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Chapter 528: The Commotion At the Restuarant

Chapter 528: The Commotion At the Restuarant
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Qingfeng was the first to win the second round of the competition. After two hours, 50 other participants won while the other 50 participants were eliminated.

The antique competition was extremely competitive. Only the winners could stay in the competition; the losers had to leave the competition.

It was noon when the second round of the competition ended. It was time to eat.

"Everyone can go and eat lunch. We will conduct the third round of the competition at 1pm," Lei Tang said.

Qingfeng got up and said with a smile, "Xue Lin, let's go and eat. You must be very hungry."

In order to attend the Antique Competition, Qingfeng and Xue Lin both woke up early in the morning. They did not even eat breakfast. They were both starving at the moment.


Xue Lin's stomach grumbled. Clearly, she was starving. She walked out of the building with Qingfeng and Yunchang Xu.

There were many hotels close to the Phoenix Corporation. The participants could dine there.

Qingfeng arrived at the closest hotel. It was called "North Sun Hotel". The hotel was a high-end five start hotel.

The hotel was more than 20 floors high. It was made of glass and there were four beautiful hostesses at the entrance.

"Welcome," The hostesses said warmly when they saw Qingfeng and the others.

Everyone who came to the hotel was a customer. As the saying goes, "The customer is god". They naturally had to welcome them warmly.

When Qingfeng walked into the hotel, he discovered that there were many people inside of the hall. Many participants of the Antique Competition have chosen to dine here. The CEO and millionaires have also chosen to dine here and have taken up many seats.

The receptionist was a girl in her twenties. She was pretty and had on light make-up. She wore a blue suit and wore a pair of black heels. She had voluminous black hair and was extremely pretty.

"Hello, can I get a booth," Qingfeng said to the receptionist.

The receptionist looked at the computer and said, "You are right on time. There is only one booth left."

Qingfeng smiled faintly and felt really lucky. He didn't expect to get the last booth. If he had come later, there would be nowhere to seat.

Just as Qingfeng was about to take the card for the booth, a voice was heard, "Hold on, I will take this booth."

Feiyan Liu appeared. She wore a black suit and walked towards them with big strides.

The receptionist's expression changed when she saw Feiyan Liu. Clearly, she recognized Feiyan Liu. Feiyan Liu was the CEO of Phoenix Corporation; she was famous in Beiyang City. The receptionist often saw her on TV.

Moreover, Feiyan Liu often dined her at the hotel so the receptionist was familiar with her. However, the receptionist did not like this arrogant woman.

"President Liu. I am sorry but the booth is reserved for him," The receptionist said as she pointed to Qingfeng.

She was very fair. She did not give the booth to Feiyan Liu just because of her identity.

Feiyan Liu furrowed her brows in displeasure. She said, "I am a big customer of your hotel. I often dine here. This man is called Qingfeng Li. He is a citizen of Eastern Sea City. He has never dined here before. Ask him to eat somewhere else."

For a moment, the receptionist did not know what to do. She felt that Feiyan Liu was too overbearing. Mr. Qingfeng Li had arrived and requested the booth first. Naturally, the booth belonged to him. How could she give it to Feiyan Liu?

"President Liu, I am sorry. I can only give this booth to Qingfeng Li," The receptionist said.

Feiyan Liu was livid. Her eyes were filled with rage. She never expected that this small employee of the hotel would dare to go against her orders.

Even the manager of the hotel treated her respectfully. How could an employee disobey her?

"Get Manager Sun for me. I want to see him," Feiyan Liu said arrogantly.

The commotion was very loud and attracted the attention of Manager Sun so he hurried over towards them.

Manager Sun's name was Guanghui Sun. He was a middle-aged man in his forties. He was chubby and had a pot belly from chronic drinking.

Guanghui Sun rushed to Feiyan Liu's side and said respectfully, "President Liu, you are here for lunch?"

Feiyan Liu nodded and said, "Manager Sun, I am a card member of your hotel. There is only one booth left but your receptionist refuse to give it to me? What is going on?"

Guanghui Sun looked at the receptionist and said, "Xiaoli, what is going on? Explain it to me."

Xiaoli said nervously, "Manager, Mr. Qingfeng Li reserved the booth first. Naturally, I have to give him the booth."

"Nonsense, Feiyan Liu is a card member of the hotel. Naturally, she should use the booth. Qingfeng Li can eat somewhere else," Guanghui Sun lectured Xiaoli.

"President Liu, this way please. I will lead you to the booth," Guanghui Sun said with a light smile as he led Feiyan Liu to the booth.

Qingfeng was pissed when he heard the manager's words. Xue Lin had been starving since the morning. It was already noon and they could finally eat. But now, the manager told them to leave. Anyone in a similar scenario would be pissed.

"Manager Sun, what do you mean? Why are you giving the booth I reserved to someone else?" Qingfeng said unhappily.

Guanghui Sun said with disdain, "Our hotel only caters to the upper class. Lower class people like you should not dine in a high-end hotel. Go eat somewhere else."

A flash of coldness appeared in Qingfeng's eyes. He thought, "Ha, how dare you call me a lower class person. You are looking for your death."

"Manager sun, let me tell you. I am determined to eat here today. Lead me to the booth," Qingfeng said coldly.

If it was anyone else, he would let it go. However, Feiyan Liu was the person trying to steal the booth. Naturally, Qingfeng did not agree to the arrangements. Moreover, Guanghui Sun tried to help Feiyan Liu. Qingfeng was unpleased with him as well.

"Fellow, are you here to cause a commotion? You shouldn't mess with the hotel."

"Manger Sun, let me tell you then. You shouldn't mess with me either. I am giving you another chance. Assign me a booth and I will let things go or else you will be in trouble."

Qingfeng said with his hands behind his back as his eyes flickered coldly.