon, the four dishes were brought to the table. Jiaojiao Liu was clearly not a good cook. She only made a few dishes. One of the dishes were burnt.

Xue Lin took a bite. It did not taste very good so she said speechlessly, "It's burnt?"

Jiaojiao Liu's expression reddened. However, she was still upset at Xue Lin's words.

"Didn't you say I was poor? I can only make you burnt food," Jiaojiao Liu was clearly still unhappy that Xue Lin had said that she was poor. She had started fighting with Xue Lin.

Xue Lin was displeased when she heard Jiaojiao Liu's words as well. She thought, "How dare you insult me and feed me burned food? Do you think I am easy to bully?"

"Sigh, it's no wonder Qingfeng does not like you. You are not only poor, you also burn the vegetables. Which man would like someone like you?" Xue Lin retorted sharply.

Ruyan Liu was upset to see Xue Lin insulting her sister. She said, "Xue Lin, my sister does not owe you money. Also, I am richer than you. Truthfully, I can afford to be Qingfeng's sugar mummy."

What? Can you speak proper words? Why do you make me out to be some sugar baby? (TL: YO SIGN ME THE FK UP)

Qingfeng looked at Ruyan Liu speechlessly. She seemed to be talking without thinking. Why do you have to involve me in your battle with Xue Lin.

Xue Lin furrowed her brows and said coldly, "Ruyan Liu, you don't have to worry. I can afford to take care of Qingfeng."

"Really? Let me ask you, how much money do you have?" Ruyan Liu said in an unfriendly tone.