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Chapter 529: Firing Manager Sun

Chapter 529: Firing Manager Sun
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"Qingfeng Li, I am the manager of the hotel. What can you do if I don't let you eat here?" Guanghui Sun said disdainfully.

The young man in front of him was such a joke. He had already asked him to leave but the young man still wanted to eat here.

I make the decisions in my territory. Guanghui Sun was the manager at the hotel. He could allow those he liked to eat here and demand those he disliked to leave.

Qingfeng smiled coldly. He was extremely dissatisfied with Guanghui Sun 's attitude. The manager was trying to please Feiyan Liu. He demanded Qingfeng to leave because he thought Qingfeng was a nobody.

Society was just so cruel; people would try to suck up to their higher-ups and bully those who thought were weak.

"Guanghui Sun, let me ask you, which company is the hotel owned by?" Qingfeng asked with a light smile.

He wanted to have an understanding of the hotel so that he could find a 'remedy'.

Guanghui Sun said proudly, "We are part of the Ye Family of the Jing Capital. Are you scared now?"

Guanghui Sun was very proud when he mentioned the Ye Family. He lifted his chin as if he was afraid others would not hear his words.

In Huaxia, everyone knew that Ye Family was one of the four big families of the Capital. The family was very influential and had billions of dollars. Ordinary people would tremble in fear when they heard the name.

Ye Family?

Qingfeng furrowed his brows. He thought that the hotel belonged to some other family. He did not expect it to belong to Ye Family.

If the hotel belonged to some other family, it might be a little more complicated. However, if it belonged to the Ye Family, things were a lot easier. He only needed to give the Ye Family a call.

"Manager Sun, I shall give you a last chance. I am acquainted with the head of the Ye Family, Poju Ye. I also know Red Butterfly Yip and Lengxue Ye. I recommend that you give me the booth. Or else, you might lose your job," Qingfeng threatened with a cold smile.

What? Are you threatening me?

Guanghui Sun laughed heartily. A flash of disdain crossed his eyes. How could the young man know the family head? What a boaster.

The head of Ye Family was a man with billions of dollars. Even himself, the manager, has never met the head How could the young man ahead be acquainted with the head?

"Qingfeng Li, you can continue lying. I don't believe your words. Leave the hotel quickly or I will call security," Guanghui Sun said as he waved his hands and gestured for them to leave.

Qingfeng's expression darkened. He did not expect Manager Sun to call him a liar. What the heck!

"Guanghui Sun, I will call Red Butterfly Yip right now. Don't regret your actions," Qingfeng said coldly as he pulled out his phone.

"I will not regret my actions. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. Red Butterfly Yip is right here in the hotel," Guanghui Sun said arrogantly.

Red Butterfly Ye is in the hotel?
A flash of happiness appeared on Qingfeng's face when he heard Guanghui Sun's words. He took out his phone and found Red Butterfly Yip's phone number. Then he dialed her number.

"Your highness, you are looking for me?" Red Butterfly Ye's respectful voice was heard from the phone.

Qingfeng asked, "Red Butterfly Yip, are you in the Beiyang Hotel right now?"

"Yes I am. How did you know?"

"I am in the reception at the first floor of the hotel. The manager of the hotel refused to let me in. Can you come over?"

"Your highness, I will be there immediately," Red Butterfly Yip quickly hung up the phone and rushed towards the hall on the first floor.

"Manager Sun deserved to die. Why did you have to anger Wolf King? Are you looking for your death?" thought Red Butterfly Yip angrily in her heart.

Red Butterfly Yip quickly arrived at the hall. She wore a red dress today. Her beautiful face was extremely charming.

"Young mistress, why are you here?" Guanghui Sun said respectfully when he saw Red Butterfly Yip.

Guanghui Sun was only a manager of the hotel. He was terrified of Red Butterfly Yip. Her identity was much higher than him.

Red Butterfly disregarded his words. She arrived before Qingfeng and bowed down, "Wolf King, I deeply apologize for this matter."

Apologize? Was Young Mistress apologizing to Qingfeng Li?

Guanghui Sun's expression changed. He was stunned. He had to bow before the young mistress but the young mistress bowed before Qingfeng. What was Qingfeng Li's identity?

At this moment, Guanghui Sun's heart was filled with regret and fear. He was not a fool. It was apparent that Qingfeng's identity was not ordinary. He had to be extremely powerful or young mistress would not be so respectful.

"Red Butterfly Yip, the manager of your hotel refuses to let me eat here. What should we do?" Qingfeng said as he glanced at Guanghui Sun.

"I am sorry. It is my fault. I will fix it immediately," Red Butterfly Yip smiled respectfully and walked towards Guanghui Sun.

"Manager Sun, were you the one who wanted to kick him out?" Red Butterfly Ye asked coldly.

"Young Mistress, I…I…" Guanghui Sun wanted to explain himself but he did not know what to say since he tried to kick Qingfeng out just now.


Red Butterfly slapped Guanghui Sun across the face. His face instantly swelled up and a tooth flew out from his mouth. There was a flicker of blood at the corner of his mouth.

"This slap is for Wolf King. Who are you to stop him from dining at the hotel?" Red Butterfly Ye said angrily.

Guanghui Sun covered his swollen face. He wanted to explain himself. However, Red Butterfly Ye said coldly, "Guanghui Sun, from today onwards, you are fired from the company. Go away."

What? I am fired?

Guanghui Sun cried loudly, "Young mistress, please don't fire me. I have been a manager here for more than a dozen years. I have contributed to the hotel greatly."

"You angered Qingfeng. You brought this upon yourself. Let me repeat myself, go away," Red Butterfly Yip said coldly. Her heart did not waver at all.

Guanghui Sun was about to speak when Red Butterfly Ye kicked towards his abdomen. He was sent flying 7/8 meters away. Guanghui Sun landed heavily on the ground with a thud and even broke a bone; he moaned painfully.

"Security, throw out this bastard. From now on, don't let him through our doors," Red Butterfly Ye said with a wave of her hand to the security guard.

"Yes, young mistress," The dozen security rushed forward and threw him out of the hotel.

The poor Guanghui Sun offended Qingfeng while trying to please Feiyan Liu. In the end, he was fired from the company.