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Chapter 527: Defeating Changqing Li

Chapter 527: Defeating Changqing Li
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"Qingfeng Li, can you determine the authenticity of my ceramic plate? You should admit defeat if you cannot," Changqing Li said with a cold smile.

"Who said that I can't?" Qingfeng asked as he furrowed his brows.

"Then tell me, is this plate real or fake?"

"Can't you see I am still looking at it?"

"You're taking too long. Stop delaying."

"I will give you an answer three minutes later," Qingfeng said with a confident smile.

Then, he held up the ceramic plate and started observing it closely.

Antiques were all objects that have a history. Most antiques would have marks on their surface.

This plate was said to be from the Qing Dynasty which was a hundred years ago. The plate should have a black tint but it was very white. There was a white layer sprayed onto the plate.

Qingfeng knocked on the plate and there was a heavy thud instead of a bright crisp sound. This meant that the plate had a history. The white surface was just a cover up.

It looked like it was fake but the plate was authentic.

"The ceramic plate is authentic," Qingfeng said with a slight smile.

The surrounding people looked at Qingfeng with astonishment. Anyone who was slightly knowledgeable about antiques could tell that the plate had a white surface sprayed on.

Even though Qingfeng was the winner of the theory exam, he became a fool when it came to practical application. How could he not see that the plate was fake?

Changqing Li smiled insultingly and said, "Qingfeng, everyone says you are clever but I think you are stupid. It is clear from the outer surface that the plate is from modern times but you say that it is authentic."

Lei Tang looked at Qingfeng and said, "You said it is real? How are you going to prove it?"

Qingfeng nodded and said, "It is very simple. We only need to break the plate. But I'm scared that Changqing Li will ask me for compensation."

"Hahaha, who would care about a fake. Qingfeng Li, feel free to break the plate. I won't ask you for compensation," Changqing Li said with disdain.

"You asked me to break the plate. Don't blame me later," Qingfeng said with a mocking smile.

He held up the plate and smashed it towards the ground.


The plate fell to the ground with a thud. Instantly, it was broken into many pieces. The aged interior and color were also exposed.

Qingfeng grabbed a plate and pointed at the grey layer. He said loudly, "Look everybody, this is an antique from 100 years ago. With time, it had become grey. The outer white layer was intentionally sprayed on by someone."

"Wow, the plate is actually authentic."

"Wow, a Qing Dynasty plate is worth millions of dollars these days. Qingfeng just smashed a million dollars."

"Hehe, the plate doesn't belong to him anyway. It belongs to Changqing Li."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly and looked at Qingfeng with shock in their eyes.

This idiot asked Qingfeng to smash the plate just now. He must be appalled now. Not only did he lose the competition, he lost an antique.

Lei Tang's eyes lit up when he saw that Qingfeng was correct. This young man could always bring him surprises.

"I announce that the winner of the first match of the second round is Qingfeng," Lei Tang announced.

Lei Tang had just stopped talking when everyone started discussing animatedly.

Not only were the participants discussed animatedly, the reporters were also discussing the results.

"Wow, Changqing Li actually lost. He was the runner-up of the competition last year."

"Yeah. I thought that Changqing Li would win the match. I didn't think he would lose."

"Qingfeng Li is not simple. He easily defeated the runner-up of last year."

"Dark horse. Qingfeng has to be the dark horse of this year."

Everyone sang praises of Qingfeng.

The reporters crowded around Qingfeng when he walked down the battle arena. A dozen microphones were placed in front of Qingfeng. The reporters were filled with smiles.

All the reporters hoped that Qingfeng would grab their microphone and accept their interview. However, Qingfeng chose Xiaoli Wang's microphone again.

The surrounding reporters were mad that Qingfeng grabbed Xiaoli Wan'g microphone.

They were all seniors in the reporting industry while Xiaoli Wang was just an intern reporter. She had only worked for 3 months.

But she managed to interview Qingfeng.

"Qingfeng, you defeated the runner-up of last year, Changqing Li, in the second round. Can you tell us how you are feeling?" Xiaoli Wang said excitedly.

Qingfeng smiled lightly and said, "For me to defeat Changqing Li, other than my knowledge of antiques, I also have to thank many people for their support. I would especially like to thank Xue Lin, Yunchang Xu and Xiaoli Wang."

Xiaoli Wang blushed when she heard his words and her heart beat wildly.

Xiaoli Wang was very emotional. She felt that she made the right choice this time. Luckily, she chose to believe in Xiaomei Wang's words or she would miss the headlines.

After the interview, Qingfeng walked towards Xue Lin.

"Congratulations for winning the second round," Xue Lin said with a light smile.

Xue Lin was delighted to see Qingfeng easily winning the match against Changqing Li.

"It is all because of you. I thanked you just now," Qingfeng said as he sat by Xue Lin's side.

A flash of happiness appeared on her face. But she thought of his words just now and said, "You know Xiaoli Wang?"

"Why are you asking this?" Qingfeng asked with surprise.

"There are so many reporters interviewing you. Why did you grab her microphone every time?

"She is the sister of a friend of mine. Naturally, I have to respect her."

"Your friend must be a woman?" Xue Lin said jealously.

She knew that Qingfeng had a lot of female friends. They would meet these women wherever they went.

Qingfeng patted her forehead and said, "She is just a friend. We met in the Eastern Sea City Antique Competition. Don't be jealous."

"Who said that I am jealous? I am not jealous," Xue Lin said as she shook her head.