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Chapter 526: Qingfeng Li is Too Good

Chapter 526: Qingfeng Li is Too Good
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Feiyan Liu and Changqing Li looked at Qingfeng's departing figure with anger in their eyes.

Feiyan Liu and Changqing Li were the winner and runner-up of the competition last year. But this year, because of Qingfeng's participation, they did not even manage to answer a single question. How embarrassing.

Qingfeng was very strong. Even Feiyan Liu was not his opponent.

Of course, not only Feiyan Liu and Changqing Li were angry. The other participants looked Qingfeng with dissatisfaction in their eyes. If this was not a competition, they might have given Qingfeng a beating.

At this moment, Qingfeng had become the enemy of all the participants. Everyone looked at him angrily. If looks could kill, he would have died a hundred times.

Qingfeng did not care about the angry looks directed at him. His only goal was to win the competition. Why would he give it up to anyone?

The reporters gathered around Qingfeng when he stepped down from the battle arena. They placed the microphone before him and asked, "Qingfeng, you are the winner of the first round. Tell us how you are feeling?"

Amongst the dozens of microphones, Qingfeng chose to speak into Xiaoli Wang's microphone. He said, "Before the first round, many reporters thought that I will lose for sure. Only reporter Xiaoli Wang believed that I would win. I want to tell everyone that I did not disappoint her."

The faces of the reporters reddened when they heard his words.

They were the ones who mocked Qingfeng just now but they were interviewing him now. It was extremely awkward.

"Hmph, he just won the first round. That's nothing. There are two more rounds."

"You're right, the first round only tests theoretical knowledge. Practical application is more important in the antique world."

"Yeah, look at how arrogant he is. I think that Feiyan Liu and Changqing Li will be able to defeat him later."

Even though Qingfeng had won the first round for now, some people were still displeased with him so they insulted him in a low voice.

Feiyan Liu was the winner of the competition last year. Moreover, she was pretty. Thus, she had a lot of supporters.

Qingfeng disregarded the words of the people who insulted him. He walked to the last row and asked Xue Lin, "How was my performance?"

Xue Lin gave him a thumb up and said, "You are awesome. I was worried that you won't be able to win against so many opponents. I didn't expect you to be number one."

Xue Lin was ecstatic that Qingfeng had won the first round.

Qingfeng smiled arrogantly and said, "Of course. Later, I will win the competition and make Feiyan Liu apologize to you in public."

Xue Lin smiled charmingly and nodded her head. She already believed Qingfeng's words. She believed that Qingfeng would be able to win the competition.

After Qingfeng had left the first round, Lei Tang continued to ask the questions. The competition between the participants was intense but the majority of the questions were answered by Feiyan Liu and Changqing Li. The other participants did not get a lot of chances to answer the questions.

One hour later, the results of the first round were announced. 100 participants made it to the next round. Qingfeng was the clear winner of the first round.

The second round was authenticating antiques. Each participant brought out an antique and their opponent would authenticate the antique. The winner would proceed to the next stage while the loser would be eliminated.

Of course, there were 100 participants left so lots were drawn to match up the participants.

Qingfeng was the winner of the first round so he was the first to draw. A flash of astonishment appeared on his face after he grabbed a stick from the bamboo container. His opponent was none other than Changqing Li.

"The first match of the second round has begun. It will be Qingfeng Li vs Changqing Li," Lei Tang announced loudly.

Qingfeng walked onto the stage with an rare emperor jade pendant. This pendant was made from the jade he obtained from gambling rocks.

As for Changqing Li, he held onto a plate. The plate was a beautiful snowy white ceramic. There were complex patterns on the plate.

The two exchanged their antiques for the other to authenticate. They wrote their authentication result on a piece of paper and handed it over to Lei Tang.

10 minutes later, the authentication result was announced.

Changqing Li smiled faintly, "This epic emperor jade pendant is fake because an epic emperor jade of this quality has never appeared on the market."

The surrounding people nodded at Changqing Li's words. They naturally had an understanding of rare emperor jade. It was the rarest of all jades and only appeared once every 100 years.

Emperor jade could appear on the market frequently but rare emperor jade has never appeared. The last piece of known rare emperor jade was during the Qianlong Dynasty.


Qingfeng was amused by the fellow's words. He said, "This rare emperor jade pendant is real. You are so stupid for thinking it is fake."

"That's not possible. You are lying, I don't believe this is real," Changqing Li shook his head in disbelief.

Lei Tang furrowed his brows and said, "Qingfeng, please prove that your rare emperor jade pendant is real."

Qingfeng nodded and brought out a hammer. Amongst the looks of astonishment from the onlookers, he swung the hammer towards the jade pendant.


The rare emperor jade pendant broke and the interior of the jade was revealed. The inner jade was an even darker shade of green than the exterior. There was not an ounce of impurity in the jade pendant.

A green jade interior?

The surrounding people were dazed and amazed. They all had a deep understanding of antiques so they knew that an authentic rare emperor jade pendant had a dark green interior.

Even though Qingfeng proved that the rare emperor jade pendant was authentic, the surrounding people looked at him in amazement.

The pendant was worth tens of millions of dollars. Qingfeng broke the pendant just to prove that it was authentic. It was a pendant worth millions of Yuan!

Bro, you are so rich. The surrounding people looked at Qingfeng enviously.

What? My guess was wrong?

Changqing Li turned ghastly pale. He never thought that his authentication would be incorrect.

But Changqing Li regained his confidence when he saw the plate in his hands. He said loudly, "Qingfeng Li, tell me. Do you think my ceramic plate is real or fake?"

Qingfeng smiled lightly and examined the plate carefully. At first glance, the ceramic plate seemed fake. The plate was too clean and white.

However, Qingfeng was not one to make a decision based on such shallow observations.