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Chapter 522: The Battle For Who“s Richer

Chapter 522: The Battle For Who's Richer
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Ruyan Liu asked Xue Lin how much money she had. Her question stumped Xue Lin.

Xue Lin thought for a moment and said, "500 million Yuan."

Her company was only worth 300 million Yuan in the past. But after this month's growth, the company has expanded and was now worth 500 million Yuan.

Ruyan Liu smiled faintly and said proudly, "Xue Lin, I'm not trying to put you down but I have 50 billion Yuan. My net worth is 100 times bigger than your net worth. If Qingfeng follows me, I can give him a better life. For example, I can buy him a 1 Billion Yuan mansion. You can't afford it but I can."

Xue Lin furrowed her brows. She was uncomfortable since she felt that Ruyan Liu was using her money to put her down.

"Ruyan Liu, you are rich but most of your money come from Liu Family. What does the money have to do to you? Even though my 500 million Yuan is less than your money, but I have earned my money. I have more potential and intelligence than you," Xue Lin smiled proudly.

Xue Lin did not think anyone was smarter or more beautiful than her. She didn't even care about Ruyan Liu, the most seductive and charming woman in ES City.

Ruyan Liu smiled coldly and said, "Xue Lin, it seems like you are very confident in your abilities. Why don't we make a bet?"

"What bet? Tell me about it."

"It's very simple. Xue Lin, let's bet who will become the richest person of Huaxia in a year's time. Whoever wins will get Qingfeng."

"This is not fair. Your family has 50 billion Yuan but I only have 500 million Yuan. We have different starting capitals."

"Xue Lin, you don't need to worry about that. I will return all of my assets to my family and only leave 500 million Yuan with me. My money will be the same as yours. Do you are to compete in the bet?" Ruyan Liu smiled faintly.

Xue Lin furrowed her brows and said lightly, "Why do I have to fight with you?"

Ruyan Liu smiled and said, "I think that only the richest and strongest woman deserves Qingfeng. If you are happy that you have 500 million Yuan, I don't think that you deserve Qingfeng."

"Ruyan Liu, this gamble could only benefit you. What would happen if I win?"

"It's simple, if you become the richest woman in Huaxia after a year, I will back out and never see Qingfeng again.

"Alright, I agree to your terms. I hope that you will lose next year so you will never see Qingfeng again," Xue Lin said coldly.

Xue Lin was very smart. She could tell that this was Ruyan Liu's challenge to her.

How could she be afraid of Ruyan Liu? Since Ruyan Liu wants to gamble, she has to accept the challenge.

Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu were the Queens of Business of Eastern Sea City. They were talented in managing their businesses. Neither was willing to admit defeat to the other.

Qingfeng was unhappy to see the gamble between the two women. Why am I the prize in your gamble?

"Beauties, 1 million Yuan is enough for me. I don't need that much money. You guys don't have to compete," Qingfeng said with a smile.

He did not want the two women to compete. A woman would have less time to spend with the family if they were focused on their business. It would be impossible for them to watch a movie, go for a stroll or go out for dinner.

Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu disregarded Qingfeng. They were both strong women so they were determined to find out who was stronger in the business world.

The atmosphere was tense; Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu made a gamble to see who would be the richest person in Huaxia one year later.

The dinner today was the reason of the birth of two future super-rich women.

Since Jiaojiao Liu's vegetables were burned and inedible, Xue Lin left without finishing the meal.

Xue Lin had already started a competition with Ruyan Liu. She did not want to waste any time. She wanted to return home early to prepare things for her business.

"Xue Lin, you are welcome to visit my home again," Ruyan Liu said as she walked them to the door.

Xue Lin smiled faintly and said, "I hope that you can cook next time. I don't like to eat burned vegetables."

After that, Xue Lin and Qingfeng left Ruyan Liu's home.

"Hmph, how can she be so arrogant? She thinks that the dishes I made were burnt?" Jiaojiao Liu said angrily.

She felt furious today. She spent so much effort to make a meal but Xue Lin looked down upon the food she made.

Ruyan Liu smiled faintly but did not defend her sister this time. She said, "Jiaojiao, you should learn to cook. To be honest, I didn't eat the food you cooked either."

Jiaojiao Liu's face reddened. She felt awkward. Her sister needed nutrition during her pregnancy but she did not eat anything because of her horrendous cooking.

Since Jiaojiao Liu did not know how to cook and Ruyan Liu did not want to enter the kitchen, she could only order take-out. One had to admit that ordering take-out was very convenient these days. The food arrived shortly at their home.

After eating the take-out, Ruyan Liu no longer felt hungry. She patted her tummy and said, "Baby, don't worry, mummy will make sure you are full from now on."

It was like the baby heard her words. The baby moved in her stomach. This caused Ruyan Liu to be extremely happy.

"Come quickly, Jiaojiao. The baby kicked me," Ruyan Liu said happily.

Jiaojiao Liu ran happily to Ruyan Liu's side. She placed her ear to Ruyan Liu's stomach and heard the light thuds coming from her sister's stomach. It seemed like the baby was exercising.

"Hehe, sister. The baby will definitely be as strong as brother-in-law," Jiaojiao Liu said with a smile.

A flash of happiness appeared in Ruyan Liu's eyes. She said, "Yeah, the baby is just like Qingfeng. They both like to exercise. However, our main mission right now is to expand the company and defeat Xue Lin."

Ruyan Liu and Jiaojiao Liu were filled with enthusiasm at the mention of defeating Xue Lin. Both of them were unhappy with Xue Lin so they yearned to defeat her.

"Sister, I will find information about the company for you," Jiaojiao Liu said with a faint smile. She grabbed the documents from the bedroom and started looking over it with her sister.

Xue Lin was filled with enthusiasm when they arrived home. She said, "Qingfeng, bring me the information about Ice Snow Corporation. I need to make an expansion plan."

"it's already 10 pm. You should rest soon," Qingfeng said as he looked at the time.

Xue Lin shook her head and said, "No, I need to defeat Ruyan Liu and become the richest woman of Huaxia. Then, I will be able to provide for you."

Qingfeng was both touched and speechless when he heard Xue Lin's words. He liked Xue Lin because of who she was, not because of her money.

However, he knew that Xue Lin would not give up since she made a gamble with Ruyan Liu. She was a woman who was stubborn and strong headed.

Qingfeng brought Xue Lin the company's information. He then sat next to her to accompany her.