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Chapter 524: Feiyan Liu“s Look of Contempt

Chapter 524: Feiyan Liu's Look of Contempt
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Qingfeng and Xiaoli Wang chatted for a bit before parting ways. He then led Xue Lin and Yunchang Xu to the inner hall.

The Antique Competition was taking place in the hall on the first floor of the Phoenix Corporation. The hall was a few thousand square meters and extremely spacious. There were a few hundred people sitting inside in the hall.

These people were all influential people of Hujiang Province. They were CEOs, millionaires and members of powerful families. There were also reporters.

This was a grand celebration of the Hujiang Province. Anyone important would attend.

Qingfeng met a few familiar people inside the hall such as the King of Antiques of Western Sea City, Linqi Wang, who tried to frame him previously.

Naturally, Qilin also spotted Qingfeng. His expression changed and he quickly walked away. Clearly, he was quite afraid of Qingfeng.

Qilin was afraid of Qingfeng but other people were not afraid of him. A pretty woman arrogantly walked towards Qingfeng. The disdain was clear in her eyes.

The arrogant woman was none other than the CEO of the Phoenix Corporation, Feiyan Liu. She really despised Qingfeng.

Feiyan Liu quickly walked to Qingfeng's side. She said arrogantly, "I thought that you wouldn't dare to come here. You are quite brave."

Qingfeng smiled faintly and said, "Of course I have to come. I am still waiting for your apology towards the Ice Snow Corporation. "


Feiyan Liu's eyes were filled with disdain. The young man was quite a boaster. It was impossible for her to apologize to the Ice Snow Corporation.

One must know that Feiyan Liu was the winner of the past Provincial Antique Competition. She had a deep understanding of antiques or she would not be the CEO of the Phoenix Corporation.

Of course, Feiyan Liu became the CEO of Phoenix Corporation not because she was more skilled than Yanzhi Pei. She had used underhanded techniques to eliminate Yanzhi Pei.

The surrounding reporters gathered around them when they saw Feiyan Liu and Qingfeng speaking. As news reporters, they had to have keen intuition. Clearly, they all were adept at that skill.

"Qingfeng, I will repeat myself in front of everyone again. If you can win, I will apologize to Xue Lin and you. Unfortunately, you won't be able to win."

"An arrogant soldier is destined to lose. Feiyan Liu, you are already arrogant. I will defeat you very soon."

"Everyone knows how to boast but you also need to have skills," Feiyan Liu looked at Qingfeng with disdain. Then, she turned and walked away.

As the CEO of the Phoenix Corporation, she was not only the organizer of the competition, she was also a participant. There were many things she had to do. She came over here to talk down to Qingfeng but now she had to go.

The surrounding reporters were excited when they heard the conversation between Feiyan Liu and Qingfeng. This was their favorite type of news. This was a competition between a champion and an underdog. What an exciting event!

The various reporters had already started reporting the news. Of course, all of them said that Qingfeng would lose the competition. They thought that he was a boaster who did not have a clear understanding of himself. Only Xiaoli Wang reported that Qingfeng would win.

Truthfully, Xiaoli Wang was not confident in Qingfeng's abilities either. However, her sister, Xiaomei Wang told her that she had to believe in Qingfeng. Her sister said that Qingfeng was a genius. Because of her trust towards her sister, Xiaoli Wang chose to report that Qingfeng will be the winner.

Of course, some people also chose to bet to see who would win. Most people betted that Feiyan Liu would win. Almost no one thought that Qingfeng would win.

Qingfeng naturally knew the thoughts of the majority. However, he did not care about what they think. One needed skills to win the competition. Talk was cheap.

He believed that if he won the competition, these people would shut up.

When Qingfeng arrived at the first-floor hall, there were already a few hundred people inside the hall. These people were all here to participate in the antique competition.

Hujiang Province included more cities and more companies. Naturally, there were more participants.

"You are Qingfeng? The person who made a bet with Feiyan Liu?" Suddenly, Qingfeng heard a cold voice.

Qingfeng raised his head when he heard someone talking to him. He saw that it was a handsome young man.

The young man was Changqing Li. He was the CEO of Changqing Corporation and also a participant in the competition.

"Do you need something?" Qingfeng asked with a light smile.

Changqing Li furrowed his brows. He was displeased with Qingfeng's attitude. He said coldly, "I hope that you can forfeit the competition or admit defeat. You are not Feiyan Liu's opponent. You will only embarrass yourself."

Qingfeng was angered by his words. He thought, "My bet with Feiyan Liu is none of your business. Who are you to ask me to forfeit the competition."

Qingfeng looked away and chose not to talk to this fellow.

"I'm talking to you. Why are you looking away?" Changqing Li said unhappily.

Changqing Li was not only handsome, he was also rich. He was the second richest man in Hujiang Province. Most people would try to get on his good side when they saw him.

But now, a nobody from Eastern Sea City chose to ignore him. Naturally, he was extremely unhappy.

"Are you crazy? Can't you see that I don't want to talk to you? Go away," Qingfeng said as he waved his hand and asked Changqing LI to go away. He did not want to talk to this fellow.

His time was precious. The Antique Competition was about to begin so he did not have time to talk to this arrogant fellow. Furthermore, Qingfeng could tell that this fellow had animosity towards him.

"Qingfeng Li, do you know who I am? How dare you ask me to go away," Changqing Li said, his face livid.

In all of these years, Qingfeng was the first person who dared to ask him to go away. Qingfeng was treating him with no respect.

"Your identity does not concern me. Why are you meddling in my bet with Feiyan Liu? Do you have nothing else to do?" Qingfeng said coldly with disdain.

"I like Feiyan Liu. Of course, I am qualified to speak for her."

"It is not my business who you like. Go away quickly."

"You are brave, Qingfeng. I shall teach you a lesson once the Antique Competition begins." Changqing Li said angrily before leaving.

He had decided that he will teach Qingfeng a lesson during the Antique Competition. He wants to make Qingfeng understand that he was not a person who should be crossed.

"Retard," Qingfeng said with a cold smile as he watched Changqing Li's departing figure.

In Qingfeng's mind, all the participants of the competition were his enemies and that included Feiyan Liu and Changqing Li.